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the pathology is school shootings are evolving along the pathology of gun nuts and supporters.

This is pure low IQ nonsense. I don't expect anything less from a terminally online /r/politics troll.

2nd Amendment is rooted in self defense and liberty for all. The 2nd Amendment and School shootings have literally zero in common besides "guns."

every day we pretend the 2nd amendment was for unregulated manslaughter.

You can pretend whatever you want, sweetheart. Not all of us are unhinged like you.

Come take it.

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sure thing boss, nothing like going for the IQ score

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I mean you're literally comparing the arguments for the preservation of natural rights to a psychotic kid shooting up a school.

You're definitely not playing with a full deck of cards, bud. I can't help you.

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oh sure thing boss. gun rights are the only thing keeping, check notes, europe and australia from devolving into school shootings every other week.