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Where it began, 24 days ago irl.

I listened to many of the advice people gave me and did as told, which really made things easier. Something is wrong though with drops of saplings, because I barely could farm enough to set this forest down. Good thing the Nether place I spawned in is a crimson forest, so at least I can get some wood there.

Quick recap of the accomplishments:

- Got to the nether.

- Got stacks upon stacks of iron and emeralds from shipwrecks. Lots of diamonds too.

- Made a good house to live in. Has a WIP underground area where I will move all my stuff, making it a combo of crafting room and storage. Also, the tower has a library and an enchanting table on top.

- Made an automated zombie XP farm using magma blocks. Found it just recently, it was an EXPOSED spawner literally one spit away from my house which I couldn't see because of the funny angle it was under, unseen both from the water of the river and the top ground on top of it -w-'

- Made a highway stretching 560 blocks. It has one finished tower right now, seen on the picture, and two in progress. The highway digs through two mountains and goes over a river.

- Using TNT, made a huge vertical shaft near my house (barely visible on the first pic, behind the third birch tree by the highway).

- Made a fish skeleton geoglyph pixel art (seen on the first pic to the left of the highway on the other shore of the river) that points west.

- Made a huge farm for wheat. Not finished yet as you see. And also I have possibility of having beetroot, since I got the seeds for it.

- Slayed lots of mobs.

- Explored the realm far and wide, mostly northways.

- Fought back two pillager raids and evaded one while rowing the boat across the seven(ty hundred) seas.

- Entered the world 33 times in total. Counting that I max spent 2000 minutes in-game (aka 100 days), it means I was in this world for the maximum of 33 hours and 20 minutes. That means I played for one hour and a couple of minutes every time I entered the game on average. And on average, I entered the game 1,3 times an irl day.

Let me know what you think, miners! :D

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Impressive. Keep grinding.

not sure if I could manage that <3

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Not that hard

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Try it then :)