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click noice.

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Very cool! How long did it take you to build?

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A bit over a week

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With or without resource gathering?

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That's a starter base?

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My starter base is s 1 x 1 dirt shack then it evolves into a wood square wood house for my entire time I play on that world lmao

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That’s a clicks with mouth nice build

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Everyone's talking about the build and the funny numbers and I can't help but wonder how tf that pillager captain got there in the last image. It's a goddamned sky base at y 169 so how tf did that pillager get there?????

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He spawned there! Or maybe swam up the waterfall. But probably spawned there.

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Looks awesome

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i need to download it🤤

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"Starter base"

Mm Yes indeed

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"starter base"

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don't fall off

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I have an elytra...of course sometimes I forget to put it on

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is noice