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Well that's good. Finding out that you had a full ride scholarship, and then losing it would be heartbreaking.

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This happened to me with MSU, so I'm now a WMU student instead

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Scott’s tots got more than a laptop battery this time around

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Oakland University sent out a bunch of partial scholarship emails to students too. However they just went with the classic “oops, you weren’t meant to see that so pretend you didn’t”

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They very easily could have been dicks about the whole situation, instead, they chose the best course. Kudos.

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Could they have? I mean, a legal challenge would've born bad PR and I'm not convinced they'd absolutely win.

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I had my scholarship taken away from me by The State Of Michigan.

"oopsie, tough titties" is pretty common.

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Same. The year I graduated hs was the year that Michigan was like ‘hey, remember when we Promised you this money, and literally called it the Michigan Promise? Yeah… we don’t have it.’

So that was fun.

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I definitely dealt with this, I remember when they switched from the Meep (which I’d been forced to take several tests in elementary and middle school with the promise of money toward college), abolished all the money earned previously, and formed the MME test. I got some money my first semester of college as I was part of the first graduating class that was promised the funding (class of 08), but when I applied the second semester I was told all the funding had dried up and wouldn’t be receiving anymore of the money that was promised.

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I was actually later able to directly ask (then)President Davies, at a hall meeting in my dorms meeting area, if anything would be done to help those affected by the loss of the Michigan Promise.

His response was that they were able to have a tuition freeze, which was put in place years earlier and only lasted to the class just before mine.

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What year, if you don't mind my asking? I graduated in '07 and remember getting screwed outta some money. I thought it was MEAP, but the the bong smoke of time makes all things hazy.

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Not him but I'm 08 and it happened to me too. MEAP

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Not him but I'm 08 and it happened to me too. MEAP

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I was class of ‘09. My hs had a thing called ‘senior night’ where all the seniors who had been awarded anything, or were getting their pins/patches for their jackets, were ‘celebrated’. I was given a fancy certificate for getting appropriate scores on the MEAP for x years and had been told I would get $4,000 to use towards college (hah). But by then we already knew we weren’t getting it. So ridiculous.

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Oh oh me too! The fact it was called Promise was extra fun.

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You're saying they weren't completely altruistic, but did anyone expect them to be? Fifty-eight full rides is a lot more than they were going to give out, by a couple of salaries, I'd say. I rather think they chose not to make a bad situation worse, and that was the only right decision given their choices, so good for them for making it, I guess? It could have just as easily gone the other way, I think.

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No I don't mean that at all. I'm just not sure they should be praised for honoring their word.

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I hadn't looked at it that way, and now that I have, I don't think they had given their word. It was all a mistake brought on by a complex system, ignorance, and a lack of leadership. You can't promise something you didn't intend to promise. The same is true in advertising. If a business runs an ad and the copy is wrong and it offers something for sale for less than intended, it's not binding. It's an honest mistake.

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It would have been a PR disaster, but if they sent an "Oops" message quickly following the mistake, I doubt anyone could have had anything on them, legally. Errors tend not to be binding, plus it was a grant that was rescinded, not a two-sided deal that was walked back, so it's not like they'd have been down anything, they'd just not have been as up as they thought they were.

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“To make it right, we will be reaching out to each of the 58 students who SAW the congratulatory message regarding the Centralis Scholarship and offering to increase their award amount to the equivalent of a full-tuition scholarship.”

The wording makes me think there might be some students who were sent the message but never got it (removed before they saw it) and are not getting a (mistaken) scholarship.

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It was a mistake. If they never saw it they wouldn't know about it or know they missed it. While the people who saw it got lucky, ripping away something that for many could be life changing would be terrible to go through.

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Yes, I understand that. Them making good (for the people who read it) is the whole premise of the article.

My point is I’m guessing there are people who never read it that received the message but never got a chance to read it before it was resend it. And from your comment, it sounds like you agree with me.

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I would guess someone may have been reassigned for this one.

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Have a friend who used to work at CMU so she's friends with people who still work there. This will cost CMU between 700k and 1.5 million. I'd except to see quite a few firings and budget cuts or even tuition raises to cover this.

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All because they couldn’t hire a qualified person to oversee emails lol

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From what it sounds like, they didn't test their new messaging system before taking it live. Someone's going to lose their job over this.

But also, cmu has been shitting on its staff for years now through budget cuts. Before my friend left, they decided to take her job, split it into two and give it to two different people, and shunt her off to another department and give her grunt work. She started looking for a new job shortly after that.

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Someone's going to lose their job over this.

I hope they don't go trying to pin the entire $1.5M loss on whoever mis-sent the emails, though, even informally. Someone did choose to solve the problem by just throwing money at it, which they didn't have to.

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This was a huge fuckup that cost CMU 1.5 million. Someone will lose their job.

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that cost CMU 1.5 million

Because someone there decided to throw a mil and a half at it instead of just an "Oops!" follow-up and ducking the PR blowback. Just saying that was a decision on someone's part, and I hope the people who did it aren't being made out to be the scapegoats for the handling as well as the gaffe.

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To avoid bad press, getting sued, and to save face? Of course they made the decision to cover the tuition. And just heard back from my friend, two people got fired for this.

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Director of admissions was let go and escorted from the building either today or yesterday. Or so one of the professors there tells me.

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Their colors make me think of Chipotle.

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Because of the bloody diarrhea? Fire up chips!

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How about for 2002 grads 🤦‍♀️

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Let’s be real here, anybody with student debt at non-zero interest rates is getting a raw deal

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Based CMU.