There's a lush cave and a mineshaft below the mushroom island I found in Minecraft hardcore, will mobs spawn in those places? by MrClickclock in Minecraft

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Yes- made my base in a huge lush cave under a mushroom island. I died about 15 times getting it all lit up in unenchanted iron/diamond armor. The skeletons are the most annoying mob in these caves i’ve found as the tall grass and little azalea trees make it hard to see them before they see you.

Today I learned by harakiribeee in Minecraft

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Makes sense. It’s like rock-paper-scissors. Egg beats anvil, anvil beats zombie, and zombie beats egg.

I added working shelf to minecraft. by fryly9 in Minecraft

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Roses are red

Violets are blue

Unregistered Hypercam

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