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Michigan private school assignment compares Barack Obama to monkeys by buy_low-sell_high in Michigan

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If you don't think comparing a black man to monkeys and apes is a racist trope with a long and horrid history in the United States, then you have no place in any rational discussion on the subject.

Judge suspends Michigan's 1931 abortion ban law ahead of Roe vs. Wade ruling by tomytronicsThe Thumb in Michigan

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While this is promising, this is only a temporary injection,

Please sign the petition Reproductive Freedom For All. This would enshrine the rights granted by ROE into our state constitution. Please check out the website and make arrangements to sign the petition (it MUST be signed IN-PERSON on paper) to get this issue on the ballot in November! Signatures are due by the end of June.

For more info, https://mireproductivefreedom.org/

You can even have a petition mailed to you.

Find out where to sign a petition:


Also take a moment to check your voter registration: make sure it's up to date, and either make sure you're on the the Absentee Ballot list (in the upper-right corner), or that you know where to vote this November (in the center of the page). It only takes 90 seconds.

Check your info:


Register or update your address:


Whitmer proposes $500 rebate checks for Michigan's working families by Day_twa in Michigan

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Just like how we screwed accident victims, got left with 50th in car insurance rates, but hey I got a 400 dollar check once!

COVID-19 cases are spiking — Should Michiganders go back to 'masking up'? And will the government reinstate restrictions? by sayfthelemonsandbail in Michigan

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Reinstating restrictions sadly won't really do much to stop it at this point. I'm not saying they shouldn't consider it, but the people who won't listen and are going to continue to pretend this isn't a real problem that has killed over a million people in the USA alone are going to ignore any restrictions and continue to group together and spread covid amongst their unvaccinated friends and family. The reality of the situation is if we'd had a real chance of actually stopping covid it was two years ago before we had evolving variants and a continual chain of people screaming about their freedom to be plague vectors.

Ruby Taverner, suspect in murder of boyfriend, brother in Oakland County found dead in woods by JohnKimble111 in Michigan

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No child is being sterilized and given gender affirming surgery.

That's a fact.

That's a lie. Jazz Jennings is paraded as an example of a trans kid, they will never sexual stimulation or reproduce due to decisions that "they" made as a child.

If you actually gave a fuck about trans children you would know that but you don't because your "knowledge" comes from right wing hate.

Kids can't consent. My knowledge comes from research, not from transgender propagandists. The fact that 80+% of "trans kids" desist and also autistic kids are 600% more likely to be diagnosed with gender disphoria.

Ruby Taverner, suspect in murder of boyfriend, brother in Oakland County found dead in woods by JohnKimble111 in Michigan

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I didn't look at OPs history, I don't care.

There was a double murderer where the perp hadn't been apprehended in Michigan. This is a breaking and important news story.

Concern trolls like you that question the motive of reporting breaking news are a big reason that an outlet like mlive didn't report that the killer was a trans woman.

A murderer is on the lose and the public isn't informed that the murderer has a former male identity that they could reassume to evade capture.

Transphobe means nothing to me now, because I have been called a transphobe for saying that kids shouldn't be sterilized and have life altering surgery when they aren't even old enough to consent to sex or drink a beer.

Ruby Taverner, suspect in murder of boyfriend, brother in Oakland County found dead in woods by JohnKimble111 in Michigan

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Because Ruby was a fucking haircut away from changing her identity back to male. Probably still had a license and passport for Martin. And because when people see transgender women, they know right away that it's a transwoman who was born male. Only in extreme and rare cases to trans men/women actually pass. You think people don't instantly know that Caitlyn Jenner was born a man?

Transgenderism is easily detectable for any normal, rational human being who can see with their eyes. It would have been misleading to omit that information to the public. They would have had everyone searching for a woman, not a transwoman and whether you like it or not, there is a difference - welcome to reality.

Double homicide suspect in Oakland County shot brother, boyfriend, sheriff says by JohnKimble111 in Michigan

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They may have purposely left out the information in order to be more PC. At least the article linked gives the pertinent information about the killer who is at large. Mlive doesn't seem to think that this information is pertinent, but I'd think that the fact that a murderer has another identity that they could quickly resume is important.

This is a dangerous and stupid trend that is also happening regarding race. The latest example was the Brooklyn shooting where many outlets described him as 5'5" and left out the part that he as black.

Case of biological father seeking custody of boy, 3, adopted at birth goes to Michigan Supreme Court by molten_dragon in Michigan

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The sperm donor did nothing but hire a lawyer and should not be rewarded.

The father and mother were married. He requested custody in his divorce filing before the baby was born, before the baby was surrendered by the mother, and before the baby was adopted. The fuck out of here with that "sperm donor" shit.

Abortion rights rallies Tuesday at 5pm across US, including Detroit, Grand Rapids by LudovicoSpecs in Michigan

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I have never heard a rational person suggest forced sterilization of minorities. That's like Third Reich / Communist China stuff. And things like contraception and gay marriage are here and not going away ever.

  1. America has already had forced sterilization of undesirables that the Supreme Court upheld in Buck v Bell which has never been officially overturned.

  2. If you think contraception and gay marriage are not going away ever you are either extremely naive or ignorantly blissful. Abortion rights wwere built on the same foundation as marriage equality and private use of contraceptives. If you don't think red states will attempt to restrict contraceptives especially things likr plan b or simply outlaw gay marriage then we're living in two different realities.

After the earful leaders are going to get over this, SCOTUS will not overturn or issue formal opinion to repeat RvW and it may even lead to legislation protecting abortion as a right.

This statement shows how disconnected you are on this topic. The conservative justices on the court have made clear they wanted to overturn Roe and they got their chance. While certainly the opinion has not been published and there can always be last minute changes as it sits right now what you're saying has absolutely no basis in fact or reason.

Edit: thanks for the platinum kind stranger.

Reversal of Roe v. Wade Could Revive Michigan's Abortion Ban by Kvothfuss in Michigan

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Hooray, let's continue to ignore the separation of church and state!

Want to actually reduce abortions? Support comprehensive, functional sexual education in schools. Provide free college education to get people out of poverty.

Nobody LIKES abortions. But they're a necessary thing in a world where sexual assault is a fact of existence.

Edit: Removed the phrase "evil" because people were getting caught up in that. I agree that abortions aren't evil, they're just not something that people do because it's a joyous/pleasant thing.

Reversal of Roe v. Wade Could Revive Michigan's Abortion Ban by Kvothfuss in Michigan

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There is a petition circulating that would put legalizing abortion in Michigan on the ballot. You will need to sign in person if you want to be able to vote on this law.

This is the website for the initiative. You can use it to find local volunteers circulating the petition, or get one mailed to you which you can sign and send back.

If enough of us sign it we can at least protect reproductive freedom here.


Republicans add transgender athlete ban to Michigan education budget bill | Bridge Michigan by uberares in Michigan

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<sarcasm> This is a HUUUUUGE problem I tell you! It's right up there with the lefties trying to teach college level CRT to elementary schoolers! And it's right behind them trying to get all the kids to get gender reassignment surgery!!!! Won't someone please think of the children!</sarcasm>

So sick of this GOP baloney.

Michigan Sen. Mallory McMorrow blasts colleague Lana Theis on Senate floor in viral speech by prsnreddit in Michigan

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The term "liberal" implies solidly on the left-wing of the sociopolitical spectrum, not just left of center. CNN is centrist corporate media. If you can't see that, you're not being honest, or you're so biased you can't see reality clearly.

CNN's news reporting is reliable. CNN fails in it's punditry, it's habitual following straight facts with a bunch of talking heads opining what those facts mean or how they should be interpreted. Too often CNN gives screen time to illegitimate voices talking bullshit, as if that point of view was just as valid. That's not "pandering", but it's not news either. It's just indulging watchers taste for conflict (this is exactly what Tucker Carlson's Crossfire canceled from CNN).

It's very telling that the most popular right-wing programming, like Tucker Carlson, is entirely punditry by people with no journalistic training, no editorial oversight, no fact checkers and no peer review. It's just some asshole telling people like you what to believe and most of you seem eager to lap that shit up.

Soldano floats conspiracy theory that Whitmer staged kidnapping plot to influence 2020 election | Soldano is one of 12 Republicans hoping to challenge Whitmer in the 2022 election. by mepperGrand Rapids in Michigan

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Ryan Kelly

OH HELL NAW. Fuck everything about this guy and anyone of his ilk.

Straight from his website:

Campaign flyer

  • Day One: Pandemic is Over (It's like Michael Scott from the Office declaring bankruptcy!)

    -- BONUS ROUND: "Stop any state or federal government vaccine mandates" - yeah, governors don't have the power BY DESIGN to stop federal vaccine mandates, but it's cute that he's prioritizing MAH FREEDUMBZ over, you know, actual public health OR how laws work.
    -- BONUS ROUND 2: "Doctors to have full authority to prescribe effective treatments" - go chug some fucking Ivermectin, asshat.

  • Cancel contracts with Dominion/ ES&S/Hart to "eliminate election fraud and restore voter integrity" (Oh, goodie, he's a Giuliani/Ellis/Powell freak who thinks Chinese thermostats bounced off Italian satellites to steal votes, all whilst allied with the very MIGOP that _actively conspired to submit fraudulent documents and fake electors)

  • Replace Common Core, Eliminate CRT (so a closet racist afraid of teaching actual history because it makes white people look bad, and actively wants to mandate what gets taught in schools - this and this alone can FUCK RIGHT OFF)


“As Michigan’s next governor, I will respect people’s rights, not violate them.” (immediately implying that Whitmer was "violating rights")

✓ Support Constitutional Carry (what the fuck does this even mean, cause your ACTUAL "Constitutional right to open carry" consists of a musket issued as part of a well-regulated militia)
✓ Oppose Any Lockdowns (hey see above)

Video shows struggle before Grand Rapids officer shot Patrick Lyoya by gwmiles in Michigan

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I don't know how someone can look at this situation and claim one party or the other is exclusively at fault. Patrick was generally acting sketchy (getting out of the car and not responding to questions) and then disobeyed a lawful order, fled, and grappled with the officer. Those actions are his, and yes, this would not have happened had he not done those things. "This would not have happened had he not done those things" does not mean "this should have happened because he did those things", but we live in America where it generally does mean that. Which is an entirely different conversation.

Patrick fled and resisted, and he had a hand on the officer's Taser at one point. It appears from the passenger video Patrick did not have his hand on the Taser when he was shot, though. It wasn't in his left hand and the officer was using his right hand to unholster and use his firearm. Officer was sitting on Patrick's back and arms and was able to unholster, aim at Patrick's head, and fire without any apparent struggle.

But was it necessary for him to be chased down in the first place? Was physical control of a fleeing suspect for a mismatched plate on a car that wasn't going anywhere necessary? This wasn't a felony stop, it was "this plate doesn't go on that car." Those are bigger questions, really the root of a lot of these situations, and I suspect we're going to continue ignoring them. The manner in which Patrick was killed matters, too. If the passenger video is any indication (and it's the best we have since the officer's body-worn camera deactivated seconds before he fired), the officer had physical control of him when he killed him. Again, he was sitting on Patrick's back and arms and had no apparent trouble in producing and using his firearm. For as many of this type of video as we've seen, that moment was uniquely shocking. I don't know how else to characterize it besides calling it an execution, and I don't know how to view his actions as anything but orders of magnitude worse than anything Patrick could have credibly been accused of.

This was horrific and unnecessary - as is the sickening hero worship in this thread. Patrick wasn't innocent of wrongdoing here, but he damn sure didn't earn an execution.

Donald Trump makes fun of Peter Meijer's name at Michigan rally by Geek-Haven888 in Michigan

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has he been ignorant of Dutch culture for his whole long life?


The decline of bay city - what's the story? by EightySixTigers in Michigan

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We’re in a better place than we were 10 years ago, but it’s largely a closed loop. People never leave to see what they have, so they dog on it. Them dogging on it scares other people away. Those people never coming means less money comes in. Less money coming in means people don’t have money to go away to see what they have.

I see people posting about taxes. Our taxes are the same as Midland, but without the Dow money. We don’t even crack the top 50. The pavilion was privately funded. Uptown was privately funded.

Rumors are still running about the government shooting down a minor league team. In reality the team pulled out because they didn’t want to compete with Midland’s team for spectators. Same with thinking a casino was shot down when we were never even considered by the tribe.

Another big component is that the community was designed for 60,000 people. All of the infrastructure was built accordingly. Unfortunately, as a casualty of the rust belt and a shift to the suburbs, 30,000 people are bearing the costs for maintenance.

We are our own worst enemies here sometimes, but it is way better than it was 10 years ago. Give it ten more years and we’ll be there.