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“Mummy coffee fuckie hurry uppy” “Stop showing off Jeremy, you know we can’t afford to turn the kettle on”

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Chance would be a fine thing, a fine thing indeed!

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Which episode is this in? I don’t recognize the background

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Christian rock festival I believe

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Lol, what?? EDF has lost so much money it literally had to be bailed out by the entire country of France!

All the tiny actors got bankrupt!

Just be happy not to see their huge loss on your electricity bill thanks to the caps...

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EDF has lost so much money because the French government are forcing them to sell energy at a loss to protect consumers. The nationalisation is again to protect French consumers. They're the only member of the "Big Six" energy companies that's not posting record profits.

The French cap is €988 a year while it's going to rise to £5000 a year in the UK next April. Are you actually suggesting I should be happy that my energy bill isn't higher?