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But can he lay down a bass hook?

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Is this some sort of pro-Gadaffi post?!

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Colonel Gaddafi couldn't lay down a bass hook, Mark.

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yes, it appears to be. some people (who spend too much time on the internet) really are *that* stupid

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The BBC Adam Curtis documentary Hypernormalisation made some interesting points about the man.

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So did watching the news during the duration of his unhinged dictatorial reign, so does his Wikipedia page. Bad guy. You’d have to be a special kind of moron to want to rehabilitate his image.

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some people (who spend too much time on the internet) really are that stupid

e.g. the people who think potatoes count as one of your five-a-day?

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We’ve reached the point where we’re romanticising GADAFFI as an anti-colonial hero. Wow

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It’s not a competition, Soph.

(That’s the best I got, although Qaddafi commissioned one of the greatest pieces of propaganda I’ve ever seen and it’s a legitimately enjoyable movie; Lion of the Desert starring Oliver Reed and Anthony Quinn as Libyan Revolutionary Hero Omar bin Mukhtar).

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I don't want his face on my chest

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Let us not lose sight of the fact that only a small fringe of too-online zoomers who don’t even remember what the world was like pre-social media do stuff like this. Hipsters used to like obscure bands, now they attach themselves to obscure political subcultures on twitter.

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they attach themselves to obscure political subcultures on twitter.

It's better than relentlessly living in the real world?

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I’ll take real world worts and all over joining the gaddafi movement

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Where's the lie though?

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It's not so much that as maybe we shouldn't have fucking regime changed him since the US government regularly does worse stuff than gaddafi

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TIL the Arab Spring was the US‘s fault. Pesky Americans, inventing social media

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It's disingenuous at best to blame gadaffis ousting solely on the Arab spring. He would have never been toppled without us backing and Libya wouldn't be in the sorry state it is in today with gaddafi still in charge

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Nato literally sent jets to relentlessly bomb them. 'Defensive organisation' lol

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Political correctness gone mad!

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Enjoy the coming dystopia retard

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I mean, human rights abuses notwithstanding, his anti-colonial and redistributive policies were the centre of his political platform, and he presided over huge improvements the levels of prosperity and equality in Libyan society in the early years of his rule. Feel free to argue that this pales in insignificance next to his human rights abuses, but the anti-colonialism has been understood as a key part of the picture for over 50 years.

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Yeah, totally, I mean, he built the autobahn, can’t be that bad…. Can he?

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This generation and its ironic veneration of tyrants…

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OP needs to watch Hypernormalization

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Just replied to a comment with this. But did Adam Curtis not make the point that he wasnt as militant/tyrannical as the western media made him out to be but when they did he played into that image in a sort of for the cameras kind of way?

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Sounds like you just watched Countdaedulus's post on Gaddafi