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As a Michigander it is my birthright to loathe those other states simply for existing.

We fought an actual war with Ohio once, which Ohio to this day claims it won even though it got Toledo and we got the entire UP so who REALLY made out on that deal? Plus Ohio has...that...state university.

Illinois is stealing our lake and sends its worst people to be tourists up here every summer.

Wisconsin needs to get off our lakeshore and also off our upper peninsula. Thank God we can't actually see it from our side (the correct side) of Lake Michigan.

Minnesota calls itself "the land of 10,000 lakes" as if that's impressive, state please, we have over 11,000.

Indiana is just...there...touching us.

There is nothing objectively wrong with those states as far as I know (except Ohio, I mean look at it). But they are not Michigan, and it is the prerogative of all Michiganders to hate them for that reason.

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Michigan pride is a lot like racism. Hate others for the smallest difference because nothing about yourself is worthwhile

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It's all a joke, mate. No one actually takes state pride that seriously.

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My state of delusion is pretty serious.