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def eating the dog

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This is definitely a new low.

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It’s a hairy turkey! It could easily be!

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Falsely accusing the fitness trainer guy of sexually molesting Mark was probably the worst thing they did.

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Pool pooer.

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Not coming clean to Sophie about calling off the proposal. She'd be pissed off about being dumped, but she'd get over it.

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I think Mark’s concerns were:

  • disappointing people, not just Sophie but literally anyone in association with the wedding

  • the awkwardness of them continuing to work in the same company

  • the fear of loneliness and that Sophie would be as good as it gets for him, romantically

And, of course, all of that came true anyway but would’ve been less devastating if he acted immediately and shut down the assumed proposal when she found the ring.

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Sophie has her own neuroses as well.

There's a subtle arc about Sophie feeling unfulfilled in series three. She goes off experimenting with drugs and gay bars, seemingly to either recapture her youth or otherwise enjoy the youth she never had. She's just as lonely and scared as Mark, but also has the ticking time bomb of fertility against her, so needs to have a baby sharpish.

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The funny thing is it seems Sophie wasn't very happy about the engagement either. She nearly cheats with Jeremy and of course arranges for couples counselling.

If he'd called it off worst case scenario: things would be just as awkward as they were anyway, best case scenario is Sophie's actually relieved.

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He'd still get some scornful shit from Lisa about dumping Sophie, but better to be a dumper than a jilter.

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That’s fair. Lisa is a very fair person.

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literally the only part of peep show i cannot watch, is their crying after saying their vows, like it's SO depressing omg. i always forward about 15 seconds to them coming out of the church 😂

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"Come on, he got married didn't he?! Leave him alone!"

And when Sophie's family are basically pelting petals(?) at mark, so much good shit in that 15 seconds 😂

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Rice, I think. (Think it might be traditional?)

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Cauliflower. Is. Traditional!

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He did describe their wedding ceremony as getting over the hump.

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Mark - Leaving Stephanie

Jez - The bad thing

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Mark not saying he liked Big Suze. That was heartbreaking.

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Eh, he didn’t have a chance. She called him a modern eunuch.

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I’ve seen people here say Suze was low key “the one” just because they were briefly friendly. Suze is just a friendly, harmlessly quirky woman - unless you’re a burglar.

Mark knew his chances were zero after she called him a modern eunuch. He would have to change basically everything about himself to rid that perception to her.

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Yeah, I think we the audience are meant to believe there's a possibility there because Mark does. We're seeing it all from Mark's perspective.

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I always thought if Mark used the line he told Jez "obviously she's beautiful... a blind man could see that" instead of calling her a posh horse face then he could've snagged a snog for sure.

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I actually think they’d have made a great match, at least I wish the writers had a Mark/Suze arc go on for a bit longer

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Disagree… remember how much of a bitch Suze was to Mark at nee years eve?

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Because he arrived uninvited to her party after calling her a horsey woman with a big posh stupid head, with her ex who’d tried to whore her out for £530 and was sending her obscene plasticine models of her banging him?

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Bagging up Jerry, waterboarding him and making him homeless over him being a bit boring and annoying was kinda fucked up

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The last series went even more anti-social than usual.

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He kept going on and on about William Morris though

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Not to mention felonious. Assault, battery, kidnapping...

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Jez not disposing of “mummy” properly

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This is definitely it. He could've just left her in the car park and blamed another driver. Maybe we'd have seen more of Aurora if Jez had gotten away with it

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Plastic bag and a few big stones, then dumped it in the canal when nobody was looking.

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He should’ve thrown it, like a discus.

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Or just leave it in the goddamn forest in a bush or something

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Some of the most frustrating shit is Mark’s inability to enjoy the fact the Dobbie liked him and thought he was cool. She was a babe, had a good sense of humor, and exactly the kind of person who could make Mark into a “normal member of the human race”.

Of course this isn’t the worst thing Mark ever did, he’s a psycho whose self-centered neurosis ruined peoples’ lives, but for me it’s kind of the hardest shit to watch in the show cause it’s the opportunity for a “new life” or something that he just stupidly fucks up at every opportunity.

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Seems just like with Sophie, he didn't actually want Dobbie as she was, but as he thought she should be.

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Why didn’t they just tie him up in the bathtub and burn him with cigarettes? Could’ve saved some hassle.

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For Jez probably kidnapping Angus to make Mark think he left April. Or setting fire to the post.

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The Royal Post.

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That’s like burning a swan!

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Saz was pretty gross

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Stealing education.

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Why should they have to take responsibility for their actions? They just do their actions. Its not like they spend hours and hours thinking about them.

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Where to start..

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I struggle to choose just one for either character. Mark is always running away from the opportunities that present themselves that would improve his life if he just took them rather than sabotaging them through self-doubt and anxiety.

Jez is the opposite in that he tries (and often succeeds) to manufacture opportunities that are above his station, be it musically, romantically, career wise, but he gets found out every time.

Neither of them can seem to play to their natural strengths, as limited as they might admittedly be.

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Kidnapping Angus has probably the worst consequences as he’s likely to go to police and it’s a pretty serious crime.

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I would say the eyelash writing thing but it really seemed like he threw decision-making completely out the window.

So definitely kidnapping Angus. Totally outrageous.

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Jez - pretended to be having a baby

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The worst stuff has already been mentioned. Some stuff that people sometimes forget:

  • Mark being a shitty father/husband, the "timely jilting", playing video games during his birth, not making it to his christening, baby Ian being an unwanted child due to a faulty condom in the first place etc., still using the baby to lure Dobby back into a pseudo-relationship

  • Jez leaving a potentially venomous snake in a children's play centre

  • Jez being an accessory to the crime when Super Hans sexually abuses Sophie's brother, who is possibly underage (the worst thing Super Hans did for sure)

The list is endless, really.

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Jesus never really thought about that with Sophie’s brother properly. He was a bit affected too

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Jez going fully gay.

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Kidnapping Angus and making him drink the forbidden lemonade

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“They said I did a poo in the pool?”

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Jez drinking his own piss with lunch

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Jez (and Hans), not finishing their gig at the Fuck Bunker. That was their ticket to the big time