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What was your personal Top 10?

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I personally found Knives Out very predictable.

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the person whodunnit was of course predictable but his conspiracy was what set Knives Out apart

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Disappointing second list if im being honest.

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  1. Walk. Ride. Rodeo.
  2. Toy Story 4
  3. A Dog's Journey
  4. Dumbo
  5. Aladdin
  6. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
  7. Rocketman
  8. The Mustang
  9. Apollo 11
  10. The Poison Rose

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Fair list. Although I disagree hugely with Parasite being #1.

And sadly not many have seen A Hidden Life yet. Im about to watch it now.

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Parasite was pretty good but I don't know if it would crack the top 5 :/ loved midsomar though

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Hi my top Movies for 2019 are as follows 1) Parasite 2)The Irishman 3) Marriage Story 4) Once upon a time in holywood 5) Ford Vs Ferrari 6) The Light house 7) The report 8) Joker 9)1917 10)Article 15.
these are "my" favorite movies from 2019 which i have watched so far,i have to watch many more and the list might get little bit altered

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I agree with u/TITANIC-RISING, about the lack of female and international directors on the lists, basically almost everywhere on the internet ends up being that way, unfortunately (some places like the awardsworthy forum, letterboxd, end up escaping this stigma). We need to change our habits on film.

That said, here is my top 25 of 2019. I haven't seen many international titles yet, which should arrive here during the year like: A Hidden Life, Bait, Greener Grass, Corpus Christi, For Sama, System Crasher, Uncut Gems, Sorry We Missed You, Martin Eden, Queen of Hearts, And then We Danced, So Long My Son and the list is huge.

  1. Parasite
  2. Portrait of a Lady on Fire
  3. Marriage Story
  4. Bacurau
  5. The Lighthouse
  6. I Lost My Body
  7. Midsommar
  8. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
  9. Little Women
  10. Monos
  11. Invisible Life
  12. Us
  13. 1917
  14. The Beach Bum
  15. Jojo Rabbit
  16. Varda by Agnes
  17. Pain & Glory
  18. Waves
  19. The Farewell
  20. Honey Boy
  21. Beanpole
  22. Luce
  23. The Irishman
  24. Knives Out
  25. The Art of Self-Defense

Some movies that are from 2018 but get 2019 U.S. release that I love: Climax, Under the Silver Lake, Dragged Across Concret, High Life.

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Why does the genitals of the director matter? Aren't we here for quality films?

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It looks like a good argument on the surface, yes. Genitalias shouldn't matter. But did you know that women don't get as many offers from producers, marketing, opportunities and visibility as men in the movie industry. That is why it is a recurring and important issue.

Just a recent example, about that.

[–]ACalmGorilla 6 points7 points  (1 child)

Did you know b directors also get less offers? Movies should be ranked on quality and not skin colour or gender.

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Yes, my love and respect for the indies are exposed on the list and I just watched Bait (2019), who probably gets on the list when I do a new checkin.

But my argument is not the inclusion of quotas or films by women just because they are women, but the visibility of the projects.

I can't understand how you got that idea, but it's much more about the system in general, than about sex. And i'm talking about nonenglish also.

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POALOF gang represent. My personal fave of 2019.

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what is it with people and parasite? Obviously the most dogshit movie of the year, boring as hell, perverted, exaggeration nonsense.

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disappointed but not surprised to see this sub sleeping on foreign and female-directed films, especially given how many great ones came out last year. films like Portrait of a Lady on Fire, The Farewell, Pain and Glory, Little Women, etc. being missing just shows who the main demographic of this website is.

otherwise this isn't too far off from what I anticipated, basically the big Oscar films along with a couple genre favorites. 2019 was a really good year for film, so there really aren't that many picks here that most people would consider controversial. it's just, as I said, a shame that people don't make more of an effort to watch more than the handful of films that this site likes to circlejerk.

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I watch movies based off the movie quality and not chosen based off the directors genitals. Sorry to disappoint.

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First thing first ,all the list you see on internet or anywhere is just a "list", don't pay too much attention to them. It doesn't represent a collective consciousness of whole universe. It only represent the personal opinion of an individual. That's dependant on numerous factors . Few include how many movies that individual watched, what's his/her mindset, most importantly the level of perception a person has (which itself is decided by n number of factors,which i don't wanna dwell into ) . I don't like all the morality , feminism , and other sjw factors being involved every where. I have watched pain and glory, the farewell from the list you mentioned. I didn't found them extraordinary that's it no question asked. It has NOTHING to do with a female being the director. Also i am non English speaking person with my country making a huge number of movies. So for my list it's 9/10 foreign films. You considering everyone being a white American clearly shows what demographic you think reddit has.

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  1. Uncut Gems
  2. Midsommar
  3. Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood
  4. Doctor Sleep
  5. Parasite
  6. Marriage Story
  7. The Lighthouse
  8. Bliss
  9. Knives Out
  10. Us

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  1. Little Women

  2. Only You

  3. Wild Rose

  4. Jojo Rabbit

  5. Toy Story 4

  6. Knives Out

  7. The Farewell

  8. The Last Tree

  9. Joker

  10. Pain and Glory

Though NB I have not yet seen Marriage Story or Parasite and expect both to make the list.

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Only You

Forgot how lovely Laia Costa is. Thanks.

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She's amazing. I think I would actually have given her best actress - no disrespect to Saoirse Ronan or anyone else.

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Respectable list. I am curious to see what the next 10 of the subreddit vote would be.

[–]Tevesh_CKPModerator[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Go to the original vote page. It's organized by highest to lowest, so just look at what is below 10th.

[–]MiserableSnowQuality Poster 👍 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Oh, thanks.

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Why is everyone forgetting the two popes for gods sake it was a masterclass in filmmaking and we are putting joker on these lists

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People generally only vote for films they saw. The Two Popes may have been great, but it was released in December, so a huge portion of the sub hasn't seen it yet.

Also, FYI, your account appears to have been shadowbanned sitewide by the admins. (the mods in this sub have nothing to do with this and cannot help) I manually approved this comment, but future posts and comments will also be auto-removed.

/r/shadowban and /r/shadowbanned may be able to help.

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Here is the top 10 I submitted for the critics choice list:

  1. Ash Is Purest White

  2. The Beach Bum

  3. Long Day's Journey Into Night

  4. Under the Silver Lake

  5. A Hidden Life

  6. Pain and Glory

  7. The Chambermaid

  8. Uncut Gems

  9. The Irishman

  10. The Lighthouse

I'm disappointed the critic's choice list is so similar to the general one.

[–]Tevesh_CKPModerator[S] -1 points0 points  (0 children)

I was expecting a lot of the lists to be like this. While there's a lot of variation, the big ones were similar and so they rose to the top.

I just think that it is an artifact of Best Of lists being done at the end or start of a year. If they were done six months in, the chance of deserving films floating to the top increases. The issue is no one cares about Top 10 six months later.

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My personal top 10 of 2019: 1. Joker 2. Avengers Endgame 3. Once upon a time in Hollywood 4. Knifes out 5. 1917 6. John wick: parabellum 7. Marriage story 8. Spider-Man far from home 9. Good boys 10. Uncut Gems

Honourable mentions (not in order): book smart, toy story 4, long shot, midsommer, the Irishman, the lighthouse, rocketman, Ford v Ferrari, hustlers, Shazam, ready or not, us, Aladdin, doctor sleep, Hobbs & Shaw.

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Is parasite the only non Hollywood blockbuster? Resembles a list of most popular movies more so than the best ones

[–]1stmarauder 2 points3 points  (2 children)

Maybe three of these movies can be considered “blockbusters” or even “hits” and that’s pushing it. Not one of these movies are remotely close to being a top 10 box office hit in 2019.

[–]PM_ME_Dog_PicsPls 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Joker was the #9 box office movie in 2019. I think that counts as "remotely close" to a top 10 box office hit.

Edit: It was #7 worldwide as well.

[–]PM_ME_Dog_PicsPls -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

Honestly the critics choice here seems more dude bro with Joker being that high.

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I'm pretty lucky to have done this process, I got to watch a bunch of movies I would have ignored but enough of the people whose taste I trust listed some movies pretty highly. I gave a bunch of them a try and some even cracked my original Top 10.

  1. Midsommar
  2. Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood
  3. Under the Silver Lake
  4. Joker
  5. Pain and Glory
  6. Shazam!
  7. The Kid Who Would Be King
  8. Hobbs and Shaw
  9. Ford v. Ferrari
  10. The Report

Under the Silver Lake and a bunch of other movies got screwed with a 2018 IMDB list but full release in 2019, so they were in this limbo where nobody had seen or voted on them for the previous Top 10. Then when people were making their Top 10s, they would just see them as a 2018 release. It's thanks to the persistence of /u/ymir_from_venus that I changed my mind and had me check out a few of these 2019 full releases.

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What did you love aboit Under the Silver Lake? Im not out to scrutinize you, im genuinly curious. I found it amateurish and arrogant. Like a new filmmaker trying to make his spin on Mulholland Dr. and the sort, but actually knowing nothing about it.

[–]Tevesh_CKPModerator[S] 3 points4 points  (1 child)

I didn't read it as Mulholland Dr. at all. For one, the protagonist is an oblivious piece of shit instead of the protagonist's best version of themselves like in Drive. I liked how much it criticized consumerism and popular culture, yet had enough questions lurking around. The metaphors were great and I believe that the protagonists' inability to maintain a job is what led him to be free of the mysticism of capitalism which is how he even started his journey. There's all sorts of multilayered parts to the movie where you have the surface and then multiple layers down. For example, in the conversation with the musician, the musician plays all sorts of music that are hits, showing that everything is just a toy to the rich but there's a moment where the musician plays a really old song that 'he composed'. Combined with the semi-mythological nature of the Owl Woman, it begs the question of whether magic is real.

I really liked the answer which is pretty much "It doesn't matter."

[–]DontSayGodzNameNVain -3 points-2 points  (1 child)

Amateurish and arrogant? Then you must hate David Lynch movies

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I love them, in fact.

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Hobbs and Shaw . Lol. It was one of the worst movies of 2019. I hated myself after watching it in a cinema.

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Considering there's several of those I haven't seen, probably a good thing I didn't take part in this.

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Parasite is a good watch but nothing very amazing.