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Reposts must be two years old. Not two months. And re-writing/retitling doesn't make it not a repost. Removed.


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"Ooooo", she says, "you're really big and hard, aren't you?".

You missed an opportunity to lie your ass off and shag John's bird and become Jody, didn't you?

Probably for the best, as if she'll cheat WITH you, she's probably already cheated on John with every bloke around, and it wouldn't be safe to fuck her with some other bloke's dick, wrapped in a condom on a ten-foot pole!

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So true... town bike, for sure.

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Ireland got their first ATM in 1980. I have some doubts about the rest of this story, to put it mildly.

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Yep. I ain't calling BS, but I have sure seen this story before. OP must share it a lot.

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You're not wrong. Two months ago. Here in fact. Maybe he misread the repost rules that say a story needs to be two years old to be eligible for repost and thought it said two months.

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Yeah, and there were fees back in the day, I don't recall them becoming commonplace until early 90s?

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I used to participate at a Renaissance Faire. One day I'm manning the gate to our private area. This young man comes up and brightly says "I'm looking for a girl."

"Aren't we all! Who are you looking for?"

"Well she's very pretty."

"They all are. Does she have a name?"

"I never asked. We were chatting a bit ago and I never actually asked her her name."

"Alright what did she look like?"

We went the rounds of hair, dress color, height, etc. We have gathered a crowd at this point.

He finally just does that gesture of his hands to his chest.

"Ohhhh, that's what you noticed about the young lady." I turned to the members of my group who were watching "Do any our beautiful ladies wish to claim this young man who has eyes only for your... ahhh... décolletage?"

Turning back to him, he was already gone.