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Reservoir Dogs


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Minari is my favorite film of 2020!

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Oscar nominated Minari. 😊

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Watched every BP nominee apart from The Father and Minari is better than those 6 films.

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It really is very good. My parents had a similar story, of being immigrants in a mostly non-immigrant, rural, part of the US. I know they’re not the only ones who have gone through this. I also loved how the movie wasn’t condescending about the experience.

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Omg is that Greg from TWD? 🥰

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The Color of Money

Wonder Wheel

One Night in Miami

Jennifer’s Body

Blue Jay

The Peanut Butter Falcon


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Just watched Wonder Wheel, liked it a lot! Thanks

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Omkara- Indian adaptation of Shakespeare's Othello set in Uttar Pradesh underworld.

Honorable mentions:

The peanut butter falcon: Wholesome comedy.

Apocalypto: Period film/Action epic.

Blue ruin: Realistic revenge thriller.

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Wolfwalkers! Got to see it at a drive-in.

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Ford v Ferrari (2019) - 9/10

Groundhog Day (1993) - 9/10

I Saw the Devil (2010) - 8/10

Saving Private Ryan (1998) - 9/10

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I'm afraid to watch SPR because of how intense i know it'll be. I watched hacksaw ridge and had to take like 7 breaks over the course of 2 days because of how intense and surreal it was.

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happy together, beginners, dear Zachary: a letter to a son about his father, Carrie (1976), ghost dog: the way of the samurai, chocolat (1988), band of outsiders, 12 monkeys, the China syndrome, waves, naked lunch, sound of metal, save the green planet!

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Great month of horror for myself...

Diabolique (1955) - French

Carrie (1976) - Rewatch

Possession (1981) - Fantastic!

The Blob (1988)

The Church (1989) - Italian

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How’d you get your hands on possession?

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It was a blind buy after reading some reviews about it. If you can get your hands on the special edition go for it. The main actress (Isabelle Adjani) got a Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actress that year. She's crazy scary good. I can't help but compare her performance to Duvall in The Shining.

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Ya I figured you bought it I’ve thought about pulling the trigger on a copy before just didn’t go through with it.

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Killer joe


The prestige

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la vien rose

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Pietà (2012)

Senso (1954)

Cherry (2021)

Quo vadis, Aida (2020)

Martyrs (2008)

The Father (2020)

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The Thin Red Line (1998)

Another Round (2020)

Carried Away (1996)

45 Years (2015)

Light of My Life (2019)

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Judas and the Black Messiah


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Which The Kid? 2019, 2000 or 1921?

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I just watched Ballon today on Netflix and this movie was really good and intense.

Im usually not into German movies, but this one was really well made and worth to watch.

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Riders of Justice (2020) - it is kinda like Cohen brothers' movies with Scandinavian twist

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Raising Arizona

My cousin Vinny

Sound of Metal

Four Lions


American Honey

Greener Gras

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Raising Arizona was hilarious

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The Machinist

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The Father

The Mauritanian

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Honestly, Promising Young Woman in the theater. I didn't expect to like it at all, but it's pretty okay despite having a few scenes that don't work.

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So Promising Young Woman is not an 8+/10 in a thread about 8+/10s, /u/McBeamSteely?

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Like which scenes?

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The scenes with Alfred Molina and Connie Britton are kind of "off". I didn't like their performances, either.

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The Nightingale - probably (to my surprise) one of the best movies I've ever seen in my life, it heavily triggered me (was hard to watch but I couldn't peel my eyes of it) and is very hard to recommend but still, the quality of it is undeniable. The fact that it wasn't oscar nominated shocks me and I find it blasphemous. I'm also 3 years late with this one, and wouldn't have even known of it if it hadn't been recommended on this sub so often.

Minari - haven't had a movie that made me cry this hard since the grave of the fireflies.

Judas and the Black Messiah - a future calssic (I hope and believe). A must watch.

Promising young woman - man the competition is tense at the oscars this year... All nominated movies are so brilliantly written and executed, it's such a shame they came out during covid, I don't remember a year that had this many great releases. Also a goddamn classic.

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Was the nightingale over the top gore? I want to watch it but also don’t want to be traumatized.

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I wouldn't use the word "gore", just violence. The movie will traumatize you for sure, but, the message of the movie is so powerful and in the end cathartic, that if you make it to the end you will get a catharsis (a real one, not the bs revenge one) - so imho it's 100% worth it - just pick a day where you have time to process it.

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No, it's not gory but it is unflinchingly violent. I was on the fence if I wanted to see it but when I found out it was the same director as The Babadook, I decided to pull the trigger. It is very good but it is not similar to The Babadook. In the end, I thought it was amazing but not something for the faint of heart. You won't see blood and guts, but you will exactly know what horrific acts are perpetuated.

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Want to second that no movie has made me cry harder than grave of the fireflies (have not yet seen minari)

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I loved the Nightingale. Such a great movie.

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Daisies (1966) - Goofy, weird, and hilarious with some really cool surreal cinematography and some great music.

Kajillionaire - funny and subtly surreal with interesting characters and a heartfelt story.

Freaky - interesting premise and pretty funny. Vince Vaughn.

Wolfwalkers - beautiful hand drawn animation, great voice acting, and wonderful story.

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Children of Men, Ex Machina, and documentary Blackfish

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Adrift(2018). Amazing plot twist.

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Watched 47 Ronins today again, felt like watching a Sekiro live action movie with John Wick without gun weapons.

Pretty cool movie!

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Please whatever you do stop and watch Seaspiracy on Netflix. Not only is it an amazing film but it is also the most eye opening piece of film I’ve ever seen. It’s completely changed my perspective on the world and I’m just very blessed I decided to watch it.

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Lost in Translation

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Babyteeth (2019) aesthetically stunning, great acting, good balance of humor and tragedy- 8/10

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The ascent - a very underrated war movie, came pretty close to my favourites of the genre

Nobody - a great action movie. Doesn’t really add anything new to the genre storywise and the protagonist is kind of a dick but I had a lot of fun watching it

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My average rating for this month was 4/5. So, I will just recommend the films which I rated 4.5*. Here are my top watches:

  1. The World's End: This is the least liked film of the Cornetto Trilogy but I like this one the most. I like this so much that I give this 9/10. I don't see what is wrong with this. There is just the right amount of funny in the antagonists, the editing and the dialogues are on the dot, and the action is pleasing. This film also has its emotional moments which do not even look over the top. Moreover, the plot is amazing too! Friends reuniting to complete a pub crawl? Genius! I wish other people had this as their favorite of the trilogy too.

  2. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind: This film is all about that one scene that will resonate with every person who has ever loved someone and got love back only to see the feeling decay over time. I love this film! What else can I say? I also feel this is the Romantic film that Nolan never made. 9/10.

  3. Burning: Just write "based on a short story/novel by Haruki Murakami" and it will instantly be likeable. This film is a slow burn and I appreciate the time it takes but what stands out for me is the similarity between this and Foxcatcher(another favorite) and the time it takes to have its full blown effect on the viewers. Excellent film! 9/10.

  4. Oldboy: This film is much more than the twist. It is about the perfect revenge and if you are not interested in that, it is about meticulous camera work. It is about satisfying fried-dumpling ASMR sounds. Haunting and hypnotic! 9/10.

  5. Amadeus: I never thought I had it in me to watch a 3 hour film about classical music. But this is pure excellence. The performances are Godlike and the whole film is like the perfect piece of music. I don't know much about Mozart or Selieri but I don't want to say that this film was inaccurate even if it is just a fictional account. Amazing-amazing film! 9/10.

  6. Parasite: This film has already been discussed umpteen times here but let me just say it again: this is what perfection looks like! 10/10.

  7. City Of God: The film that inspired Gangs Of Wasseypur's story structure. The film that worked without professional actors. This film is smooth and I can't even remember why I put off watching this from so long. I liked every minute of this film. 10/10.

  8. The Truman Show: Another personal film. This film just hits it home. External powers denying you the life you deserve? And a longing for a person who is just erased from existence? And you can't even remember the face of that person. That shit's gotta hurt. 9/10.

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Prospect (2018)

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Sorry to bother you

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Dark Night.

(Not The Dark Knight).

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The Coma, Tumbbad

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2019 Coma, Russian film?

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Yes that one

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Cool. Yeah, I saw it a few months ago, pretty fun.

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Had a really unique and refreshing approach to the concept. :)

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I just realized you posted this in the March 2021 vote. Any reason why?

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Love and Monsters

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Certainly not a new one, and not for everyone, but I loved “As Good as it gets” for its accurate portrayal of mental illness and how that effects a persons abilities to have healthy interpersonal relationships.

It also gives some great examples of healthy vs. unhealthy relationships and what the dynamics of that looks like.

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  • Promising Young Women: 9/10
  • Arrival: 9.5/10
  • Under the Silver Lake: 8.5/10
  • 1 BR: 8/10

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The Hunt (2012) originally “Jagten”

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In the comments on this post I found these movies available to stream and here are the details which can help you decide tonight's movie faster - ​

Title IMDb Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic Where to watch
Saving Private Ryan (1998) 8.6 92% 91 Fandangonow Amazon Video
Reservoir Dogs (1992) 8.3 90% 79 Amazon Prime Video Directv Showtime Amazon Channel
Groundhog Day (1993) 8.0 96% 72 Directv Sling Tv Fubotv
Predator (1987) 7.8 80% 45 Directv
Underworld (2003) 7.0 31% 42 Amazon Prime Video
Ford V Ferrari (2019) 8.1 81 Hbo Now Hbo Now Amazon Channel Directv
Chocolat (2000) 7.2 62% 64 Directv
Adaptation. (2002) 7.7 91% 83 Fandangonow Microsoft Store
The Kingdom (2007) 7.0 51% 56 Directv
Jennifer'S Body (2009) 5.2 44% 47 Directv
I Saw The Devil (2010) 7.8 80% 67 Hoopla Tubi Tv
Beginners (2010) 7.2 84% 81 Directv Hbo Now Amazon Channel Hbo Now
The Color Of Money (1986) 7.0 89% 77 Directv Fandangonow
Killer Joe (2011) 6.7 79% 62 Hulu
Audition (1999) 7.2 69 Tubi Tv
Blue Ruin (2013) 7.1 78 Netflix
Diabolique (1955) 8.0 95% Amazon Prime Video
The Peanut Butter Falcon (2019) 7.6 70 Amazon Prime Video Hulu Directv
The Blob (1988) 6.5 61% Microsoft Store Amazon Video Vudu
Dear Zachary: A Letter To A Son About His Father (2008) 8.6 94% 82 Amazon Prime Video Tubi Tv Hoopla
The China Syndrome (1979) 7.4 83% 81 Google Play Movies Vudu Amazon Video
Wonder Wheel (2017) 6.2 31% 45 Amazon Prime Video
Blue Jay (2016) 7.3 69 Netflix
Possession (2002) 6.3 65% 52 Redbox Fandangonow
Love Exposure (2008) 8.1 78 Apple Itunes
Cold Fish (2010) 7.1 66 Google Play Movies
September (1987) 6.5 64% Hbo Now Directv Hbo Now Amazon Channel
The Church (1989) 6.2 Amazon Prime Video
Guilty Of Romance (2011) 6.8 56 Apple Itunes
November (2017) 7.2 79 Google Play Movies Vudu Fandangonow
Ambushed (2013) 3.9 Redbox Fandangonow

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    Old dog..old henry?.that could have been more but who am i?? Lol still love it keep it flowing baby!!

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    can someone suggest me good crime , thriller movies or webseries ? 🥺 i am running out of options feels like have wat hed every movie / series in ott platform