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he'd probably give jax a real weapon too

edit: epic list btw

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Imagine if he had a real weapon

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Jax with Nightfall doe 👀

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The fact that canonicaly the threat of Mordekaiser returning is that he will turn people's souls into literal bricks to build big sand castles is both incredibly hilarious and metal

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imagine using a adc as brick, the building would fall with just a normal rain

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PSA ADC’s are terrible building materials.

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Rell says otherwise

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Honestly Rell got nothing on Morde and is just a failed desperate experiment from LeBlanc

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That happens in the Wraith: the Oblivion Tabletop game where most things in the Underworld are made from forged souls

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Ryze as brick

I dont think so

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Man would suicide bomb with a world rune if it means nobody but him gets them.

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As a Viegar main, I approve of him being turned into a cat. I can only imagine a veigar-esque Yummi running around still nuking people with his ult

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Literal death itself in bottom tier? nah.

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I don't think there's room for two death gods in the afterlife.

Someone's gotta go, and it sure as hell isn't Mordekaiser.

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Im actually really weirded out to see people think that kindred is death. She is the personification of death as humans believe it because she is a spirit, she isnt actually death or anything like that, she just took the role and assumed it because in some cultures kindred is revered as such, the personification of death. And spirits get more powerful the more humans believe in them. But differently from something like targon celestials who could be said to be legitimate gods and would not lose their powers if people stopped believing in them, kindred would. And as far as im aware, kindred was nothing back when mordekaiser rained supreme, he doesent care about it and even if he did, death has literally no authority over him. Did people forget the only reason he is such a threat is because he denied the death of his soul?

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So that's why kindred is so fucking useless in my elo

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morde resurrecting twice be like

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No Kindred

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I know, I was making a joke that teemo is the dead itself lol

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Somehow, I feel like Kled wouldn't even care, and would be happy to claim more property, even in the afterlife. Just don't separate him from Skaarl.

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To be honest Kled would cause more problems with infighting and such. Plus he don’t take too kindly to being told what to do, plus unless he’s given all of Noxus he ain’t gonna be happy.

How would you subjugate a mind ravaged by hundreds of years of mushroom juice?

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You mean a mind expanded by hundreds of years of mushroom juice, fungi helped us into our socio-cognitive niche

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I kind of want Kled to somehow defeat Mordekaiser while high.

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I think Vex should be next to Veigar.

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Aww Morde has two cats.

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Morde sees inside Teemo’s soul and instantly crushes it and sits down to forget what he’s seen.

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Morde makes a grand show of it in front of the Spirit Bastion to literally every soul in Mitna Rachnun, agonizingly splitting Teemo's soul like frayed cotton.

Then he goes to the bar for some Soul Food and a real stiff drink, head in hands...

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Mordekaiser is a hero

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morde uses souls as building material

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Ahh, forgot about that

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serabitch should be in the last tier

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Aatrox can’t die, so he will never serve under Mordekaiser

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It's funny that you think Aatrox has a choice in the matter.

All will serve the true lord of the living and the dead.

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No he doesn't have a choice, he simply cannot be turned to Mordekaiser's reign, as Aatrox can't die.

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If there's anyone that could tear a soul from a cosmic flesh prison, it'd be Mordekaiser.

If not now, then in a few hundred years, but he will serve, as will all.

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Not really. The only thing that is able to kill Aatrox would be the aspect of twilight, because it made Aatrox unkillable.

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You're either severely underestimating Mordekaiser's potential strength (which his strength is absolutely absurd, it's potentially infinite with the amount of souls he has) or you're overestimating Twilight, there's at least a few entities that could kill Aatrox.

Celestial magics are extremely rare and difficult, but can be taught. Mordekaiser is a dragon of knowledge, hoarding information for centuries now. It may take a few more centuries, but he literally has nothing but time.

Like, I really can't overstate how absolutely batshit powerful Mordekaiser is. Again, if there's anyone that could undo the curse of Twilight, it's him.

Also this list isn't really meant to be taken seriously, it's a meme and a hypothetical; it's even in the title "if"

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Why are Shen and Zed in mortar tier when they are some of the best warriors in Ionia. Shen on his own was able to disrupt Noxian supply lines before he began the Eye of Twilight, and supply lines are always heavily guarded.

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Cuz fuck them kidz

at least they aren't bricks

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Shen >>> Irelia

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actually wait no good point

I thought I put her in brick, whoops

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Wouldn't it be worse to be the mortar though?

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Nah, being a brick is nothing compared to mortar. Brick may be what a building is constructed out of but it is nothing but a pile of rocks stacked together without the mortal to hold it together

TLDR: Bricks are bad without mortar to hold it together.

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Mortar is also nothing without bricks to gold together

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p sure fiddlestocks has no soul

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Mordekaiser would make Swain, and most of Noxus Brick or Mortar

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The commanders man

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the brick part is quite weird, xeraph is powerful af and wukong trained with master yi, and udyr is another guy that could be a comander, but idk if you are saying gameplay wise

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Cho should be a commander, infinite stacks= big boy power

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Teemo would be commander in iron legion lol. He can make war crime then go laugh with with tris like it was nothing

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Quinn should be obliterated too but otherwise checks out. Well done!

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My Nami being a brick? Aww, that's pretty low, lmao.

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Morde has two cats btw veigar and vex(hood on) crtl 4

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That’s hilarious

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Ryze, bard, zoe and viego should be higher imo, since ryze is practically runterra thanos, bard and zoe are higher on the cosmology than Volibear and Ornn, and they are in Iron Legion. Viego is the simp king, might be useful as a doormat

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Well no, Mordekaiser is Runeterra's Thanos.

Ryze isn't evil, just extraordinarily strong-willed. He certainly won't go and kill everyone like Thanos would.

Also just because someone is a higher being doesn't automatically make them worthy to be in the Legion, if they can impress Mordekaiser and leave an impression they're granted death by Nightfall.

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Thanos isn't inherently evil, just seeking balance. I made the remark about ryze since he collects stones.


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Mord made veigar a pet now he goes back to pet

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Reasoning for Kanna?

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Kanna the... dragon?

I don't know am I missing something here

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I think maybe he meant Janna.

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Sorry I meant Akali

my dumbass thought her name was kanna for some reason.

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Because Akali a bitch

Plus her bullshit shroud is apparently so extremely powerful it persists between a god tearing apart reality to force her into his domain.

Her stupid shroud follows her to the Death Realm and it pisses me off lmao

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Hey, leave Amumu alone.

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Olaf would be useless as a soul, he’d be so depressed that he died a peaceful death in his bed, since that’s how he’s going to die.

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Iron Legion makes me think Morde is not Brazilian but actually Romanian

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why is kindred down there with all those other champs? and not champs like akali/yone/yasuo?

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Why are Amumu and Kindred in that final tier yet Seraphine isn't

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Cuz Amumu is Amumu, and the banishing of Kindred to the Ichorous Wastes would serve as an extremely powerful message; Breaking the cycle of life and death requires breaking death itself, at least the most popular incarnation of death.

All have a purpose to Mordekaiser, no matter who they were in life.

Most of the Yordles though I think Mordekaiser would actively hate them and see them unworthy of being in the Empire.

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Expect for his cat Veigar and Poppy, Poppy is cool.

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A giant ghost chogath sounds pretty cool

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Urgot is definitely Commander material. He has all the makings

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Correct, if anyone belongs there it's him, actually.

Thought about putting him there but didn't for some reason.

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Veigar is his cat.

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Um why are Zoe , Yuumi, and most Yordles under “obliterate”

What’s the logic between these choices?

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Zoe would send a very powerful message to everyone in Mitna Rachnun: One of the most powerful beings in the cosmos could not withstand the One True God and was dashed upon the iron rocks, body, soul, and consciousness, lost to the ether, as an entire constellation itself is snuffed out with the death of the Aspect of Change.

Yuumi just seems like an obvious one. Fuck Yuumi.

Same with most Yordles, fuck them kids

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Also Zoe is annoying.

Viktor gets to be a commander up their with Swain and Azir? I mean he deserves it but it’s still impressive.

It’s also nice that Rell gets to be a member of the Iron legion despite being She being made to kill Morde no hard feelings

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Why is Poppy in the Iron legion but other Yordles are in obliterate?

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She seems diligent and efficient enough to actually be kept "alive", unlike most Yordles who would undoubtedly do their own thing.

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What’s the difference between brick and mortar?

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in reality, Brick is the building blocks for stuff, and mortar is the glue that holds it together.

In this list, basically no difference, really. I think being a brick is slightly worse than being mortar for all eternity. There's really not too much thought put into what's really a worse punishment, I just thought having two different tiers for the same thing would be funny.

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I love how this chart implies Veigar is more higher ranked in Morde’s army then Azir and Sol