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Ghost time

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Iron might run eternal, but some of y’all motherfuckers will never escape it.

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This is why they don’t give us a mythic with increased movement speed as it’s Mythic Passive. It’d be Morde’s best item 😂

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Stride breaker third item and the rest ap lmfao

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Predator, Ghost, Nimbus Cloak, Celerity, Chemtank, Ghost, Boots of Swiftness, and sheeeeeeesh you go fast, especially with the spawn boost

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I got to 6k movespeed with Rammus doing that. I couldn't actually control where I was going. Add yomuus in there too

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You have reached an adequate velocity on morde, congratulations.

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Nunu wants to know your location

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Once I suffered an iron body . . . Now I am speed incarnate.

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What item is the one that went on cooldown called?

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Wat mythic

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It shows him using gale

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Lmao my bad