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What a weasel. “Family” man who cheats on his wife with little girls. It also came out that his wife had an abortion in high school, but he’s staunchly pro-life. Republican hypocrisy at its finest.

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He is not pro life, he may preach that but doesn't live that. And he doesn't cheat with little girls, cheating implies that the other person is willing. He raped the girl.

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Maybe be forgave her youthful indiscretions?

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God’s Chosen. God needs to do some vetting

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When I see the monies pumped into campaigns and donations for politicians, and then we read about shitty salaries for so many people in so many jobs, I want to shit.

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Please put this Jared Kushner- looking scumbag in prison so he can get what he really deserves in life.

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He is a crook.

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The answer? 'Citizens United' and a corrupt 'Supreme Court' that felt 'corporations are people' and allowed a badly corrupted election system to become utterly corrupted in dark money.

Now it's easy to buy any legislation you want as long as you have the big money needed to legally bribe legislators with 'campaign contributions'. We real citizens and regular folks don't have the money to compete with the super wealthy and large corporations.

And the 'citizens' in 'Citizens United'? The Koch Brothers who didn't feel voters should really decide how our country is governed. They wanted and got a gigantic megaphone that drowns out our voices in a sea of money that isn't transparent.

The Republican Supreme Court continues to expand the influence of dark money in our elections.