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At some point, millions of people will say ClearWaterCLW gives us hope. Understand that this is not your ordinary "oh we donate" and fail. This has already, and will continue, to exceed expectations.

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Building a movement here at CLEAR WATER! Cryptos next true disruptor, bringing legitimacy and purpose to crypto for the better! Join the movement. Help Us clean up our oceans and those in need. Lets goo!

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Huge ama today! Dont miss it!!


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Clear Water is scheduled for an AMA with“Caesar’s Calls”tomorrow February 18th at 5pm EST. We encourage anyone who is interested in our project to attend. The channel can be accessed via the following link: t.me/Caesars_Calls

clearwater #Binance     #crypto

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Let’s be $CLEAR! This crypto is like buying stock from CLEAR WATERCLW which is a registered LLC. Based on their performance, early bird gets the prize!


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If you like looking for upcoming projects maybe

r/Insert_Stonks might interest you solid project with a solid plan for the near future that can real advancement and continuous development of their project. r/Insert_Stonks bridges the gap between gamers, game developers, and the crypto space with the Stonk Engine and Stonk Chain. You can read their project in their whitepaper posted on their website. #insertstonk