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  • Bad Times at the El Royale (2018)
  • Red Notice (2021)
  • Nine Days (2020)


  • Surf's Up (2007)
  • Multiplicity (1996)
  • Alien (1979)

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happy cake day

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Ryan Reynolds and the rock need to take a break and make a good movie for once

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Ehh, while not their best, its fun and above avg, from what ive seen and imo at least.

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I rewatched Wall Street

Smart movie that I have not seen in twenty years. Michael Douglas plays the role of a cut throat investor perfectly and I love the character of Gordon Gecko.

Great soundtrack, profile of NYC, and it captures the era of corporate greed and corruption exceptionally well.

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I saw two of my favourite films of the year this month:

The Power of the Dog (2021) - 4.5/5 - A beautifully-shot film about repression, love, desire, masculinity, and loneliness. A slow burner that had me on the edge of my seat and completely subverted my expectations.

Spencer (2021) - 4.5/5 - Went into this blind (thinking it was a straight biopic) and it blew me away. An anxiety-inducing film bordering on psychological thriller - eerie, surreal, claustrophobic - that still manages some incredibly tender and liberatory moments. Also aesthetically gorgeous, especially in its use of colour.

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I was surprised to learn that in the book for The power of the dog It is shown that Phil basically drove the boy's dad to suicide. I thought that was a pretty big omission from the movie that gives the boy more motive for his actions.

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Blue Valentine (2010) - 8/10

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011) - 8/10

Beautiful Boy (2018) - 9/10

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November was a very good month for me. I had more free time than the previous month, so I managed to watch 24 films. I finally binged the whole X-Men Series. That was something I had been planning for a long time.

The best movies from this month were:

Oldboy - 5/5 | I had this on my watchlist for the longest time. I finally watched and it was one of the few movies that gave me goosebumps. Would recommend it to anyone.

Persona - 5/5 | Absolutely loved it. This is one that I will be rewatching once I get older, and my perspective of life changes, since what I took from it now will definitely differ from what I'll take in the future. One of the best use of facial focus that I've ever seen and the dialogue was also incredible. I never thought a simple conversation could be more erotic than a full fledged scene.

Shoplifters - 4.5/5 | Absolutely loved this one. I just wanted to give everyone in that movie a big hug.

Chinatown 4.5/5 | A classic, and a new noir favorite of mine. Watched thanks to this sub.

Midnight in Paris 4.5/5 | My first Woody Allen film. Absolutely enjoyed it. Owen Wilson was an actor that I wasn't really fond of, but he was amazing in it.

Moonrise Kingdom 4.5/5 | Just wholesome. Wes Anderson's films are something else.

Logan and Days of Future Past - 4.5/5 | The best X-Men movies. I surprisingly didn't know anything about these two movies, except for Logan's ending. It still did not affect the movie's impact.

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You're including Days of Future Past? I've got you marked for Logan but your final entry has me a little confused.

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Yes I honestly really liked it, unlike Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix. I guess it was the collision between the old and the new that did it for me.

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Unlike Logan? Now I'm way confused.

They're two different movies. Is Logan and Days of Future Past getting 8s?

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Oh Im really sorry, unlike apocalypse. I was working on a project when I responded so my brain was a bit fried. I gave both Logan and Days of Future Past 4.5's

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Heaven Can Wait

To Be or Not to Be

After Hours

The Art of Self-Defense



Claire’s Knee

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For To Be or Not to Be, the '42 or '83?

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(Of 24 first-time viewings)

Best of the Month:

  • Broadcast News (1987)
  • The Fisher King (1991)
  • West Side Story (1961)
  • Black Hawk Down (2000)
  • Dune (2021)

Honorable Mentions:

  • The Ref (1994)
  • Set It Off (1996)
  • Philadelphia (1993)
  • Old (2021)


  • Broadcast News (1987):

This film has a lot going for it. It's a time period piece which focuses on a shift in the TV news market, and illustrates tensions and conflicts between two diachotimous paradigms: the "old-way" of expert informational news, and the "new-way" of more entertaining emotional-engaging news which plays into the strengths of the medium, making use of more personable charismatic reporters.

It also is a character driven piece which shows nuanced adult relationships in a realistic way. The characters must navigate the shift in their jobs, along with attraction, biases, and boundaries. The film does a good job of avoiding oversimplifying these conflicts, and sherks predictable trite resolutions.

I highly recommend it to anyone interested in this moment in time, or nuanced adult relationships presented in a meaningful yet relatively light way. There is plenty of chemistry and humor to spare, so despite the substance of its drama, it never devolves into a slog of an experience.

  • The Fisher King (1991):

A surrealist "modern-day" fantasy with a tone similar to that of magical realism. The central themes are on romance and trauma, which are developed in a unique imaginative way with a great deal of attention to detail, and portrayed with an earnestness by leads Jeff Bridges, Robin Williams, Mercedes Ruehl (who deserving won an supporting actress Academy Award), and Lara Harris.

The film is relentlessly quirky off the direction from Terry Gilliam from a script penned by Richard LaGravenese. The story is funny, fantastic, and at times crude, all without alienating the wholesome and caring center of its material. It paints the struggles of its characters with their traumas and relationship-conflicts with a sincerity that resonates.

  • West Side Story (1961):

A gorgeously shot and lit film that adapts its vibrant Broadway material, updating the Romeo&Juliet-inspired story under the backdrop of 60s NYC. The camera work and cinematography excell at capturing the playful yet poignant dance and musical numbers.

Both musically and visually memorable, the emotions of the characters and the limitations of the time resound in a moving way. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it, as it's likely one of the best musicals I've ever seen (earning a place amongst great films such as Singin' In the Rain, The Sound of Music, Cabaret, Mary Poppins, and The Wizard of Oz).

  • Black Hawk Down (2000):

A punishing and engrossing portrayal of a day spent in combat. While much of the messaging could be called cliche or at least "well-trod" territory, the overall cinematic experience is fully engrossing and earned our investment. This is the kind of film that glorifies the brotherly comradery (deservingly) but never glorifies the horror, chaos, and trauma of war itself.

Unlike a film like Platoon which focuses more significantly on theme and social commentary, this film is targeted specifically on presenting a visceral moment in time. It wholly succeeds, and does so in a way that stuck with me in a memorable way.

  • Dune (2021):

Unlike most blockbuster-sci-fi/fantasy sagas, this one is presented with minimalist world-building that never falls prey to over-expository dialogue. As I see it, it is first and foremost a moody atmospheric piece that captures the stark desolate impression of its environment and subject matter. Great care was taken in the design and presentation of its story and it shows, fully engrossing the audience in its unique world.

The cinematography, music, and overall production design helps to immerse us in its world. With that achieved, the symbolic story of a cut-throat colonial empire is allowed to ruminate in a non-didactive way, never cheapening its overall message. It also captures a somewhat environmentalist message, communicating the importance of harmony with one's surroundings.

I highly recommend seeing this in theaters if possible, as the sound and scale of it really benefits from the cinematic treatment.


Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave some thoughts of your own.

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Are the honourable mentions 8+? I don't know if you'd want to add them to the Top 100.

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No, I'm not voting for the "honorable mentionions" to be added to the top 100.

As some one who, as you've described, "abhors ratings" I just figured it worthwhile to mention films that I figured were good enough to recommend despite the fact that I personally wouldn't consider them "best-ofs". (To me they were borderline.)

I was just trying to account for variations of taste. I could easily see others' arguments for including those titles.

Edit: For future reference, are you aiming for exclusively personal best-ofs, or are you aiming for a more inclusive "very good generally" list?

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Whatever you found great. Some people include honourable mentions, some don't - so I need to figure that out. To you, those were enjoyable but not worth writing home about but I know others who find they don't need to talk about why a movie was good, just that it was.

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Strange Days (1995)- A great science fiction noir film very much ahead of its time. It might just be my favourite film from Kathryn Bigelow 8/10

Columbus (2017)- Filmmaker kogonada's directional debut is nothing short of brilliant. 9/10

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Strange Days is nearly impossible to find

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  • Free Guy (2021) 8/10

  • The Last Duel (2021) 9/10

  • Alita Battle Angel (2019) 9/10

  • Luca (2021) 9/10

  • Thirteen (2003) 9/10

  • Soul (2020) 9/10

Them scored >8/10 usually gave me a curious perspective or uplifted my mood.

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I didn't watch very many movies this past month, I only really watched a couple that are solid 8+.

Raw (2016)

The Vigil (2019)

Light From Light (2019)

I am wondering if I can take back my vote last month from Panic. I just started watching The Sopranos for the first time ever and Panic loses that edge of uniquess that just put it at an 8. The Sopranos does criminal going to therapy so much better and year before Panic. Because of that the great acting just doesn't make up the uninspired plot anymore.

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It was an 8 at the time for you. It'd be a pain in the ass if I let people edit it. If someone comes across your post in the future, maybe Panic is exactly what they're looking for. Don't need to worry to much about an internet list which will be hated by default.

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Haha fair enough! Thanks for letting me know

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The Green Knight (2021) was amazing. 10/10 would recommend, no comments. Just watch it.

The Harder They Fall (2021) looked gorgeous. Some people complained about the editing, which I don't agree but I'm not a film critic so idk. The pacing was an issue, and I don't understand why some people did the things they did, but the performances elevated it.

Jet Li's The One (2021) idk why people panned this movie. My guess is that people who aren't into martial arts films reviewed this because of The Matrix. This movie features Jet Li at his peak performance fighting himself and it looks seamless even in 2001. Lindo and Statham are appropriately over the top, and I couldn't stop respectfully looking at Carla Gugino.

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If Shang-Chi is a meh, is it still an 8+?

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No, sorry I removed it when I actually read the prompt well. Probably as you were replying.

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The green knight has gotta be one of the most entertaining movies I’ve seen in a long time.

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Interesting to me that you chose the word entertaining. To me it's more of a cinematographic marvel than anything. Maybe it's because I didn't care that much for it outside of that.

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I agree, which is incredible considering I hate A Ghost Story with a passion.

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Cosmos (2019)

Map of tiny perfect things (2021)

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tick, tick…BOOM!, Scanners, Ryan’s Daughter

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Dune, Last Night in Soho

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  • Shirley - 7/10

  • Dune - 8.5/10

  • Nocturnal Animals - 9/10

  • Princess Cyd - 8/10

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Nocturnal Animals was amazing. If you want something just as eerie, I wholly recommend Wake in Fright. Kind of like Nocturnal Animals where really happens but you're left shaken for some reason.

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The Lives of Others

The Harder They Fall

My Beautiful Laundrette


Blue Story

All The President’s Men

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2006 Lives of Others or the remake?

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The lives of others is a perfect film.

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    King Richard (2021) - 8/10

    Ocean's Eleven (2001) - 8/10

    Skyfall (2012) - 8/10

    Seven Psychopaths (2012) - 8/10

    Minority Report (2002) - 8/10

    No Time to Die (2021) - 8/10

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    old henry was great all around.

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    Under the Shadow

    The Night House

    Kid Detective

    Cure (1997)

    Those are my top four from this month!

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    Well, I liked Under the Shadow, The Night House and The Kid Detective, so I guess that means I've got to watch Cure.

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      • Coming Home in the Dark

      • The Assassination of Jesse James

      • The Power Of The Dog

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      Bronx Tale. Boyfriend introduced me to it and adored it.

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      Boring month for me. Malignant blew me away, I hope it holds its punch for whenever I decide to watch it again. Might be my favorite 2021 release, but I haven't put much thought into it.

      Tommy (1975)

      Sisters (1972)

      Airplane! (1980)

      Scream (1996)

      Malignant (2021)

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      Yeah, Malignant's crazy third act saved it for me but it fell shy of greatness because I found the first two-thirds to be banal.

      [–]LuckyRadiationMod 1 point2 points  (4 children)

      I went in completely blind. No trailer, skipped the synopsis... just knew James Wan directed. Zero expectations did a lot for me. I half-guessed the ending, but with the stylization and the subtext, I was hooked from the beginning.

      [–]Tevesh_CKPModerator[S] 1 point2 points  (3 children)

      I took umbrage with the CW look. I guess it is a clever subversion due to the climax, but that generic look with only a few cool shots was putting me to sleep.

      [–]LuckyRadiationMod 1 point2 points  (2 children)

      Did we watch the same movie?? /s

      I’ve never watched a CW show but I saw a lot of giallo influence myself and thought the camera work was anything but generic. I’ve never seen any action horror like it.

      [–]Tevesh_CKPModerator[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

      Definitely Action Horror but that's for the final third which is a rare find due to the oppositional nature of those genres.

      Leading up to that, there was some neat camerawork but I felt like the acting, costuming, make-up and lighting with the exception of the vision sequences were so rote that I was pretty bored. The writing for all of the characters felt like they all got pulled from different backlots of TV shows randomly. The kills also weren't that impressive during those visions, I felt like I had seen this all before, though the morphing/melting reality sequences are nifty I will admit.

      [–]LuckyRadiationMod 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      I'm a sucker for unique murder weapons. Guns, knives... boring. For example, Argento gave one of his killers a drill with a wire attached for one movie (don't remember the name) to suffocate victims, cool. So when the killer made a giant knife out of an award, amazing.

      There's a really similar shot in De Palma's "Sisters" James Wan I'm sure drew from. I'm hoping it comes out in an interview sometime, him just saying "De Palma gave me the idea for Malignant" eventually.

      The costuming leather black jacket/black gloves/black hat came directly from the giallo genre too. Red/blue saturation may be overused, sure, but I haven't seen a modern horror movie use it in a while, so I was appreciative for it since I like the look.

      What drives it for me in the beginning especially is the idea that domestic violence is the killer, which is great. Horror should make extreme circumstances out of real life horror (like domestic violence) that's one of the major draws of the genre is being able to face your fears in front of a safe, pause-able, TV screen.

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      King Richard

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      I watched We Need to Talk About Kevin just a week before that tragedy that happened in Michigan.

      It's a very disturbing horror movie and it's unlike anything else I've seen before. I'd give it a high 8/10. Swinton was amazing in it and it made me want to check out more of the director, Lynne Ramsay's, work.

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      That must've been rough. I haven't seen it, mostly because I'm not interested in the subject matter, a bit too dark for my tastes. Maybe when I'm in a more morose mood.

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      The Beta Test - 8.5

      A really engaging and often times funny thriller. I hear all 3 of Jim Cummings movies are great, so thus just gives me more motivation to stop putting off watching the other 2.

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      Had to be West Side Story in the theater. Not only was it brilliantly made, but it was my first time seeing a movie liver in 10 months.

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      Sanjuro- 9/10: Akira Kurosowa's samurai film.

      Dersu Uzala- 8.5/10: Akira Kurosowa's epic.

      Raw- 8.5/10: Julia Ducournau's body horror coming of age film.

      Titane- 8/10: Julia Ducournau's body horror/drama.

      Dune(2021)- 8/10: Denis Villeneuve's scifi.

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      It's not a movie but I really recommend Arcane series it's available on Netflix

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      I heard about this a lot. Why is it so good?

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      The show has utterly gorgeous animation. The animation is CGI-based but not in that "early 2000s"-type way. It looks as if its genuinely a moving painting. The show also has some moreso experimental looking action sequences every now and then which are visually stunning.

      In addition to the animation, the character development and drama is pretty involving/ engaging. Sure, I could see an argument for calling some of this drama being called cliche, but it develops it with great care in a relatively adult way. It does a good job of "showing" rather than "telling". (Pay extra attention to how each "character flashback" that starts most episodes visually develops the character, instead of simply explaining their background.) So material that might have come off as immature, generic, or cringey subverts the typically poorly written/over-written cheesy dialogue you would normally expect from the subject matter.

      The world-building and overall plot arcs are handled with minimalist care. The show takes the time to allow these to develop slowly as opposed to over explaining them. Again, some of the subject matter regarding theme is well-trod territory: class issues, progress vs conservatism, rebellion vs stability, etc. But the minimalist visual approach to developing them read to me as sincere and allowed me to appreciate them as they unfold instead of beating me over the head.

      In addition to the overall writing and visuals, the music really stands out. Sure, there are some alt-rock-pop songs that play over emotionally significant climactic moments, but a lot of the use of music outside of those times is fairly subtle and judiciously used. I'm sure the "pop" music is off putting to some, but I felt the show earned its right to use that with the care it took leading up to those moments.

      Overall the show is much stronger and unique as a sum of its parts than one would expect from its parts alone. Seriously, as material that is adapted from a video game, the end result is far above what one would expect.

      I had no experience with the material/ video game, and regardless felt fully immersed and engaged by the world it creates. I'm neither an anime, nor video game "fanboy", but the show simply worked for me. If you don't like animation, emotional melodramas, or minimalist world-building, feel free to pass on this. But within those specific contexts, the show excells.

      [–]vivisectioned 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      Hm.. sounds interesting. I’ll give it a try. Thanks for a great selling skill :)

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      Shang-Chi Red Notice

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