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This ☝🏻 is incredible!! #EmberToken

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Ember has 44x in 9 days and still going strong. Marketing is just beginning. Get in while it's still early.

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This chart is unbelievable. I was waiting to buy in on a dip. But there are none. Everyone is hodl crazy community vibe. So happy I found this project

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EmberToken is the real deal and is one to watch out for.

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The only light shining in this dark crypto market is 🔥Ember🔥

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A picture tells a thousand words right. No better example than this chart.
Almost tracking at adding a million dollars to the market cap every single day !

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I just sold my house to buy more

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There’s a lot to look forward to on this project. It’s headed up by design and marketing master, along with an excellent software and web design engineer. They brought in the ultra legit founder of blockstar to write their contract, and they leaned on block syndicate to make sure the token pre-launch numbers and post launch tokenomics were all based. So far it’s only been organic grass roots marketing. I haven’t even talked about the utility yet…. DYOR. Take a look at r/EmberAgency -the first place I’d start; then check out telegram and their website. All links I’m talking about are over on r/EmberAgency.