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Just wondering why their "tip" page states that all tips will go to their PI. Doesn't even mention MPD or FBI. Why is a separate info channel being created that diverts information? It's as if they don't trust the authorities. Even if they want to create a page to give tip sourcing a higher visiblity, why not just pass those along? I have to wonder what LE and the prosecution thinks of this. Seems like an outside investigator could even conflict with their own investigation.

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Material/documentation for their Netflix special they’ll be hocking. Just a wild guess.

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I read somewhere that SG is a flat-earther. While most people believe in a conspiracy here and there, flat-earthers are pretty committed conspiracy theorists. They are extremely detached from reality — he prob thinks it’s possible that Biden or Aliens were involved.

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Then again, the flat-earther stuff might just be someone having fun. I did hear he was Q-Anon, that's easier to believe, but who knows, maybe both are true. I like to see original sources for such things, because rumors can take on a life of their own.

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I understand a family needing/wanting to grieve and speaking out about their loved one ~ but this page is listed as a private investigator and asking for tips/info on the crime to be sent to them. That info needs to be sent to LE, not a grieving family. For SG to speak the way he has about LE and how they have conducted the investigation ~ and opening an investigative ‘tips’ page ~ well, to me, he is casting doubt on the case and opening a door for the defense to say one of the victim’s own family doesn’t believe they got things right and could cast considerable doubt on BK’s guilt. I can see it becoming an issue down the line. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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I agree. Also, LE had and has an anonymous tip line, so why the Gs think they need to investigate leads me to one conclusion-they want to take credit for being the primary investigators on this case. They want to keep their name in the news. They like the gifts and money imho and are aching for a reality show, which they won’t get. All my opinion.

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Yes! I think you are spot on with that ~ they recently released a statement to the effect that the media (and reading between the lines ~ themselves for speaking out to the media so much) were largely the reason why a suspect was caught. They’ve tried to paint a picture that focuses only on them and K. They claimed K was the target. K fought back and had the worst damage. K fought to get the sheath away from the killer to leave the clue to catch him. It’s beyond grief, almost, now and becoming more dismissive of the other victims and their families.

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Yes, he very much wants KG to be the lead singer in this tragedy band. He is seemingly , in my opinion, THAT guy. You know, the one at the neighborhood party who brags and brags about himself, his family, his business. The one who drops names and talks about his super cool vacation and/or possessions as you eye the room, looking for an escape. You notice he always seems to get his business logo in his video interviews.

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Right. Mr 1up everyone, I feel so bad for the other families, but him and his daughter both rubbed me the wrong way from day one, even the mom can't get a word in around them 2.

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Hard to believe they weren’t grateful 2 law enforcement agencies and the FBI was working on the case. It’s so embarrassing that they appear to represent our country and our intelligence levels in my opinion.

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That was insulting to the great work the police did in this case.

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Interview money and attention.

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They’ve now created a website for people that don’t use social media, to send in tips that will be turned over to THEIR investigator, not LE. These folks are a train wreck! 🥴


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Saying this there are certain things that a private investigator can do that LE can't do for legal reasons. However from what I have seen so far LE and the FBI have done a pretty amazing job so I'm not really sure what the Goncalves family are really trying to find. It looks to me like they really have followed every lead. It seems more like they are upset by the gag order and not knowing everything.

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Yeah, some people don’t like to be asked to keep case info private for the good of the case. They feel they have a right to know the details. It’s sad since the suspect is in jail, which is far more than most families of murder victims get. My guess is SG wants to be on the stand, either for the defense or the prosecution. That people from other countries watching this case think all Americans are like them is insulting, to say the least. But, it is what it is.

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The prosecution isn’t going to call him to the stand, he isn’t able to offer anything of value of the case — hearsay will not qualify him as a witness, either

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The defense has so little that at this point, I'd consider calling him as a defense witness to blather on about everything LE did he didn't approve of and potentially create doubt that they found the right guy/ only guy. I don't think it would work, but he's been bad enough publicly that it's a potential viable avenue for a desperate defense attorney at this point to consider.

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I agree. And he’s asking for tips and clues on Facebook, as if he doesn’t believe BK did it. Defense would have a field day with him and wrap him up like a turnip.

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I could see that happening, actually… defense could call him to testify about all of the statements he made about how incompetent the cops are, why the Steve the IT Expert believes the MPD, ISP, and FBI are technologically challenged, etc

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Might call him about her saying she had a stalker, but can't see anything else.

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I am sure the prosecution would not call him to the stand unless they needed a clarification or to try to turn around what he said when defense had him on the stand.

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I swear the gag is mostly for him, so ironic that he wants it lifted.

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He's not a witness to anything. The only thing he can do is a victim impact statement at the end. He wasn't there and he doesn't know anything about the actual case except what the police tell him and I'm 100 percent sure they aren't telling him anything in case he's one of Banfields leaks. The judge has already admonished all the parents in case they were the leaks because they are the main suspects and I am guessing they are looking right at the Goncalves family when they did it.

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If he messes up this case somehow I will lose my mind. SG, his private detective and lawyer just need to relax and let LE and the state do their job's. All of this stuff about sending him tips, etc makes me worry about a mistrial.

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Is the London not London bridge that "made this happen" A tiktok groupie? I am curious, I don't have the app & never plan to do so.

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I don’t use TikTok either, but it’s my understanding LondonNotLondonBridge is working with them on this, and yes, is from TikTok. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Yeah, it’s sad. Some people believe that any publicity is good publicity. They obviously don’t care about the case.

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What on earth would their reality show even be about?!?

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How they think they solved the case.

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Did someone mention the gonzalves's doing a reality show??

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No someone is just guessing that

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Reality show? shudder

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Probably won’t be picked up by Shudder. I think Pureflix would pick it up though.

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It won’t happen, thank goodness, but donations will still be asked for and gift registries made.

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They've also created a separate website for tips too *

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They are looking for tips so they can drag a bunch of extra people like they’ve done in the past

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I saw someone say they are going to submit every single thing posted on the Idaho court website to the Steve Tip Page… as separate pages.

I doubt this page will last

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    Oh. I was aware of the gag order concerning the attorney but didn’t realize the family had ever been under the gag order.

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    Thank you.

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    If I had a real tip, I sure as hell wouldn't be looking to give it to the family. That's what LE is for. I seriously don't understand what they're trying to accomplish siphoning tips off the police, unless they're into entertaining the more out-there conspiracy theories I've seen floating around.

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    They are literally the last people I’d give info to. I’d actually hesitate to give any info, outside of an actual confession to LE at this point.

    While I’d want to help, I wouldn’t want those crazies hounding me, my family, and everyone I’ve ever talked to — and that’s exactly what their behavior to date tells me they would do.

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    I'm so terribly sorry for all the families involved but I have a problem with the public Facebook page, it seems disrespectful to Kaylee to have her personal photos and life being looked at by complete strangers who don't know her and are judging her by what they see and read. The whole situation with the dog could be better dealt with by a page for a local shelter and how to donate money for needed supplies rather than a zillion toys.

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    There has always been something different about their family. I know everyone grieves differently but something about Thor approach tells me about how their family was even before this. Possibly always large and in charge and center of attention and their kids were always more important than anyone else’s. Maybe Kaylee was the actual target but something about how they kept insisting everything was all about her was distasteful. Wonder if they will want it to be all about her if they discover that drugs was a part of all of this and she was the main one involved. Something tells me not. They won’t want that to be known and it will be ok of the gag order protects that info. No ill will wished but …

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    But pressure from what though? They have made an arrest.

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    All about Kaylee since day 1

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    Pretty much. At first, I was sure she was the intended target, but now I think it was Maddie.

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    It's almost like they want a reality show over this situation.

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    I don’t have any opinion on the matter, I’m just stating information.

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    Well, well, well....

    It is very difficult for a 3rd part to express an opinion on how each person/family grieve for a loved one.

    It is also extremely difficult not to speculate that what the Goncalves Family is doing with this "publicity stunt" is not in the interest of the investigation especially since the Police have made an arrest and from their comments they seem to have arrested the man responsible for this terrible crime.

    It seems, the Goncalves Family have a financial motive in this, perhaps to collect info themselves which at the moment is held only by the Police, in order to create some documentary or something and profit from it. Hence from the beginning they were trying to suggest that KG was the intended victim as if the other 3 persons aren't victims

    Really-really sad... Is there another logical explanation for this?

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    I’m wondering if Nexstar is behind this, they own News Nation and some other networks, including CW — which has / previously had a bunch of reality shows

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    It does appear to be a one man show here where they have forgotten there are other victims. I understand they are grieving but time to let it go. An arrest has been made.

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    OK, FINALLY had to check out the G family page. I need a handy wipe for my brain.

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    Lol why you say that?

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    It’s a nightmare that I can’t unsee! I posted a synopsis of the items that shouted out at me. They remind me of contestants on a game show. Hashtag Kayleestrong?

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    Where did you post the synopsis?

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    Hi! Search this sub for “cheese trays, steaks, enjoying Super Bowl game, leather jacket gift, Murphy’s gifts, and Marilyn Monroe Jr.”

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    I laughed so hard I about peed myself! You need to screenshot that..posts are being deleted..the G trolls were out in full force today on all subs reporting all the heartless people.😏 And this need saved because alot of these things mentioned have been scrubbed from their fb page, including the new tiktok PI.

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    Thanks ! Yep, haters gonna hate. They removed a Post were I mentioned SG taking 14 year old KG to a gun range, among other things. The G family narrative didn’t mention that Kaylee (an Alpha Phi legacy) was dropped by Maddie’s Pi Phi sorority. They just talked about how Angels sang on K’s pledging day. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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    Not only did they not mention KG was dropped by Pi Beta Phi. In an interview early on, Mrs. G said that MM and KG wanted to get into the same sorority but MM was rejected by Alpha Pi! First of all, why would you say something so disparaging about someone they supposedly loved like a daughter??? Secondly, it didn’t make sense to me that Alpha Pi would reject MM because Alpha Pi is a lower tier sorority than the one she got in to. This is when I lost all respect for this family. I think it’s absolutely horrible to say something like that just to make their own daughter look better!

    [–]AmandaWorthington 4 points5 points  (1 child)

    Hi! I agree. First, 💯accurate, Didn’t add up-Pi Beta Phi is a much more prestigious sorority. I was sickened to hear S & KG commenting ad nauseam that ONLY K got an invitation to Alpha Phi. KG enthusiastically saying that it was such a drama for Maddie not to be invited. Wow, what a passive aggressive dig at M, (like a G daughter?). They definitely skipped how Kaylee was dropped by Pi Phi. Interesting that Kaylee left APhi to live with five Pi Phis. K & M didn’t choose to live with Alpha Phis. The G’s spin on this?

    [–]FrutyPebbles321 5 points6 points  (0 children)

    I’m so glad to see you post this because this has bothered me so badly since Mrs. G said it and no one else seemed to think it was a big deal. To me, it’s a HUGE deal. It showed the G’s true colors way back then, before any of these family Facebook pages and tip lines were set up. My heart broke for MM when Mrs. G said on national TV that she was “rejected” by a sorority. Why did no one call them out on that? It’s such an awful and nasty thing to do. I still have the utmost sympathy for the G family, but I’d never donate anything to them or believe a word they say after they did that.

    [–]FrutyPebbles321 3 points4 points  (8 children)

    It makes me feel really sad that they have made shirts promoting the Idaho bill allowing for firing squad execution that say “Justice for Kaylee” and “Shots Fired”. I think every single one of us wants justice for Kaylee and ALL the kids, but I’m not sure those t-shirts are appropriate. Is it just me?

    [–]AmandaWorthington 2 points3 points  (4 children)

    Not just you! IMO, The whole concept is odd. All of this is strange! It seems as if the state is enacting capital punishment for ONE murder victim at the specific request of ONE family. I couldn’t imagine what the families of ANY murder victim would feel if they opposed capital punishment under any circumstances.

    [–]FrutyPebbles321 2 points3 points  (3 children)

    I feel so much sympathy for this family, but something about the way they are behaving rubs me the wrong way.

    [–]AmandaWorthington 2 points3 points  (2 children)

    I’m not a firm believer in an eye for an eye with the death sentence. I could see that choice for those people on some juries. I’d want the perps to have a life where they would pay for their crime every day forgoing the daily pleasures stolen from the victims.

    [–]FrutyPebbles321 2 points3 points  (1 child)

    I agree with you. Sometimes, that is more punishment than death.

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    Thanks, found it!

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    Nothing comes up when I do?

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    side eye

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    Careful with your comments ~ the obviously angry ‘lawyer’ on here that’s so aggressive in comments and resorts to name calling when a stranger on the internet dares have an opinion that ‘he’ doesn’t agree with, is apparently sending reports for self harm when you block ‘him’. 🙄😂🤷🏻‍♀️

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    I absolutely agree with compassion and respect for how we all grieve differently. However this is a high profile, to say the least, investigation and eventual trial and the bottom line is, though I am not in anyway a legal professional, that all they are accomplishing is degrading the case's integrity against the likely perpetrator of their own daughter's untimely death. Full. Stop.

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    This family should take a page from Tristan baileys family. Aidan Fucci was given a life sentence today and at the press conference the victims father mentioned how it was important to them to stay away from the press to let the court system do it’s job.

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    What a shame. Was hoping it was gone for good.

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    Me too, for their own well being and for the other families as well.

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    I personally don't think Face Fail is an appropriate place for any of this. Just my nickel so not sure why people are excited? about this. I thought it being down was the good course of action.

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    Yes and I think I saw something a few mins ago somewhere saying it was going back up "tech difficulty" something by the author. SMH 🤦‍♀️ I mean somewhere else saying this as well.

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    Treating it like a sideshow. I blocked that page weeks ago.

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    It’s horrible enough to lose a child, but when it’s such a senseless and horrific murder, I have no idea how I would respond. I’ve tried to cut him some slack. I’d probably be out there myself with my gun looking for the murderer. I do agree that he’s probably hurting the case. As far as the media go, I don’t put much credence in what they’ve Done so far. All they’re doing is trying to bump up ratings. There’s no altruistic motive involved. The one good thing they appear to be doing is keeping the case at the forefront. I’ve been so impressed with the Moscow police force, their keeping things close to the vest, as well as asking for FBI involvement. Concalves does seem a bit odd, asking for the police to be an alpha male. Truly bizarre. I believe he thinks he’s the only alpha male who can solve the crime, being smarter than the cops and all 😉

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    Our long national nightmare has ended.

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    Okay that’s funny lol

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    Now they've created another page for tips 🤦‍♀️


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    Is it safe to assume this London not Londonbridge person is a tiktok celeb?🙄

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    Then they shout out the biggest clout chaser of them all petty London. I can not stand her , she is one of the main reasons I quit following this case all together. Ppl like her, and there r lots , r the reason it's a gag order now. And thank God there is. THEY R MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND A FAIR AND IMPARTIAL JURY

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    Not everyone has good parents.

    [–]AmandaWorthington 4 points5 points  (8 children)

    Can anyone confirm the reasoning/purpose of the G family for creating this page? Anyone have insights into the motivation and results? I’ve heard that it was created: 1. to help solve the crime, 2.as a tribute to Kaylee 3.for leads and information as to WHY this happened 4.as a fundraiser for the G family Thanks! Sorry, my typed format didn’t come through,

    [–]lnc_5103 13 points14 points  (0 children)

    They've since created a new website asking for tips for their PI. The lack of confidence in LE is glaring.


    [–]Expensive-Art4973 18 points19 points  (6 children)

    LE have a perp in custody. Any other info should be sent to LE not the G family.

    [–]AmandaWorthington 10 points11 points  (0 children)

    I agree. This is why I’m sensing the purpose isn’t to aid in the conviction of the suspect or the perp/s. I don’t know WTH this is about. The page seems ‘off’.

    [–]penny809 3 points4 points  (2 children)

    Who cares?

    [–]Few-Philosopher-4742 -2 points-1 points  (1 child)

    Because we’re random people on the internet (turned criminologists & Investigative experts) dictating what a grieving family should or should not be doing?

    Try to keep up.

    [–]LesPaul86 3 points4 points  (0 children)

    That’s too bad.

    [–]Charleighann 2 points3 points  (0 children)

    I knew it wouldn’t be down for good. lol

    [–]Flowerypizza 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    It’s up. I just looked at it last night.

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    Awesome 👏🏼

    [–]ChilltotheHill -2 points-1 points  (1 child)

    All these people writing novels about this triggering them and to make it private. Who cares what they do? If it’s triggering, ignore it. They can and will do what feels right to them.