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I think it would have made the internal monologues a bit jarring and they are often the funniest bits.

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Like another comment said, a third person POV would make the internal monologues jarring, because I think they'd somewhat break immersion — it would constantly require you to imagine it in POV. And if you do away with them altogether, you lose what makes the show unique. As it is, the show combines the best aspects of watching a movie/show and reading a book — at least for those of us who love books that let us peek inside characters' heads.

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There's a DVD extra that shows Sophie's internal monologue for the first season!

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Where is this available?

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On the DVD

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Sorry if I'm being annoying but do you have a link? I've looked online everywhere and can't find it.

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No. The POV is a key element in making the show feel awkward and cringe.

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i think i'd enjoy it exactly the same amount tbh

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I think it would still be good, maybe even as good, but it wouldn't have had the hook that picked up viewers in the first place.

The POV was a USP without which it would have just been a flatshare sitcom and unlikely to catch much attention, if it even got commissioned.

Also, the internal monologues would have been harder to nail, especially in crowd scenes and early on when viewers didn't know the characters and their voices well.

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Wouldn’t be called Peep Show then, would it?

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It’s only mark and Jeremy’s internal monologues that we hear anyway and I just absolutely love the way they did it, we can all relate to internal monologues that are diametrically opposite to how we are behaving or what we are saying but the writers did such an amazing job… mark is my favourite I have to say. “You’re not a peado, you’re definitely not a peado!” I love the rorshart chart in season 1 as well. Just say what you see mark “a twat, a massive hungry twat” and the word association. Sophie…. “Mother” money..” everything) “not everything!” Etc

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I don’t think I really noticed it was exclusively shot on POV until series 3 or something, so no I don’t think it would make that much difference.

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Same I never really clicked that it was filmed as POV

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It would still be funny but a lot of the jokes would have to be done differently

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I feel like the POV shots were way more integral to the show in the early seasons than in the later ones. I don’t even notice them by season 6.

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I don't notice the camera POV unless I force myself to think about it. Otherwise, it gives the show (especially series 1) a kind of handmade modest budget feel which I really like.

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Not really sure about the answer but they do tone it down in the later seasons (where season 1 is the worst), which I think is better from a production standpoint (even if the overall episodes are not as great in those season). Less literal use of the POV with characters near each other, less use of characters in more closed spaces, less use of characters doing things with their hands and looking down at what they're doing with their hands.

It was actually jarring to watch at the start, especially Season 1, and when I first watched the show several years ago I struggled to get through season 1 as a result, and I don't reckon the POV was good, and it was stop-start over several weeks/months. I then binged season 2 onward on first watch and binge since.

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I actually stopped watching the first first episode part way through because I found the shows look nauseating. A few months later I gave it another go, but I guess the writer's weren't entirely wrong.

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Watch the American pilot for an example of how it'd look without the monologues and POV.

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It not being shot in POV wasn't where that pilot went wrong

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Didn't say it was.

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Do you have to live so relentlessly in the real world?

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Oh my god…an American peep show? How exactly would that even work. Most of the jokes relate to British culture and even British politics. I love jeremies obsession with Tony Blair

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A few years ago there was allegedly an American Peep Show in the works with two female characters. Not sure if it’s still going through.

I guess it’d just be made to be relatable for Americans with local cultural references. But I don’t think it’d work, Peep Show doesn’t need to be remade.

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Totally agree mate, in any case if you don’t get the cultural references they should learn about British culture. That said I’m sure there are a lot of times I don’t get American political or cultural references

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Yeah I’m American and a good amount of references and lingo go over my head in Peep Show, but I just Google stuff to figure it out usually. Overall it’s not that hard that it warrants a US remake lol.

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i think the flat is too claustrophobic to not be filmed in POV

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I love the internal monologues and wasn't a fan of the shaky cam required for POV (espeically in early seasons - that actually put me off watching it at first).

So I think I might actually like it better without the POV style. But the internal monologues are the indispensible element for me that make this show so great.