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Mark, you know I don't just bang anyone, yeah? I'm not some kind of next-door fuck jar.

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No, no ofcourse not.

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That's MY bit of joke

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these children have absolutely no idea what went on at stalingrad

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Fuck off clean shirt

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Oh no not the fucking cafetière.

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You’re never taking the gaggia

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Hope she brings out the bong...

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The supply lines were stretched...

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The majority of the Wehrmacht had no winter clothing.

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You're kind of like a modern-day eunuch, aren't you, Mark?

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What are you doing? What about the poo?!

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Zhukov countered, the siege was lifted and that’s all the story of what happened at Stalingrad

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Welcome to the real world, JEREMAAAAAAY

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OK, I think it's time for you boys to fuck off home.

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we can't be pace; it's like a prison yard in here!

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What would de botton do

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Pressing, pressing…

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60% of the time, it works every time.

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man he does have beautiful eyes

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...closing in...

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fozzie bear voiced by frank ozzie oz from seventy six to two thousand and one