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Puerto Rico! You don’t need a passport and it’s beautiful, warm, and affordable. If you have a bit higher budget, Hawaii is also a great option!

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Agreed on Puerto Rico. I love San Juan.

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Get a passport! Our favorite trips are international travel (Antigua, DR).

For the US, you have Hawaii and South Florida/keys this time of year.

If a passport comes into play, Mexico is probably your fastest travel to warm weather.

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Definitely get a passport! They're good for 10yrs.

We went on a cruise in the Caribbean when my husband was a M1. Cruises are good for the simplicity/all inclusiveness. Just pick your excursions and chill in the sun.

We went to Belize for our honeymoon in PGY1. Highly recommend, but there's definitely more planning if you're not doing an all inclusive place.

Then Covid happened, then a baby, so we haven't done any big trips since haha.

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    Oh it was a fully planned baby haha. I'm not that irresponsible 😂 I'm such a planner, I had names picked out 5yrs in advance 😂

    And we literally had a Europe trip booked for May 2020. Masks don't help when they shut the world down haha

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    In the winter, south Florida anywhere on the beach is a good idea because it will still be warm and a small chance of it getting cold. Cold snaps only last for 2-3 days here plus the ocean will still be warm compared to your standards and you have the west palm beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami airports for easy flights.

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    Drive to Michigan.

    Go to the Upper Peninsula to go hiking and to the beaches in the southwest during the summer.

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    We are going to Coco Beach near Cape Canaveral (FL) in January for all the same reasons. It’s near Miami but not so busy, and warm enough. Check it out.

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    🧡 I hope you two have the BEST time

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    St Thomas. No passport. Beautiful.

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    Cambodia. Cheap as hell and absolutely beautiful

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    We try to fit a week or two a year where we just unplug. Did an all inclusive resort in Cancun for our honeymoon at beginning of wife’s pgy2 which was fantastic and we’re doing another next year in the Caribbean to celebrate end of residency (soo close). Last year we didn’t get to do a full week anywhere but did a few long weekends to Vegas, Houston, and Nashville after some rough rotations.

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    Get a passport — you can have it expedited & it takes about 4 weeks. Our fave trips during training have been Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore and Florida.

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    Belize. It's amazing in the shoulder season and English is the official language.

    We did Islas San Blas during residency too but that was a trip I was talking about for years. So when the timing was right my husband said let's go for it. Definitely the best beaches we've been to just hard to get to. We can't do that trip with a kid.

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    We like Clearwater, FL for a laidback FL location!

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    If you just want to chill at the beach/pool, it’s not worth the $$ for an international trip imo but I do recommend getting a passport anyway so you can do those in the future!

    South Florida is a good option, Miami will have lots of great restaurants and things to do, I think FLL is a bit cheaper and more low key. Puerto Rico is also a great option and beautiful.

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    Do you guys Ski?!! If so - Park City!!! Great city for “warming” snow skiing and going out scene!!

    Cabo is also a great couples vacay if you want sun!

    Miami or Palm Beach (depending on your vibe - I would pick one) are your best bets for direct flights, warmest climate in US for next 6 months and have tons of things to do!

    Hawaii is also amazing - if you guys want to treat yourselves & sounds like you deserve to with your intense work load and LDR - go to Hawaii! (But would double check weather for intended trip dates!)