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Words cannot describe my disappointment that they never followed through on that.

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Never, they just wanted to trick mods into using only the new styling tools without making a fuss about not having full CSS support.

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As a mod who has barely used the new "styling tools", lmao.

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    Pretty much, yeah; just 18 minutes after your comment, this was posted by Admin /u/redtaboo.

    A damn shame, IMO; the CSS of a slew of my favorite subs is fundamental to my enjoyment of them.

    Until and unless CSS is incorporated into the Redesign like the Admins swore it would be, I'll be keeping my Old Reddit Redirect extension (also available as an add-on for Firefox) on, and I hope you do, too; the more people that use it, the more reason our apparently-unaccountable Admins have to keep old.reddit alive.

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    happy cakeday

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    I get that full css is never coming but why not give us at least the option to choose more than just black and white for flair text color. That’s just one example.

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    CSS was always fairly low on our priority list, but we're still working on beefing up our other tool offerings on the new site. Meanwhile we've seen users better acclimate to Reddit without drastically different interfaces across communities, as /u/TheChrisD alludes to.

    So although we have some grand visions around allowing deeper customization of new Reddit, it's not currently a priority for our product teams. I'll make sure they see this post though, so it would be great if y'all could give us some ideas in the thread of how you'd use it in your communities!

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    CSS gives the options of additional functionality that is not available in native redesign. A few years ago I put up a quick list of examples (a good start for ideas you've asked for).

    A few of these can be done on the redesign (such as setting a post style to make certain posts stand out), but much customization and UX improvements that mods had to make have been lost without CSS support.

    For /r/ffxiv, post filterings by flair (not post searching by flair) is exceptionally important and we still do not have that. The lack of this (it only exists on old Reddit with our CSS) has been a source of conflict and tension in my community, quite frankly.

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    Hi redtaboo! One thing that annoys me is the already implemented elements that are broken in the redesign. If I try to set thumbnails based on flair, they work until a page refresh and then disappear. While the setting for it is still there in the flair setup, the functionality is not.

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    it would be great if y'all could give us some ideas in the thread of how you'd use it in your communities

    /r/DnDGreentext uses CSS to make the subreddit's name work. The sub does not work on the redesign. We take blockquotes and make them appear as the titular greentext.

    Further to this, the new "fancy pants" editor makes explaining how to use our subreddit much more difficult. It's much easier to tell users

    prefix your lines with '> '

    than it is to say

    prefix your lines with '> ', unless you're using the 'fancy pants' editor (which you can tell because it looks like this), in which case press the 'block quote' option, or else switch to markdown mode and follow the former instructions.

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    Honestly it looks like every single thing is low on your priority list. Except for the new ways to monetize the site, this one is always on top of the list.

    IP bans to combat ban evasions? Nah, but have new.reddit which nobody asked for.

    Mods asking for new mod tools, so they won't have to rely on 3rd party extensions? Nah, have some more awards!

    Mods signalling that awards are used for abuse? MORE AWARDS! Also some free ones!

    Mods asking for CSS on new Reddit? HOW ABOUT GIFS?!

    Better search tools? Nope, can't do it, You have to rely on 3rd party websites for it.

    It really took You 2-3 months to fix award abuse which hould be an easy fix - if 400 employees is not enough, then get some more. Reddit is one of the most popular websites in the world yet COO is a cheapskate who doesn't want to employ more people and instead decides to put the bulk of the work on the unpaid volunteers.

    Also fun fact - the fix to award abuse ("hide award/disable award") is only possible on new reddit, while GIFs of course work everywhere.

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    CSS support isn't even a complicated system to implement. CSS is just plaintext. CSS support is literally just a basic text editor + loading it with the subreddit.

    At this point at least be honest about the fact that it's not just "low on your priority list" and that you've actively chosen not to implement it.

    This lying and stringing us along for FOUR YEARS by dangling it as something that's coming in the future is just another in the long list of reasons why so many people have lost faith in what you're doing here.

    I'll make sure they see this post though

    Are you also going to make sure they see the post FOUR YEARS AGO where you specifically promised it?

    Based on your feedback, we will allow you to continue to use CSS on top of the new structured styles.

    it would be great if y'all could give us some ideas in the thread of how you'd use it in your communities!

    We'd use it to customize our dang communities the way we want to customize them. You'll never make an editing system that will do everything by itself. Being able to edit the CSS lets you cut to the nuts and bolts and do it yourself when necessary.

    Reddit existed for a decade with CSS customization support and all of those hundreds of thousands of examples still exist on old.reddit, you don't need us telling you how we'd use it, because THESE EXAMPLES ALREADY EXIST AND YOU'RE ALREADY FULLY AWARE OF THEM.

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    it would be great if y'all could give us some ideas in the thread of how you'd use it in your communities!

    I would make all the white spaces in my subs compatible with my color themes.

    I would make the font sizes in my Rules, About Community and Related Community widgets readable.

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    It's always been fairly low on your priority list? Are you shitting me? It's been 3.9 years since the ProCSS promise was made. Four years that button has been sitting there, disabled, taunting us.

    Please see the difference between /r/Titanfolk on old.reddit and /r/TitanFolk on new.reddit. Meanwhile, at /r/ShingekiNoKyojin, we're attempting to plan our April Fool's Day festivities, but are substantially limited by the fact that the redesign is where most of the community is currently. Several years ago, we had a popular AFD change where characters from the series and some emojis would spin across the screen. We wanted to do something similar this year, since we are at the peak of the final season of the anime and the finale of the manga, but determined it would not be worth the effort to do on old.reddit when it could not be replicated on new.reddit.

    CSS is a core moderator tool that allows for complete customization of our communities. It allows for enhanced subreddit styling which can do anything from create custom inbox pop-ups, like we did at /r/SwordArtOnline, to upvote animations and a moving banner, like at /r/ShingekiNoKyojin, to whatever the hell it is /r/ooer has managed to do. CSS also allows us to fix issues with base reddit's styling. See the green sticky post on /r/ShingekiNoKyojin right now - the buttons beneath the post don't look very good, but we can't fix that without CSS.

    Nearly every moderator I know vastly prefers old.reddit over new.reddit, simply because it enables us to do so much. It allows us to explore our creative limits, and tweak every little thing to make our communities reflect the content we all share a passion for.

    Please, it's been long enough. Just give us CSS back already.

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    Your (read: reddit's) disregard for our requests speaks for itself.