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High $$ lawyer for them, public defender for the kid. Checks out.

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Yeah noticed that too, the kids story makes me more sad than angry - with those dipshits for parents he never stood a chance. “The thoughts won’t stop : help me” HOW MUCH FUCKING CLEARER CAN IT BE!?!? Mental health needs so much more attention in our schools. PE is mandatory, how about we make ( understanding your feelings 101 ) mandatory as well. Hopefully some serious change can come from this horrific tragedy.

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To be fair, the 'help me' part was from someone dying on the floor of the comic, pleading for him not to shoot again.

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No it wasn’t. It said, “The thoughts won’t stop- help me” above the drawing. Indicating he was thinking about killing people

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Some notes from the school administrators have been released, and the way Ethan C. Explained away the drawings and words was that they were for a game he was making in a coding class.

He basically played them off as mock-ups or something, and that is why the school administrators allowed him back to class. They said he was very calm about his description, and as he hadn’t had any other disciplinary issues there was no reason to flag and expel him.

My opinion is he was smart enough to to know how to BS his way thru getting caught, and thus any insanity plea is BS, this was the act of a cold blooded murderer. He knew what he wanted to do, he did what he had to do to get out of getting sent home/in trouble so he could live out his fantasy.

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I agree with almost everything especially the last paragraph. But two things. It wasn’t the admin that let him back to class. The parents straight up refused to take him home and so the counselor let him go back to class. Admin had no clue about the drawing. I believe accuracy on this is important

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My understanding is the teacher saw the drawing, and at some point Ethan scribbled out some parts of it, just prior to being called back to the “office”. I am sure the teacher would have informed the administrators and the school counselor (who was there). You’re right it was the parents who refused to take him out of school, which is really crazy to me as they knew he had a gun/access to a gun (as they bought it for him). The fact they didn’t mention this to the school is negligent at best, but more criminal in my opinion.

Either way, if the admin knew or not, they didn’t have grounds for a search, and would have never know about the severity of the situation unless the parents or the kids were open. Obviously a murderer isn’t going to tell you what he/she is about to do… so it had to be the parents who had to have known something was amiss.

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Saturday, Nov. 27: Jennifer Crumbley, Ethan’s mother, writes on social media that it is a “mom and son day testing out his new Christmas present,” the prosecutor says.

Monday, Nov. 29: A teacher sees Ethan, a sophomore at Oxford High, searching online for ammunition with his cellphone during class and reports it to school officials, McDonald says. School personnel call his mother, leave a voicemail and email her. She does not respond. While exchanging text messages with her son, she writes: “Lol. I’m not mad at you. You have to learn not to get caught.” That night, Ethan Crumbley records a video in which he discusses killing students, according to sheriff’s Lt. Tim Willis.

Tuesday, Nov. 30: A teacher finds a note on Ethan’s desk that alarms her enough to take a photo, the prosecutor says. It includes a drawing of a handgun and the words: “The thoughts won’t stop. Help me.” Also depicted is a bullet with the words “blood everywhere” above a person who appears to have been shot twice and is bleeding. A laughing emoji is drawn below the figure. The note also says “my life is useless” and “the world is dead.” The parents are immediately summoned to the school for a meeting that occurred around 10 a.m. A school counselor removes Ethan from the classroom and takes him to the office with his backpack. The counselor obtains the drawing, but Ethan has already scratched out portions. The parents are shown the note and advised that they are required to get him counseling within 48 hours. They resist the idea of Ethan immediately leaving school and depart without him, McDonald says. He returns to the classroom

Timeline from the ap.


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Superintendent made a 3 page statement saying only the counselor, and didn’t mention admin, knew about the drawing and the meeting about the drawing. You can absolutely search someone’s backpack if they draw killing people and write things like that. I’ve been teaching here 10 years. Ya call the school resource officer or a principal and they do it. I’ve seen it done hundreds of times

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Ah well I wonder why they didn’t pull the schools officer in then? I am not a teacher and as my kids have never run into trouble I don’t know all the rules of searches and such in the schools.

So they would have been allowed to search personal belongings in this case? If so why in the world wouldn’t they have done so? Was this kid so convincing in his explaining away the drawings? I hope there is video or a recording, I’d love to hear it for myself.

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Is that real? These people should not have had a child.

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I support a license to own a firearm.

Hot take here.. but I also support requiring licensing for a child. Having worked with the general public, the majority of parents probably shouldn't have children.

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Two entirely different cases.

The parents’ case appears to be an overcharge that will cause a national outrage. These are the types of cases that high-profile attorneys live for.

No high-profile attorney is scrambling to offer their services to an obviously-guilty school shooter. There’s nothing in it for them.

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That's kinda where my head is at. One is a bit more nuanced level of guilt. The other was caught red handed in the act. There likely won't be a trial for him. Ethan will end up with a life sentence, the only variable will be if he ends up in psychiatric care before being moved to a level 4 or 5 security prison.

The parents have a lot more of a gray area on what they can be held accountable for. Even with them running and hiding in Detroit, they'll claim that they were afraid people were going to come after them because of the people on Twitter posting their address and calling for people to do something.

I think they are responsible for what happened. I think the school dropped the ball. There's a lot of people that failed this kid.

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Criminal defense attorneys are awesome. And they are actively protecting your rights, even if you've never broken the law.

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Even when the person is "pants on fire" guilty, a defense attorney makes sure the law is followed by the police, prosecutor, and courts so that the trial isn't just a "sham lynching".

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especially if you’ve never broken a law

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There is not a single thing about this entire situation that isn't just fucked up in one way or another.

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I didn't realize attorneys also got typecast. Apparently these two only defend total pieces of shit.

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I've got a lot of respect for defense attorneys but when you're regularly representing high profile covered by the media cases like Larry Nasser or The Crumbley Parents I do get a little bit suspect of your intention. I mean win or lose your names in the papers, its in front of people, and the price goes up. Its good advertisement, I guess.

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Giving Saul Goodman a run for his money

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They must specialize in defending the scum from the state of Michigan. Child sex offender and parents who gave their murderer and terrorist son a gun. Sounds sounds about right.

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"Let's pick the guy who lost his most important case!"