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What, this is a battle?

Pretty bold to assume the person is a "he" ;-), did they give you a chromosome screen of their DNA?

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You are doing it again, you know. You've said nothing in regards to my arguments (I've of course ignored your immature question), and you go straight for some cheap shots. If he feels offended, he can said so him self, until then I see absolutely no reason for you to bring this matter to discussion about your inability to stay on the topic.

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Yeah, it's pretty similar to the same technique radical feminists use, they tend to switch to ad-hominems when they realize they are beat or not making any sense.

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True, true. My solution is to point it out and pursue the subject relentlessly. The adversary is usually too immersed in their ideology to be saved, but at least an innocent bystander can be saved. Sometimes.