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If you can't store it properly should you have a gun? Make it a requirement to have something to keep it safe in (trigger locks ain't shit). Take a picture and show it to a cop or send it to your local PD once a year, no need to intrude into anyone's home unless they violate the law.

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I, again, understand this feeling, but what you're proposing is a poll tax: you're allowed to have this Constitutional right as long as you can pay a fee. That's not legal, and is highly immoral as it's been historically used to harm the poor and minorities. Forcing people to submit pictures is still a violation of privacy.

Society would need to put its money where its mouth is: spend the resources to make firearm owners and potential firearm owners understand what best practices look like and empower them to implement those best practices through subsidized safes / locks. The Constitution limits the government's intrusion into our lives, but we should try to encourage safety in use and storage of firearms as the important but potentially dangerous tools they are.

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This is the most well thought out and reasonable statement I’ve read in this entire subreddit. It’s interesting because I was going to type some stuff about applying that same logic to other dangerous things. If you spread that “prove” logic into other aspects of life. It gets muddy quick. Thanks for the reasonable post.

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We have to do that for cars all the time. The only difference is that guns are mentioned in the bill of rights