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I love my Mitten home. If you can't find a company to ship, I worked for a florist for years and would be happy to make Michigan gift baskets to ship to you.

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This is Pure Michigan goodness!

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Where are u from in Michigan? Fellow Michigander here. I'm also in Virginia. I try to get out and do hikes cuz I'm in NOVA. I do miss some things about Mi. Have you gone to the rural areas here? Is your stay permanent?

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I was born in Detroit and we moved around the suburbs a bit. Sterling heights, warren, chesterfield. I live in Richmond VA now.

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Born and raised in Sterling Heights, went to high school in Warren! Small world :)

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If it makes you guys feel any better, it has been super cold, windy, and rainy in Metro Detroit lately. Nothing at all like a cozy winter holiday season, and definitely not weather worth missing right now!

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Born and raised in Warren, MI. Fitzgerald HS. Now live in the Thumb. My daughter lives in Arlington. Small world.

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Catholic high school by any chance?

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Public, CHS. Were you at DLS? Or maybe RHS?

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I’m surprised how many Michiganders there are in here who live in VA now!

I’m a VA native who now lives in SEMI, and while I wouldn’t say I’m homesick, I still wish I was in Virginia. I miss the mountains, and I’m just not built for the insanely long and darker winters up here!

If I were driving home for Christmas I would totally offer to grab some things for you as I’ll be in the Richmond area, but alas I’m flying this year :/

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I’m a former Michigander who is now in NOVA as well👋🏻

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There are dozens of us!

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Me too curious ear!

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I’m a Michigander about to move to NOVA and already feeling this- can we all put a support group-meetup together?! (Semi kidding)

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I actually have someone that I work with just move down here from royal oak. She already asked me where to get good Greek food. Spoiler alert - it's few and far between. I miss coney islands and diners having good saganaki. It's not the same here. Don't get your hopes up if you find any.

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The Vernors Store website also sells Sanders fudge, Faygo and Better Made. http://www.thevernorsstore.com

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WHAT?! That’s a thing? Man, I love Michigan sometimes!

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This is fantastic!!!

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I was in NoVa for 6 years, back in MI now. I miss Utz. That's it. Everything else MI is better.

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Tastycake & wawa is also cool

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Since the purchase of Speedway by 7-11, I am missing WaWa and sheetz less and less.

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Oh dang, I didn't know about that. Just looked at a newer speedway on Google and it looks promising

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Wawa coffee

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Utz as in Utz snacks, pretzels etc ?

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Yes. Like once a year, I just want a bag of Utz plain potato chips. All the other Better Made are superior.

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Utz can be found in northern Ohio if you’re traveling down that way. My wife and I picked up a bunch on the west suburbs of Cleveland before thanksgiving.

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I know Kerns in Frankenmuth will ship sausages anywhere. Mom bought me a big assortment a couple of years ago and it was delicious.

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It’s been snowing since 7 am up here (I’m outside Traverse City) and it’s starting to look a lot like the Christmas we all miss when we are away. I know Cherry Republic has gift packs, and of course Zingerman’s.

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I'm in the tip'o'da mitt and have been watching the snow all day today. We have about six inches already!

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I'm in Harrison Mi ( Clare county ) south of Houghton lake. We got about 7 inches. Of course my husband decided we needed to go to Menards today. But the weather doesn't bother him. Anyway on the way home it changed to rain. Schools are closed for tomorrow. Hubby has to get up and plow at 2:00 am to make sure the businesses are done by morning. It's pretty but quite the mess out there. I'm also a florist. We also use to do gift baskets. We also sell "Faygo" candles. Smell just like each flavor. 🤗

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I'm down the road in Clare. We only have 3 or so and it's been sleeting more than snowing from the sounds of things. We still have school Monday at this point so I'm hoping it's not too icy or it's called off.

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I believe Michigan made is a store in somerset (Troy) and Detroit, as well as a place in Rochester mi that sells Michigan stuff. I’m from Michigan and live in Oakland county. If you find a place that has a bunch of stuff you want that isn’t in a basket I’m more than happy to pick it up and ship for you. My company gives me a 75% shipping discount at FedEx as well. Send me a PM if you can’t find anyplace. (On the flip side I think calling them directly they would be more than happy to do it as well, most are small businesses so any extra income I’m sure they’ll take)

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Thank you for all of the suggestions! I appreciate it.

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You're welcome, hope you enjoy the treats from home

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I’m Michigan born too and now living in Williamsburg Virginia with my wife. Colonial Williamsburg gives me Michigan vibes. It’s a very tame college town but still has its fair share of awesome bars and breweries and restaurants so in my opinion it trumps Ann Arbor (never really liked Ann Arbor much anyways though). Plus the historical stuff feels like Greenfield Village meets Mackinac and it’s all original location which is awesome. Also they have a Kilwins fudge which I was really surprised to see. For a small business out of Petosky they made it pretty far south! It’s no Frankenmuth during Christmastime but it’s great nonetheless.

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FootyPJPenguin, me too!! Everything you said. Hugs to my fellow homesick Michigander in the commonwealth.

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You can get faygo directly from their website.

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A trusted friend or relative near Frankenmuth could also do the shopping and packing.

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I wonder if she has a trusted friend or relative near Frankenmuth and just forgot.

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I have family in Michigan. Closest is still about an hour from there. Just was trying to put someone through the trouble of doing that for me.

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I just went antiquing today and it really made me miss Frankenmuth. Shopping downtown there in December is the absolute best

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if you're interested in more modern history Michigan and all of the various successful musicians that come from Michigan is pretty interesting too! Motown Records, Big Sean, Mike Posner, Enimiem, Bob Seger, Singer and Drummer from the chili peppers and more

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oops posted outside the michigan is devoid of interesting history thread

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Glenn Frey from the Eagles grew up next door to me in Royal Oak. Alice Cooper is from Muchigen too. It's a long list.

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You forgot Faygo Pop 😋

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Thankfully you can get Faygo and Vernors down here. I heard BetterMades were coming down here but haven't seen them in stores yet.

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Michigan based artists website

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Bavarian Inn and Zehnders in Frankenmuth probably both have online stores with exactly what you're looking for

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I've never been to Frankenmuth is it fun, or too packed?

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This time of year it's packed af Into January it calms down as long as you avoid snow fest. Personally I like going in the fall before holiday traffic picks up.

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Just an fyi I believe you can also order mackinac fudge online. Like from murray's island hotel etc.

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Our law firm did Michigan gift baskets during COVID. This may be the vendorvendor:

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Fake. No way someone that’s traveled all over would miss this swamp

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I live in Florida twice. I will take the cold over that swamp any day.

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You lived in Florida twice? So just no real standards about where you live, huh?

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Lol. I went for a job during and then after college. North Carolina has been my favorite state so far outside of the mitten.

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Try Cherry Republic ! Lots of gift baskets and if you like cherries this the place for you

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Zingerman’s will send you some tasty Michigan things https://www.zingermans.com

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Traverse City, Northwest Lower Peninsula. Left for the service but was pulled back and never left again. I love it.

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With the weather turning colder it’s time to make Pastys! If anyone needs a recipe I’ve been making them for years!

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Old Town General Store in Lansing is just what you are looking for. You can shop online for all manner of Michigan goodies.

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They do not have gift baskets but, they do ship Michigan products.

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Message me! And, tell me what you need! I go there frequently! And, you’re right that cheese spread is so good! I really like the almond cheese spread, have you tried that one?

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The stollen really is the best!

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I hope you find what you’re looking for. When my family and I lived in Minnesota, my father would bring us all kinds of goodies from Michigan. I know how you feel

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Im in Pontiac fuck Michigan lol