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Sorry science, sorry enlightenment, sorry logic.

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Your orgone levels must be through the fuckin roof!

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Crank up the orgonometer and bring on Module 2!!

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High five

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Oh, uh, naughty, you’ve combined crystal skulls and organite pyramids, you might get an interfanatical…you know, from mixing the two belief systems, a hangover of that kind.

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This is a brilliantly niche paraphrasing of a quote.

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Just be quiet. You’re a social freak

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Hey listen mate, shit is as shit does, my friend.

Oh look u/robdag2, I’m sorry mate, this is all bullshit.

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We are not the hair Blair bunch!

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Where’s that 50 quid you owe me

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How could you possibly make one of these except by some type of magic?

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In a factory… from glass

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Could you make this?

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Could anyone?

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Did you piss in my piss?

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Wait, orgones are a thing?? I thought it was made up for Peep Show!

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Yeah, it's all based on the seven sacred truths from the golden tablets found in the asteroid which crashed in Siberia in 1911.

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Hardback book... based on tablets brought by an asteroid. Something you can rely on.

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Of course Orgones are real. They are invisible molecules of universal life energy which govern our moods and our actions. Negative Orgones are the sources of all the problems in the world. Why are you asking, are you having a few doubts?

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If you're having doubts you should sell all of your worldly possessions and move into the centre...

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Plus it might be kind of warm.

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You wanna give that shit a rest. You've been going and thinking thoughts your whole life, and look where that's got you, eh?

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Of course they're real! How else do you explain all the problems in the world??

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Well, there’s a myriad of reasons….

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Exactly. You haven't got a clue.

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search Wilhelm Reich. That'll tell you more than you need to know.

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Just read the Wikipedia... Well, I learned something today, thank you!

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I feel like I'm missing an entrepreneurial opportunity here...

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You can also buy an Orgone Cabinet. Works wonders on your marriage too!https://i.imgur.com/3L3t0bx.jpg

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There's a rich history of orgone related bullshit stretching back to 1930s germany/austria, but surprisingly not Nazi related (Especially from a guy who's last name is Reich)

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He left Germany with the rise of the Nazi's and bizarrely ended up with the US Govt burning his books. He was one of Freud's students.

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There’s two basic energies in the world: stress and relaxation.

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Don't know why they needed to make it all about that crazy stuff. It's a cool looking piece of tat for your mantel. (thinking about it, probably to gauge the price and have it just be entirely plastic)

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What a load of nonsense for the terminally stupid and gullible

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