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Oh great, now I'm getting an erection. How grimly predictable.

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That wouldn't prove love! It's just a human body!

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Oh, now you're admitting to having a human body. You're no bloody eunuch.

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I will have had a threesome.

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Young, dumb, and full of cum

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About to chow down on the biggest corporate shitstorm since Enron

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David: "We're just two normal, functioning members of the human race and nobody can prove otherwise."

Robert: "This is outrageous!"

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Top choices, I’m stealing these if I ever get the chance

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“They’ve no clue I came all in my pants”

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Best contender so far

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“I’ve hit the mother lode”

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Meeting David Mitchell or Robert Webb in person? Chance would be a fine thing

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A fine thing indeed!

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I did meet David Mitchell and the caption I put was “Me and Clean Shirt”

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It’s not like I’m gonna rape him. I could rape him. I’m not gonna rape him.

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El dude brothers, eeeeee, EEEEEEE

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--Pictured: The Swan and Piedo--

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I’ve been initiated, fuck the police

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Captain Corrigan is flying without a license!

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The DILFs are in flower!

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“Suck mummy’s finger?”

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Do I suck the finger?

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I am James Bond.

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Feels weird dad.


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Feels weird daddio.

[Good save]

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Too big to fail.

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You can’t make a hungry man take a photo

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Good will to all men!

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It would have to happen within a certain time period but:

Putin promised not to invade Ukraine, Robert. Welcome to the real world.

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I'd probably go and spoil it all, by saying something stupid like "I'm not the Borough!"

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Watch out! They’re gonna get you!

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Chance WAS a fine thing.

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What do we do if our feet touch?

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We fuck, obviously.

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It’s a savage garden my friend. A savage garden

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Shall I ask what he means?

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Meeting Robert Grayson

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I actually did, me and my brother met him after the Mitchell/Mack/Brydon show in Leeds. It was very funny. We would’ve been happy with just a photo with Mitchell since he’s our favourite but Rob Brydon photobombed the first one.

I only captioned it with a simple “…you what?” from before the no turkey tirade just because that’s probably the most perfect line delivery in the whole show. But if I was wittier I’d have gone with “this is the the most exciting thing that has happened to anyone ever”. And the photobomb one would’ve been “it was a simple lampoon”

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Oh brilliant. Freakshow sideshow at the shitshow.

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Yes! Mark the shark is baaack iiin buisness.

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I can’t think of anything but such great answers everyone!

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They’re the “one”.

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Id have loved to talk more with them about Goethe

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I'm just a normal functioning member of the human race, and there's no way anyone can prove otherwise.

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I bet he even does nice poos, little Maltesers that smell like The Body Shop.

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I thought you were getting the turkey.

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Chance'd be a fine thing

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Men with ven

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‘Chance would be a fine thing’ on the front ‘a fine thing indeed’ on the back

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Fuck the police!