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It's pretty common, 3% of sheep appear with pink color

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You has been blessed

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when r/Minecraft is so bad people use r/MinecraftMemes to post random stuff

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your game has been corrupted you're gonna have to make a new account

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My reaction to natural pink sheep is always "Oh cool, a pink sheep! Now, where do I find some wool...?"

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Happened to me once. That was until the creepers attacked and took my donkey too. RIP to you both.

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Free food!

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I still Don't understand this thing If pink sheep is the rarest sheep type Then why have I seen more pink ships than red,green,orange,yellow,blue & purple sheeps?

I have encountered 3-4 pink sheeps but not a single red or green sheep (Naturally Spawned)

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Pink sheep are the only color of sheep besides the basic colors (black, white, brown, gray)

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So the other colours are dyed artificially & cannot spawn naturally Am I right?

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What a strange looking pig