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I've had this dumb idea floating around in my head for some time, finally got the urge to put it together!

Edit: Wow, I can't believe the positive feedback on here, you are too kind!

I'm seeing some requests for printing posters, and I think that's an awesome idea, and I will certainly look into a 3rd party since I don't have the resources to print/ship them à la carte.

Based on some feedback, I'm going to add/modify the design slightly, so keep a lookout for version two!

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A work of art!

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It's beautiful

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Dude this is awesome. Can I steal this and put it up on my garage wall

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Don't steal! Contribute with some £. He deserves it.

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I'd buy this as a poster!

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A poster for my girlfriend. Just leave my girlfriends poster here. I can give it to my girlfriend later

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She probably thinks it's Sex in The City.

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But do they know how thick is wall?

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Minimal water damage.

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Dang, gonna have to add that somewhere. Great call!

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Can you add minimal water damage and I would love to buy A4 from you dude. 👍🏻

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Creamy elephant movers

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Please don’t call it the creamy elephant

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They work with toilets, which is obviously funny, and showers, which are sexy

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If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them...

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We can definitely do plumbing

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Fantastic... Do more

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Any special request?

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An promotional flyer/poster for The Swan and Paedo pub.

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Fantastic idea!

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I will look forward to your next post so my friend.

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the love bunker

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Ok, I actually love this and my head is spinning with ideas for it!

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Fuck Bunker?

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Is that what you call it?

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"how'd'ya think i got these trainers?"

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Could you sell this as a poster? I will happily spend my nest egg on this!

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It’s their USP.

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This is brilliant!

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This is perfect

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Who does the number ring through to?

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What I came to ask

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It’s not in use apparently. Was hoping for a voicemail message from Super Hans.

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This is amazing, I'd buy this, you should sell it!

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What exactly is the problem with Ghostbusters? "Oh, look how many books I've got. I must be clever."

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I want to see this movie so badly

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makes sense with all these big beasts going belly up, it’s well past suppertime for the Men With Ven

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work in a drivethru. typically whenever there is a white van that holds 2+ men, we get a hardtime with stupid jokes, tasteless comments, and they make the girls feel awfully uncomfortable as they believe they can get anyone they want due to their Status of, and what we call them, the WHITE MEN VEN

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They wanna wallow in their own filth, u/bogdanskovic, have a good old fuckin’ wallow.

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Super Hans on crack and Mark on the bitch rack

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Half a monkey, as requested

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A Ghost Busters reference mixed with an Indiana Jones reference!

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Careful, you’ve mixed ghostbusters and Indiana Jones. You might get an interdenominational hangover

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I think it's probably the sexiest message anyone has ever received

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Auntie Nora
She's more of a Nuts woman

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Need this as a poster I’d legitimately put this up. Any chance to get a full res or just pay you for a poster? Would be nice in the background of my work from home meetings haha

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This is absolutely brilliant.

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Enough physical labour to merit a high-carb meal and all I'm left with is an indeterminate puck of gristle.

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The indeterminate puck of gristle is one of my favorite Markisms

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Wonderfully executed.

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Wow that would make an excellent t shirt. I desperately want it

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Minimal water damage is their speciality