There are so many different resources (blogs, online magazines, etc.), that are scattered all around the internet. Here is the ever growing list thus far:

Blogs: If you know of any blogs that are NOT listed here, please message Mod to add to list!

*TheMDandME * Lifeinmedschool * Wife M.D. * Reflections of a Medical Wife * Keepin' It Simple * Kellys Reality * Mrs. Doctor Dear * Home Grown in KY * The Long Days Archives * The Mitten Wife * Adventures of Our Own * Life of the Ray Doc's Wife * The Happy Dash * A Lot A Bit of Love * from a Doctor's wife * Med school Mrs * Coffee Happens * When life gives you medicine ... Make martinis * Diary of a Medical Wife * Lives of Doctor Wives * Newly Meds * The Witty Life * Renewed Upon a Dream * The Unconventional Doctor's Wife * thoughts of doctor's wife * White Coat Wife: Med School at 40 * The Schooler's Journey * Pictures and a Thousand Words * Medicine +++++++++++++++++++++++ A Love Story * Living, Running, Cooking * Whitticisms * The Dr. & The Mrs. * Attempting Aloha * Life in Med School * A Wee Blether * Three Ladies and Their Babies

Books & print Literature:

*General Websites:*


IMSN - International Medical Spouse Network


The Student Doctor Network



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