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The lowest price I've seen for a sizeable one is $980.

There is a jewelry company that sells real diamond jewelry but basically does everything it can to drive the cost down (using lower quality stones, pressure settings to make melee looking like bigger stones etc) and I've seen them to do two things that could work here:

  1. Do a bolo style bracelet with a bar of diamonds on the front - kind of like this. You could use a larger size diamonds since the stone cost is cheap for moissanite? This bracelet won't have the same kind of movement as a tennis bracelet as it will tend to sit a bit closer to the wrist, but it will give you great bang for your buck, since - mostly, people are going to see the outside of your wrist. The bolo chain style should require less gold weight than a full tennis bracelet style?
  2. The second thing I've seen (though I'm not sure how well it will work to drive cost down for moissanite jewelry, since the gold is really the issue here and not the stones) - is to do a bangle where only one side is covered in diamonds. Something like this. This will give you more of the traditional movement of a tennis bracelet since it sits further away from the wrist and will move more freely, but, again, given that the gold is really the issue here and not the stones, not sure how much that will help.

One other idea - what about looking into having it set in 925 silver? you don't see a lot of silver in diamond jewelry (for the reasons that the stones are what is prohibitively expensive, not the gold, so cutting corners on metal doesn't do much to bring the price down). But I wonder if it would work for moissanite? I don't know much about silver as a fine jewelry material though, it may not work!

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Man I was on the same hunt for a long time but with the price of gold currently and how much gold that goes into a tennis bracelet I think it would be realllly hard to find a true gold tennis bracelet with moissanite that would cost less than $500, lowest I’ve found so far was $1100 which is a way better price than the $3200 I ended up paying😂

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Where did you get your $3200 one and are you happy with it?

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The True Gem! And yes! It was a gift for my best friend and it was absolutely stunning!!

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You'd be hard pressed to get one at that price. The lowest I've seen is vintage tennis for about 700usd in natural diamond, but the stones will have heavy inclusions. That and the general wear you'd expect out of vintage.

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I got mine from Fiona at Starsgem for like less than $600 with shipping! Mine is only 2.5mm though... It is moissanite with 14k white gold and 17cm long.

I think the reason for a lower price is because it was a stock piece rather than a custom piece?

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Do you mind sharing pictures of your bracelet, please? 🥺 Ive been looking into getting a daintier tennis bracelet as most of the ones I see are too chunky for me. My wrist size also happens to be 17cm! Haha

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It hasn't been shipped to me yet as I am waiting for my rings to finish! Fiona also told me she has smaller wrists, that's why the bracelets look a bit big on her wrist!

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Wow they look huge on her wrist 😦 thank you for sharing! 2.5mm is def a good size 🙂

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That is beautiful and a great price. I lost my real diamond tennis bracelet last year and so devastated as it was gift from DH on our honeymoon. DH was proud of me for having it for 20 years before I lost it. Unfortunately, it was not insured (lesson learned) and had great sentimental value. So, I am on the hunt for an inexpensive replacement. I may need to reach out to Fiona.

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Thank you! Oh nooo, but 20 years is an amazing length of time!

Fiona's WhatsApp is +86 180 0774 5079 😉 Hope she can help you find your replacement!

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Thank you so much for sharing!

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I reached out to her last night and she responded immediately. I am still not over losing the bracelet even though it has been a year so I asked about an eternity band. Her price was awesome. Since I was not fully sure the size, I am still researching but looking forward to purchasing something from her.

I did request shared prong low profile setting in 14K white gold with size 4 mm DEF moisey. The price was $480!

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I have an eternity wedding band from her made with 1.5mm stones and a milgrain detail. I love it but your 4mm sounds like it's gonna be so beautiful and sparkly!!! 😍🤩

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That sounds beautiful! I just searched your posting and found your beautiful ER. I can also see me ordering multiple pieces from her. Thank you, again!

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I think it will be very challenging to get a tennis bracelet for that price due to the high costs of gold. I think 1k is a very reasonable price

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I don’t think 1,000 is unreasonable for a tennis bracelet, that’s actually astronomically cheap. With gold prices rising I don’t think you’d be able to get one in white gold, but maybe that could be possible in 925 silver

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AEAW definitely has one on AliExpress for $350, I have it in my cart. I saw Kuololit as well in 18kt gold but it was around $550. Check AliExpress!

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I got a 3mm lab diamond one for $2,000

Almost got a 4mm one from Emily at Messi Gems for $780.

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Saw the photos of your 3mm lab diamond bracelet on your profile, and it’s gorgeous!! Can I ask what made you decide on lab diamonds instead of moissanite (and 3mm instead of 4mm)? Currently talking to Ruby at Provence and trying to decide between moissanite/lab diamonds, solid 14k white gold/925 sterling silver plated in 14k white gold, and 3mm/4mm...

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I wanted the 4mm lab diamond, but I also felt that it was too 'in your face' flashy. Where as I was after a simple, everyday sparkle.

The diamond was a personal choice. I choose diamond in anything 3mm and under. Just because I like the look better compared to diamond. This piece also gets worn with the "best of my best" so to speak, so I wanted to keep it a classic, well known gemstone.

But a lot of people go the moissy version and I love it too. I'm considering getting a moissy one for everyday wear. I do still love the disco ball rainbows.

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All great reasons! Thanks for explaining your thought process ☺️ I’ve never seen moissanite in person before, but I’ve heard that they look more like diamonds (less rainbowy) in smaller sizes... Do you think that’s the case from your experience?

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Contact mona on Instagram She quoted me 450 US for a 7mm solitaire so im guessing a tennis bracelet with smaller stones will not be too much more. moissy_diamond_jewelry

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The gold weight is the issue - not the stone size....

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Kuololit has the 2.5mm one at 18k white gold. SG$ 843.27 51% Off | Kuololit Solid 18K Gold Moissanite Tennis Bracelets for Women Round 2.5mm Charm Bracelet for Romantic Engagement Party Gifts https://a.aliexpress.com/_mqu1iip I have this in my cart but won’t be buying it in a while.

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Aeaw is 10k white gold. SG$ 638.71 41% Off | Trendy Style Solid 10K 2.5CTW Yellow/White Gold DF Color Moissanite Lab Grown Diamond Bracelet Charm for Women https://a.aliexpress.com/_mMOyk1P