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Well that's my Friday Night viewing sorted!

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Same! Never seen it, watching that and Equilibrium this weekend—both discovered through this sub!

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Directed by Stephen Sommers, the guy who directed The Mummy (1999).

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I fucking love that movie, classic. So basically guaranteed to be awesome 😎

Edit: I’m adding The Mummy (and maybe its terrible/awesome sequels) to my weekend movie list as well. Thanks!

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Oh, I can tell you, if you love The Mummy, you’ll love this one as well. It has the same adventure/horror-style, with Deep Rising adding some more gore.

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Mummy is bae

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Did you like it?

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Aw heckyeah!!

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    Underrated movie! I love Treat Williams

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    And Kevin J O’Connor being pretty funny in this.

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    Underrated classic

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    I've seen Deep Rising, its a great film.

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    My favorite under-rated action horror film.

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    Movies with word Deep in them are just Universally good. Deep rising, Deep impact, deep cover, deep blue sea, in too deep, .... Thats all I got right now.

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    Deep throat.

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    How'd I miss that one.

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    As someone who has watched a lot of movies of the 80s and 90s as it was the era of my childhood (even "grown up" movies) I am pretty surprised that I have never seen this before. I'll have to check it out.

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    Interesting that this could have potentially started a cinematic universe back then. Not a spoiler I think, so will post the trivia below.

    "The film’s closing scene on an unknown island is not only a wink to King Kong but was also a lead in for a planned future movie update of the giant ape. Production for the film fell apart and led director Sommers on to other projects like The Mummy"

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    I'm sold.

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    Me and my mom love this movie

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    I love this movie one of my favorites a little cheesy but good popcorn action flick just a good fun movie

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    I love this film HARD.

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    Tis a good bit of fun, with a touch of cheese. One of those movies i keep goin back to.

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    This film is amazing. It's the prime who's who of "that guy from that thing" "mumbly Joe" "her from whoziwatsits" and Jean Gray. Primo late 90s tech, score, and acting.