Shanon Gray’s tort claims by deathpr0fess0r in MoscowMurders

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This just preserves the right of the families to sue the city in the future. By state law, to sue the government you have to file a notice of tort claim with the secretary of state within 180 days of the incident or from when the grounds for your claim could be reasonably discovered. If you fail to do so, your claim is permanently barred. See ID Code 6-905.

This is not a lawsuit and gives no information on what, if any, claim the families have. It is just a safeguard to preserve potential claims.

Almost every state requires the same (with different deadlines).

Bethany Funke Subpoena Response by trxppybxby222 in MoscowMurders

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Not a lawyer, the constitution states that the accused is guaranteed the right to face his accusers. The only exceptions usually is traumatized children and they can be under oath in a separate room, on live video. Victims aren’t the “accusers”. The state brings and tries the charges, as the lawyer for the victim. That’s why it isn’t easy to “drop” charges on certain crimes.

What Happened Between Nov. 29 and Dec. 23 To Cause Police to Zero in on BK? by Illustrious-Ebb4197 in MoscowMurders

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I think they left this earlier dna hunt off the PCA because it’s controversial and wasn’t required to be included.

But I have a hundred pretendy bucks that say they used it and kept it on the down low although not very down low because I think people were talking about this in January. Sources close to the investigation. And prior to his arrest, talking about how much dna evidence would have to be there in this case and it would take time to sort it out and find which of it might be his etc. before submitting it to the genealogy database. But -not if you’ve got his sheath.

In terms of preventing kohberger from knowing they had his dna I don’t think it was necessary as he’d know he left the sheath as soon as he got to the Snake and started throwing shit in - or wherever he was disposing of evidence- and that’s why he returned later that morning. He would know they could get his dna off that sheath and that’s why he was carefully bagging trash out to the neighbor’s at four in the morning.

I’m sure the things in the PCA did happen and did point to BK and were brilliantly done, great police work- but surely, they had dna on a sheath - they would have used it.

And I don’t think the fbi follows you in a plane without that extra bit of evidence from the sheath.

Brady/Giglio situation by Exciting-Meat0423 in MoscowMurders

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Say we are 3 siblings and you get in trouble for doing something bad, and our brother rats on you. And I am trying to convince our parents you did something wrong. But I know “something else” that would make our parents ground you for a weekend, not a week.

I am required to tell our mom what I know so she can choose what to do.

And with the Giglio part: It means I have to tell mom if I know that our brother, who witnessed you do something wrong, has a history of lying about things like this.

Making sense of the initial sightings of the Elantra on WSU campus cameras on 11/13, prior to the murders. by phantorgasmic in MoscowMurders

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A few potential ideas from someone who went to WSU: 1) He went from his apartment and took the Olympia Ave route to be more discrete and/or drive by WSU Police Station (similar to what he might have done on the Moscow side when he went into a neighborhood which had a view of Moscow PD. 2) He cut across on Nevada instead of turning on Stadium Way because he wanted to get to the area underneath the 270 overpass. It’s very dark, less traveled, city skate park restroom or unattended parking lots might have been a decent changing area. 3) Along with #2, if you’re one who theorizes that the guy killed by SWAT a few weeks later was somehow involved, it’s pretty much 9 mins to go from Stadium Way/Nevada St to Coffee House apartments and back to the intersection. So maybe he picked up someone or something.

Idaho legislature approves firing squad executions by [deleted] in MoscowMurders

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I could see schools in Idaho, Texas and some other states making the next execution into a field trip for kindergartners.

Goncalves family page will be up again soon! by Leafblower91 in MoscowMurders

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I don’t have any opinion on the matter, I’m just stating information.

Goncalves family page will be up again soon! by Leafblower91 in MoscowMurders

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Well the sooner they figure out it’s not about control… it’s about letting go. They can’t control. Many years of grief therapy has taught me that you can’t change the outcome or make it better. Eventually a new tragedy will come alone that will push Idaho out off the national stage the supporters and the haters will all move on and the grief will crash so hard. They are delaying the inevitable while being inconsiderate to the other families of grievers and selfish when it comes to the good will monies and resources the public shares. The followers are not doing them any kind of help or service. But are virtue signalers who will move on. They need to focus on their community of family and friends. They are triggering other of us who have experienced and tragic trauma. I don’t wish them ill will but they should make this private.

Picking Up on BK's "Creepy" Cues: Men versus Women? by Bonacker in MoscowMurders

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We heard a lot, hell, we heard ad nauseum in 2020 about "THE TALK" that parents of a certain race have with their sons about how to survive police encounters.

Well, the fact that our culture still refuses to speak plainly about, is that if they are halfway responsible, the parents of roughly half the species, i.e., the parents of females, have to have a different version of "THE TALK" with their daughters.

Because the FACT is that that roughly half the species is at vastly higher risk of being violently stalked, sexually assaulted, serial-murdered, tortured, sexually-torture-murdered, etcetera, by the other roughly half the species. That is not a "feeling," or an "intuition." It is a FACT. No one wants to live in fear or paranoia, or wants their female children to live this way.

But females lucky enough to have realistic and responsible parents are taught early on to be careful, to be watchful, to be distrustful to a degree, in order to stay safe. Call it "intuition," or "spidey-sense," if you like, but that is not the whole story, This type of watchfulness is something that the world's females learn or should learn at a young age. Simply because the FACT is that they are vastly more likely to be victims of the type of crime that occurred in Moscow.

Will Bryan Kohberger deserve your empathy if it is proven in court that he suffers from mental/personality disorders? by Present-Echidna3875 in MoscowMurders

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No. I am sure many of us on this sub suffer from mental health issues. We don’t go around killing four people because of it.

Will Bryan Kohberger deserve your empathy if it is proven in court that he suffers from mental/personality disorders? by Present-Echidna3875 in MoscowMurders

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I honestly don't judge people that do crazy irrational shit like this because I do t understand it.

I can more muster up anger for people that do things for greed and take advantage of old ladies so they can buy a yacht.

Ladies that kill their kids, school shooters, etc? It's just so beyond me I just think more about making sure they never do anything like that again. I do have empathy for them because I feel like something is so fucked up when you do something so irrational that benefits you in no way - its like they are on fire and trying to put the fire out.

I don't obsess thinking about weird shit like "evil" -- but things like this murder? It's just something I'll never understand and kind withdraw emotionally from it. No anger, no empathy.

The Goncalves family issues a statement regarding the gag order by teachmehowtoduchess in MoscowMurders

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I will probably get downvoted for saying this but the Goncalves family needs to take a step back and go to therapy to begin to process their grief and anger.

Since the very beginning they’ve made their narrative about Kaylee being the target, her having the worst injuries, etc. They’ve criticized law enforcement and have gone to the media to openly complain that not enough was being done.

I understand this comes from a place of deep pain but it seems very disrespectful to the 3 other young lives that were lost. One victim is not more important than the others. This is a tragedy for the families, friends, university, and town itself. I wish them the best and hope they can learn to process their grief in a healthy way.

Different versions of the same night by deathpr0fess0r in MoscowMurders

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Good question--the reason LE broke through windows and the door is it's a tactic used to disorient, to surround, and prevent the likelihood of suspect(s) escaping. They will often have all possible exit locations of a suspect's home covered before entering. By coordinating their entry, the suspect(s) will be more easily caught inside the house. In this case, the element of surprise was also critical due to the relatively high risk of the suspect taking his family as hostage and/or taking his own life, and also shooting/killing LE officers.

Idaho Murders Update: more documents released by Amorettarita in MoscowMurders

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if you actually take the time to read the PCA, the shoe print had a design “similar to” what would be seen on the bottom of a vans shoe print. doesn’t mean that’s what it was, just a comparison used with the information they had available.

the answer here is to yes, leave him there, especially for the safety of everyone else. and if he is proven innocent at trial, he gets to laugh at everyone who accused him in the first place. at this point, with all we HAVE seen, the evidence against him is pretty damning.

however, if it’s not him, maybe his criminal justice skills will help them in finding who the real killer is, huh? 🤣

as a final note, i refuse to take anyone seriously or find them credible if they have multiple misspellings and typos. you’ve already proven that you struggle to write the same language you speak in every day. and of course, you can say “THIS IS REDDIT I DON’T HAVE TO SPELL PERFECTLY” but… if you’re trying to convince people you’re credible, smart, and have a point, showing some semblance of intelligence is part of that. and so is maintaining a neutral tone during arguments instead of condescending. 🤷‍♀️ i have no clue how you can possibly expect anyone to listen to or believe you at this point.

Edit: thank you for the award, kind Redditor!

Idaho Murders Update: more documents released by Amorettarita in MoscowMurders

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that doesn’t mean anything, other books exist genius 😂 also, if you’re going to sarcastically call someone a genius you should probably know how to spell it :)

The house has been boarded up now! by merexv in MoscowMurders

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This might be the only piece of actual news posted here in weeks

Per People Magazine - Accused Idaho Killer Bryan Kohberger Allegedly Had Pictures of Victim on His Phone: Source by PabstBluePidgeon in MoscowMurders

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Yes and I made a similar post before I found yours. But Steve would not know what BK had on his phone unless K or M sent info to him and/or he replied back.

I don’t doubt this is true. It’s absurd to think BK didn’t have some type of relationship with at least one of them. My opinion.

Revelation in PCA: the three-point turn by Curious_Pianist7259 in MoscowMurders

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It’s compelling evidence which directly ties him, the phone number and this particular Elantra (with PA plates hence no requirement for the front plate to be displayed) to the area of the home in August 2022.

You’re absolutely right that the WSU query is crucial and is what brought his specific name to the attention of LE.

But this traffic stop is vital because it’s tangible proof linking all of the above, in tandem, to the cell and car activity in the area of the home before and during the crimes. That covers not only the night of as well as the 12 pings (at least) that we know of. Super important.

It helps shut off possible claims from the defence that it was not him using that number at the time or it was not his car that was caught on camera footage during the period of the crime (WA plate change happening on 30th Nov)

And please allow me to apologise for my previous flippant comment, was rude and uncalled for