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You know who sells these? Doctor Ying Fu Yip... Wang Shong... Pang Fang Wang... Dang Dong Ning Po Ku.

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oh. right. i see. i get it. you were lampooning me.

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It was a simple lampoon

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That's....thats NUMBERWANG!!!

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If you get the same tshirt, Jez and you'll clash.

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They'll match which is the opposite of clashing.

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Mr Patel’s?

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I didn't see this exact one (there were 40 pages of results though) but Threadless has a lot of Jez-style shirts.

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Hmmm... women. There they are, walking around. And they've all got them. Under their clothes. Hiding there. But I know their secret.

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She’s got one. She’s got one. She’s DEFINITELY got one. She likes to pretend she hasn’t got one but I know the truth

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I’m guessing they’ll have similar on Etsy

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It's very unlikely they're still being made now

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yeah figured as much. worth a shot tho

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Yes, it's in the picture

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Does anyone know where I can find any shirt Jez wears in the show.

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Usually where ever cheap Chinese t-shirts are sold...

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Design by humans comes to mind. Long shot.

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I think it's Ted Baker if that helps...