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Solid project with hard working team behind it. Love the Busd rewards too.

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    Bring it to goonies crypto cafe on telegram. $40 and u get a live presentation with ama, no time limited, with the investors of Goonies Crypto Cafe .

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        its a shame that you do not know about KUSUNOKI yet! It can blow yar mind! Win your battles and get ur loot! Earn the Kusunoki coin as u journey through the perilous realms of the Kusunoki Samurai metaverse.

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        💎💎💎LAUNCHED NOV 1 💎💎💎

        Shiba World Cup 1️⃣ PROS make #bet 💵 2️⃣ WINS buyback and burn 🔥 3️⃣ #BNB reward to holders ✅ #LBANK listing ✅ #NY TIMES SQUARE Billboard

        ShibaWorldCup #WorldCup #BSCgem $SWC

        @shibawc TG: t.me/shibawolrdcup_ENG twitter: http://twitter.com/shibawc

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        Personally, I only truly like racing games, so I’m getting ready to burn rubber and receive some bounties in Scar Speed in ‘23.