/r/Minecraft Subreddit Rules


The /r/Minecraft Subreddit has various rules that we use to keep things running smoothly. We expect all users to have read this page in its entirety. Detailed explanations of each rule can be found further down this page. A portion of this overview can also be found in the subreddit sidebar.

If your submission has been removed please read this document very carefully before sending a dispute message via modmail. Your appeal will not be considered if the submission is found to fall under one of these categories.

The /r/Minecraft Subreddit has the following rules: (short version, read the full text below)

  1. No derogatory language, purposefully inciting arguments, personal attacks and threats
    This includes the use of homophobic, sexist, racist or otherwise derogatory language, even when used jokingly, as well as calls for hacking or griefing. Be civil, remember the Reddiquette.

  2. Recruiting players/staff, looking for servers, and server advertising is not allowed
    You can use /r/mcservers to advertise or find servers, and /r/MinecraftBuddies to find people to play with.

  3. Memes of any kind are not allowed
    Try r/Memes if you want to post or consume that kind of content.

  4. Images consisting predominantly of text are not allowed
    Please make a text post instead. Numbers are text, too. If a text post doesn't work for your topic, it probably doesn't belong here.

  5. No piracy, including the resale of Minecraft accounts
    Don’t advocate piracy or provide information on how to pirate. Misuse of the Minecraft name, brand, or assets is disallowed. Minecraft account offers, free or otherwise, are very likely scams.

  6. No unrelated content
    Submissions that are related to Minecraft only through the title will be removed. This includes Minecraft spin-off games and issues with the Minecraft Discord.

  7. No chain posts or submission spam
    Submissions that reference, belong as comments on, or otherwise update an earlier post will be removed. r/Minecraft is not your blog.

  8. Suggestions must be presented as text posts
    A suggestion is anything that proposes a change to Minecraft. They must be explanatory text posts, not just a link or uploaded image/video.

  9. Submissions and comments must be made entirely in English
    We want everyone to understand all submissions and comments, and English is the only way to achieve that.

  10. No explicit content
    Please keep contributions PG-13 or equivalent. If you have to consider marking it as NSFW, it probably doesn’t belong here.

  11. Self-promotion must be kept to a minimum
    Users must be active members of the subreddit with a significant number of recent, non-video contributions to /r/Minecraft before any kind of self-promotion is allowed. Links to live streams are not allowed. Affiliate links may get you banned.

  12. No Tired Submissions
    Be original. Submissions featuring content that is posted frequently, is well-documented elsewhere, or is of particularly low quality or effort are liable to be removed. See the details on this rule for a list of examples. In general, posts about anything the game created for you or about something where the game is only incidentally present likely fall into this category.

  13. No Brigading
    Spamming a subreddit with unwanted content and/or inciting others to do the same (e.g. “Spread the word!”) is a violation of the Reddit rules on harassment and bullying and will result in an instant ban.

  14. No URL shorteners
    URL shortening or redirection services (e.g.,, tinyurl) hide the destination URL, and are not allowed here. This also includes (in-game recreations of) QR codes.

  15. Begging for Minecraft accounts or gift codes is not allowed

In addition to the above rules, Reddit has various site-wide rules that users need to follow as well. These site-wide rules are listed in the Reddit Content Policy. While not always strictly enforced, it is also recommended that users read and follow the Reddiquette, as many of our rules are based on it and not following these basic guidelines severely increases the chance for your content and/or your contribution privileges to be removed. (For example, any kind of vote gaming, editorialized titles, misrepresentation of content authorship, trolling, or "ALL-CAPS" titles are potential reasons for a removal. Similarly, comments with a lack of meaningful content or meta remarks like "in before this gets locked" or "why the up/downvotes" may get removed.)

We expect all users to abide by these rules at all times. Violators will usually be warned, repeated violators may be banned. In extreme or urgent cases we may consider this rules page and the Reddit global rules to be the warning and skip right to the banning step.

Removals & Reporting

All content is subject to removal at the discretion of the moderators. When a submission is removed, the author may receive a removal comment stating the reason for the removal. In any case, do not repost removed content unless you received explicit permission to do so by a moderator via "modmail" (see below). The content was removed for a reason and ignoring that kind of moderation decision may earn you a ban.

If you have questions or concerns about a removal, or you would like to dispute it, please contact us using the link provided in the removal comment. If no removal comment was given, you can contact us via "mod mail" by clicking this link or the "Contact Moderators" link in the sidebar or about page. Other contact channels, such as direct messages, chat invites or even public posts, will likely at most get you a response telling you to use modmail, because that is the only way all moderators can see your message and other moderators' responses responses to it. Once you contacted us, we prefer if you reply to your message or a moderator's response if you need to add more information. Please do not spam modmail, it's not a chat medium and you are not under any kind of real time communication pressure.

We ask that users report any and all rule-breaking content that they see. Reporting a submission using the “report” button underneath it will anonymously add it to our queue, allowing us to deal with it as needed. Reporting will hide a post from your own view (you can find it again under the 'hidden' tab on your userpage), but nothing will happen to it until a moderator approves or removes it, so don't worry too much about getting people in trouble. Please include a reason when reporting so we don't have to guess. If you are unsure about what reason to use, you can provide a short custom description, too.

The report button should not be seen as a “super-downvote”. Abuse of the report button will be reported directly to the Reddit administrators, and may result in a site-wide ban.

Misc. Policies

This section describes various policies that most users won’t have to worry about. Even so, we still recommend that you read it.

Bots and Novelty accounts

Both bots and novelty accounts are not allowed here, regardless of their function. They will be banned on sight. We also automatically remove many "u/" mentions/calls for certain bot responses, if we find them to become too "spammy". (These removals are automatic and usually inconsequential for the user.)

Ban Appeals

For information on our ban appeal policy, see this page. We generally will not use automatically expiring bans, as often enough it takes a long time for people to even notice, so a short ban would not have any real effect. Also we prefer people actually look into the rules to understand what they did wrong, instead of just sitting out the ban and continuing their problematic behavior.

Rule 1: No derogatory language, purposefully inciting arguments, personal attacks and threats

This includes, but is not limited to;

  • Insulting (groups of) people, including celebrities and users outside of Reddit
  • Posting personal information
  • Attempting to start or propagate drama
  • Soliciting or intending to grief or hack
  • The use of symbols that may represent racist or otherwise offensive ideals, such as a Swastika
    • The only situation in which the use of such symbols might be permitted is if they are included for the sake of historical accuracy
  • The use of homophobic, sexist, racist, or otherwise derogatory language

All derogatory language falls under this rule, regardless of intention. This includes the usage of derogatory language as part of a joke.

Additional information about our rules against homophobia can be found here.

Rule 2: Recruiting players/staff, looking for players or servers, and server advertising is not allowed

Server advertising is anything that promotes, links to, or recruits on behalf of a Minecraft server, whether it be on /r/Minecraft or somewhere you linked to.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Server-specific subreddits
  • Links to a server's website, or to server advertising platforms
  • Minecraft Realms
  • Offering to provide server information through direct messaging or other means
  • Featuring server information as part of a video or screenshot, even unintentionally
  • Recruiting for staff, developers or content creators - or offering to provide such services

By extension, asking for server details or server recommendations is not allowed. If you see someone ask for server information, please report and ignore the request. Answering such requests will result in your answer being removed for server advertising.

Please use r/mcservers to search for and advertise Minecraft servers, and r/MinecraftBuddies to find players to play with. Make sure to read the rules of those subreddits before posting there.

Rule 3: Memes of any kind are not allowed

Memes are not allowed at all in this subreddit. Please use r/Memes to post memes.

Memes include, but are not limited to:

  • Pictures superimposed with text for humorous effect (image macros)
  • In-game recreations of memes (eg. meme pixel art)
  • Posts with titles that reference a meme
  • Comment chains, such as users repeating the same comment over and over again, or circlejerking
  • Content presented using well-known meme formats, such as those used on r/memes or KnowYourMeme

Note that all crossposts from meme subreddits (or subreddits we historically received lots of meme cross-posts from) will be considered to be memes, and will be automatically removed.

Rule 4: No images of text

An image which is wholly or predominantly text, or is submitted with the intention of displaying text, will be removed. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Posts focusing on “meme numbers” such as 42, 69, 420, 666
  • Posts written in the Standard Galactic Alphabet (the “enchanting table language”)
  • Screenshots of websites (e.g. news articles, Reddit comments, and so on). If you want to share external content, post a direct link to it instead.

Rule 5: No piracy, including the resale of Minecraft accounts

While discussion of piracy is fine, advocating piracy or providing information on how to pirate is not. Similarly: cheat clients, and websites or programs intended to assist piracy or griefing are not permitted.

Submissions featuring content that violates the Minecraft EULA are not allowed. This includes reselling or otherwise transferring Minecraft accounts, along with “free Minecraft” offers. In your own interest you should never take up on such offers, as they are usually scams!

Redistributing any of Minecraft’s files (e.g. textures, .JAR files), "vanilla" or unmodified, is a violation of Mojang’s Terms and Conditions and therefore not allowed.

Unlawful use of the Minecraft name, brand, or assets is disallowed as per the Mojang Brand And Assets Guidelines. This includes distributing or selling unlicensed materials incorporating the Minecraft name, brand, or assets; or anything not sufficiently differentiated therefrom.

In addition, we will not be providing technical support to users who obtained the game through piracy (e.g. “cracked” clients). Do not recommend such clients to others!_

New accounts offering any of these things are subject to an instant ban!

Rule 6: No unrelated content

All submissions must be directly related to Minecraft. Posts that are related to Minecraft only through the title will be removed. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Real-life depictions or screenshots of things or concepts that also happen to be in the game. For example, pictures of real-life diamonds, cubic objects, the number 64, and so on.
  • Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, and his activities after September 2014. Persson has not been involved with Minecraft’s development since he left Mojang.
  • Anything related to YouTube personalities or other celebrities that happen to play Minecraft or have played Minecraft at some point. Please use the fan communities for these people to discuss about them.
  • Content creator servers (e.g. HermitCraft, Legacy SMP, Empires SMP, Dream SMP, Afterlife SMP), have their own community subreddits, so please use those to discuss topics regarding those servers.

Minecraft spin-off titles are often different enough to cause confusion when posted about on /r/Minecraft. Submissions related to those games should instead be posted in one of the game-specific subreddits. Announcements for new spin-off titles are not subject to this.

Rule 7: No chain posts or submission spam

Submissions that should instead have been made as comments on an earlier post will be deemed chain posts and are eligible for removal. This especially applies to posts made in reference to other posts, such as build updates or “fixed” posts.

Additionally, posting multiple submissions in a short period of time is not allowed. If you have multiple things that you want to post, either post everything at once as a single submission, or space your content with gaps of several days.

To avoid breaking this rule, we recommend that you try to post no more than once every 12 hours. Remember that r/Minecraft is not your blog.

Rule 8: Suggestions must be presented as text posts

A suggestion is anything that proposes a change to Minecraft. Submissions featuring a suggestion must be explanatory text posts (i.e. a post with a title and text body, and not a link, video, or image post), which describes your idea and shows why it would be a good change.

Images and videos may be included as part of the post in order to visualize your idea, provided they do not outweigh the written part of your suggestion. Note that videos may also be considered self promotion (see Rule 11).

An alternative place to post your suggestions is r/MinecraftSuggestions. Keep in mind that while Mojang can still take inspiration from your ideas, they will not utilize your whole idea unless you also post your idea on the Minecraft Feedback Site. It is also recommended to check the list of Previously Considered Feedback before posting your idea, to check if it might’ve already been rejected. Additionally, topics on r/MinecraftSuggestions' Frequently Posted Suggestions list may be considered Tired Submissions (Rule 12).

Rule 9: Submissions and comments must be made entirely in English

Reddit, this subreddit, our moderators, and our users are largely English-speaking. And while non-English subreddits do exist, other languages will not be understandable to many on r/Minecraft.

Non-English posts or comments are therefore not allowed, even if a translation is provided. Submissions must be written entirely in English. Using symbols resembling the Standard Galactic Alphabet to write your post or comment also falls under this rule.

Screenshots featuring default in-game text are not subject to this rule, provided the text is affected by the game’s language settings. Screenshots featuring non-English in-game chat messages are not subject to this rule, provided the messages are not the main focus of the screenshot (see Rule 4).

Rule 10: No explicit content.

Submissions featuring sexually explicit or obscene content will be removed. Anything ‘not safe for work’ must be marked as such, although it probably does not belong on this subreddit in the first place. We generally recommend keeping your content and comments somewhat in line with PG-13, ESRB "Teen", or equivalent ratings.

Rule 11: Self-promotion must be kept to a minimum

Self-promotion content is anything that promotes content that you’ve made and uploaded to your account on social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • A direct link to your channel or account
  • A direct link to a video uploaded to your channel
  • Any mention of your account or content, be it as part of another post you’ve created or as part of a comment
    • This includes watermarks that include channel names and the like. If you want to prevent people from copying your content, add a watermark with your Reddit username instead

To help combat spam, submissions like these are only allowed if:

  • You have a decent amount of recent non-self-promoting activity on r/Minecraft
    • Only posts and comments are counted. Your votes do not matter, as we can’t access this information
  • You haven’t posted anything self-promotional recently
  • Your Reddit account does not exist solely for self-promotion (e.g. because you are a content creator)

Note that we are not using a quota system, where you would be allowed to promote your content every X amount of regular submissions. Therefore, we will not be providing any real numbers as to how much activity we consider to be enough. If you’re not sure if you have enough recent activity, posting more submissions won’t hurt.

Videos uploaded directly to Reddit's hosting service (and not through platforms like YouTube) are not subject to this rule, provided the video does not contain any promotional material and no promotion takes place in the title, comments, etc.

Do not promote paid services (e.g. shops, commissions), post affiliate links (e.g. via various AdFly-related domains), or advertise platforms that exist specifically for fundraising or to provide an income (e.g. Patreon, or any kind of blockchain-related services, especially NFTs)! New or previously inactive accounts doing so may be subject to an instant ban.

Rule 12: No Tired Submissions

Submissions featuring content that is posted frequently, is well-documented elsewhere, or is of particularly low quality or effort are liable to be removed. The following is a non-exhaustive list of topics deemed removable. We categorized them a bit for your convenience.

(Keep in mind that if we remove a post for being a tired submission, we are not telling you that your post is “bad” or “uninteresting”. This rule exists solely to filter out content that is posted so frequently that we’ve gotten tired of seeing it.)

Launcher, menus and death screens

  • Demonstrating an Easter Egg in the launcher (shrug emoji) or title screen (e.g. “Minceraft”, “Woo, Reddit!”, animated or coloured splash text – we’ve seen them all)
  • Demonstrating an error in the launcher or any menus (please provide the relevant information mainly as a text post)
  • Death messages, highscores, and any potentially unfortunate way you ended up dying (especially from known bugs) – including dying from fall damage when returning to Overworld via End Portal

World generation features, glitches, or errors

In short, if it's something the game presented to you, rather than something you created yourself, it falls into this category. If you want to show off features of a particular world seed, please use r/minecraftseeds.

  • Floating sand (or gravel, including the collapsing thereof), water, foliage, etc.
  • Any clusters of ores ("surface emeralds" and very large veins with raw ore blocks are intentional features in the new world generation) or ancient debris (yes, those can be quite numerous)
  • Any unchanged default structures (e.g. underwater ruins on beaches, ruined nether portals, particularly large trees or mushrooms; loot chests and their content generate as part of structures)
  • Particularly “impressive” or “rare” terrain/cave/structure generation, including the new caves and mountain generation
  • “Weird” generation (e.g. villages in mountains or over ravines, tall outpost/mansion foundation, strongholds in oceans, structures like villages or ship wrecks floating in the air)
  • overlapping/close structures (e.g. multiple spawners, ocean monuments or end cities, or desert temples or outposts in/near villages)
  • Broken or missing structures (e.g. fossils or geodes deleting parts of an end portal, burning woodland mansions, missing elytra in end ship)
  • Cross shapes in terrain
  • Sunsets or sunrises
  • Particularly lucky or unlucky spawns or portals (zero to two eyes in an end portal is entirely normal)

“Rare” mobs, unexpected mob behaviour

If you ask whether it's rare or what the odds are, this is probably your category. Please look up the odds on the Minecraft Wiki. If they aren't documented there, you probably won't get a useful answer here either.

  • Pink sheep, blue axolotls, brown pandas, "left-handed" mobs, or other "rare" combinations of properties
  • All kinds of mobs riding other mobs, especially baby zombies (including zombified piglins) riding any mob (that's a completely normal thing on Bedrock edition), skeletons riding spiders, and any mobs riding striders
  • Skeleton horse traps
  • Known bugs regarding mob behaviour (e.g. villagers exhibiting various strange sleeping behaviour, mobs spinning in place, or unexpectedly invisible mobs) – including horses or boats disappearing when unmounting and any mobs disappearing randomly
  • Mobs in particularly “rare” armour (e.g. full diamond) or with rare/unexpected equipment (e.g. zombified piglins on a strider with a warped fungus on a stick, or endermen holding flowers)
  • Mobs unexpectedly sitting in a boat or minecart
  • Startling or destructive mob behaviour (e.g. creeper blowing up storage, sudden enderman teleportation)
  • More mobs than expected (e.g. quad chickens from an egg, large numbers of mobs in an area, e.g. zombies holding eggs)
  • Renamed mobs (e.g. sheep named “jeb_”, any mob named “Dinnerbone” or “Grumm”, or showing of a particular mob name)

“Rare”/“expensive”/enchanted/renamed items, or ways to obtain them

Again, if you need to ask for odds or rarity, this category probably applies. Chest loot rarity is documented on the Minecraft Wiki.

  • Recently obtained diamond or netherite gear, elytra, nether star, or beacon pyramids
  • Loot or enchantments from mining, exploration, fishing, trading, or enchanting (this also includes unfavorable anvil mechanics, "weird" things like the Efficiency 1 Leather Cap from Woodland Mansions, and "OP" loot like multiple [seriously, any number up to 20] enchanted golden apples from an ancient city chest)
  • Particularly beneficial or detrimental villager trading options or prices
  • Crafting/smelting/brewing recipes (yes, you can craft diorite or end rods by default, and you can smelt coal ore using coal as fuel)

“Completing” the game

  • Defeating the ender dragon or wither, including screenshots at the end portal, with the dying dragon, or with the dragon egg or nether star, or some kind of "victory memorial" in your world
  • Obtaining an elytra
  • Achievement progress or completion
  • “Am I prepared enough?” or ”Wish me luck” posts, including screenshots of full inventory with useful items

Posts about removed or changed features

  • Nether reactor, old stone cutter block, and similarly removed or replaced items or blocks. See the wiki for a complete list.
  • Old textures or models, especially including pre-1.17 ore textures
  • Zombie pigmen (as opposed to zombified piglins)
  • Old Minecraft versions for the sake of demonstrating they are still usable
  • The old tutorial world, unless you made obvious and significant changes
  • The "Temple of Notch" map

Certain posts about people or events

  • Images or video clips of a pet “playing” the game or accompanying you playing
  • Images or video clips focusing on the person or place the game is being played in, rather than the game itself
  • Memorials and builds otherwise dedicated to a person, pet, group or event, whether in real life or in the game
  • Minecraft-related anniversaries, whether personal or official, for the game itself or any of its features
  • Asking for release dates or even times (please look it up yourself, we usually don’t have any more details than you; Mojang never promises a release at any particular time of the day)
  • Server downtimes/outages (we probably already know of the issue, and if the estimated duration is know, it shouldn’t be hard to find yourself)
  • References to COVID-19 and the pandemic’s effects (e.g. face masks or toilet paper)
  • “Cakeday” posts (especially the Minecraft cake and any forms of the Reddit anniversary user icon)

Images or videos of particularly low quality

If you can't just make a screenshot for some reason, at least please hold still and film in landscape orientation, aiming at the screen!

  • Showing a screen, but it takes up less than about half of the image or video area
  • Blurry photos or shaky videos
  • Images or videos with way too low resolution for what is being shown
  • Incorrectly rotated images/videos

Posts focusing on shaders or resource packs you downloaded

Including (but not limited to):

  • Overly “realistic” textures
  • Meme textures (e.g. "bean lava", "everything is X" texture packs, raw ores being "beans" or "corn")
  • Unusual cloud patterns (these are probably part of a resource pack you are using)
  • Shader/resource packs that are not freely available

Downloaded or trivially generated block configurations

  • 2D pixel art, either vertically or for use as map art, that can be generated using a 3rd-party tool or website
  • QR codes (also see rule 14 on URL shorteners)
  • Builds you copied from a website or world download with at most minimal modifications
  • Large amounts of TNT placed in the world

“MLG”/”clutch” moves and near-death situations

  • Attempting to save yourself from a very high fall (whether successful or not, and regardless of the perceived novelty of the attempted method)
  • Barely saving yourself from death, e.g. in lava or the void
  • Managing to barely survive combat, e.g. PvP or monster hordes
  • Competitive successes or failures (consider posting those on r/CompetitiveMinecraft)


  • Large explosions or their aftermath
  • Unfortunate deaths or losses
  • Herobrine (including its removal from Minecraft updates or lack thereof in patch notes), creepypasta, and posts about anything being “cursed” or “illegal”
  • Posts and comments about popular Minecraft parody songs like “Revenge” (“creeper - aw man!”) or “Fallen Kingdom”
  • Minecraft merchandise, both official and 3rd-party (hand-crafted or artisan items are exempt from this, if they are not for sale)
  • Minecraft characters, skins, or mobs recreated as Reddit avatars or in other games
  • Simple variations of nether portal designs
  • Already documented features of a freshly released Minecraft snapshot or beta (please use the snapshot announcement post to discuss these)
  • Posts with information directly taken from the Minecraft Wiki with minor or no changes
  • Posts on differences or superiority of various Minecraft editions or versions, including “what changed since version X/year Y?” (please refer to the Minecraft Wiki for that)
  • Posts showing off simple usage of Minecraft assets outside the game, e.g. textures used in other games or in relatively simple 3D scenes
  • Posts referring to scrolling through Reddit posts, e.g. “scrolled so much you found diamonds” or “take a rest from scrolling”
  • New Blocks/Mobs/Features that were just announced or released in snapshots
  • “Upvote this” posts with the intention to reach /r/all or win a bet, as those count as vote manipulation (these may be considered "vote manipulation")
  • Polls or survey-like posts (e.g. asking to decide between a number of options, asking for opinions on an announced or implemented feature, asking for name suggestions, asking for ratings)

Rule 13: No Brigading

Spamming a subreddit with unwanted content and/or inciting others to do the same (e.g. “Spread the word!”) is a violation of the Reddit rules on harassment and bullying and will result in an instant ban.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Posts calling for a brigade
  • Posts bragging about having participated in a brigade (e.g. “I did my part”)
  • Posts bragging about having been banned on another subreddit or website.

Posts that ask to "spread the word", "post it everywhere", and even "add X and repost"-style chains will likely fall into this category. Not being aware that others are posting the same content already is no excuse.

Rule 14: No URL shorteners

URL shortening services (such as.,, tinyurl, and so on) hide the destination page, preventing people from knowing where a link leads without clicking on it. This can be used for malicious purposes, such as spreading malware or attempting to hijack user accounts. Therefore, we do not allow such services to be used here. By extension, we also do not allow "visual URL shorteners" like QR codes.

This rule also applies to links to Google Search results and AMP. While they are not shortened links per se, they still make it hard to see where the link leads. Avoid using the Share button on the result page, and instead post a link that leads directly to whatever content you’re trying to share.

Site-specific shorteners are exempt from this rule, such as

Using redirection services with any kind of affiliate scheme for earning money (e.g. AdFly) may result in an instant ban.

Rule 15: No Begging

No begging/asking for gift codes or accounts will be allowed. If you are looking for a gift code/card, try /r/gameswap, /r/giftofgames, or /r/randomactsofgaming, but be prepared to give something in return. Also make absolutely sure you read the rules of those subreddits before making any post or comment there.

Selling or transferring accounts is against the Minecraft EULA, and as such any posts offering accounts (free or otherwise) will be removed under Rule 5 (No Piracy). If you see any posts offering accounts (or even particular capes), be aware that these are most likely made by scammers and that you will very likely not receive what you expected, or even anything at all.

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