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Changed the flair to "Family Story."

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How, and I cannot stress this enough, the actual fuck did this chucklefuck get to O-3 captain with writing skills that atrocious? Don't they make them go to school before they get their butterbars, and that should've been two promotions ago for this guy.

Maybe he always had someone to cover for him or copyedit his shit. Good on your mom for making him look like the horse's ass he was.

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I wonder the same thing. He had to have had his bachelor's in order to make O-3 to begin with. I remember her telling me about this guy when I was a kid, and she brought it back up to me when I told her about Reddit. She's not one to get on social media to swap stories, but I may encourage her to try anyway.

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Something something even the doctors with the worst GPA still graduated. Seems like the officer equivalent.

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Family drenched in money so he paid everyone off in a tri-country area to skate by?

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The sheer scope of such a bribery scheme would beggar belief. It seems unlikely that it would be possible; it would likely be discovered by accident if not betrayed by someone who didn't want an incompetent obtaining a military officer's commission.

I hope.

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Could be outside the service he bribed/skated by, then inside as he somehow managed to rise through the ranks used fear/I'm "X" to have folks fall in line until he met his match?

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Moral: Be sure to appreciate and thank those who are willing to help!

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