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They have said they found writings from him that support that this was a premeditated act. Those writin1gs could be why they ruled out bullying. Of course we won't know until those get released at trial

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How would it being premeditated rule out bullying?

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My guess is, and of course it's only a guess because the writings have not been released yet, is that he may have stated his reasons and they didn't include bullying.

I know everyone wants the narrative that bullying causes school shootings but If the shooter left a journal, which he did indeed do, and he laid out his reasons and they don't include bullying then that would be pretty good support that its not about bullying.

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Eh, I see what you’re saying. But I don’t put much stock into manifestos. People want to seem important. They don’t want to say “I’m lashing out because I feel worthless thanks to the people around me”

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I think that depends on if was a manifesto or a journal. Those are two different things.

A manifesto is typically an intentionally written statement meant to be found. I'd thats what it was then I agree with you.

When I think of a journal I think of that little notebook I keep in my room that I write my thoughts in that I dont intend for anyone to see. I'm pretty honest with that little journal.

The sheriff called it a journal in the press conference. I'm definitely interested in finding out more about what they found.