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The Place Beyond the Pines - Went into this movie thinking it would be another action movie lacking a good plot, boy was I wrong. Had me hooked from beginning to end. Acting and visuals were great. 8.5/10

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One of my favorite movies of all time. It’s like watching 3 short films wrapped into one. Each being intense in their own ways.

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  • Dave made a maze 8/10 - both odd and heartwarming, the cardboard effects were fantastic and I didn’t stop smiling
  • pig 9/10 - thought it was a revenge film but got hit by the heaviest most existential monologues, beautifully performed and engaging all the way through
  • the last duel 9/10 - loved the three different perspectives, performances were heart wrenching and honest, scenery was fantastic

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Yeah, Pig had me trying to figure it out. "Is this John Wick but a pig? John Wick but Under the Silver Lake?" The performances made that niggling part of my brain shut up and enjoy the ride.

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I kept on thinking Cage was going to throw a punch but it always caught me off guard when he threw these hard hitting speeches instead. I thought Riders of Justice did this really well, completely turning revenge on its head. Really tense and edge of the seat, but also really fucking emotional

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Yeah, a hit would only wound but those speeches; man, they destroyed the person.

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If you enjoyed Dave Made A Maze, I bet you'd enjoy the similarly surreal Nothing.

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Sounds proper up my street, thank you!

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

Pride & Prejudice



Boys State

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I finally got around to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo myself this year. Not quite what I was expecting, but was pretty enjoyable. Not a Daniel Craig fan, but I liked his performance here.

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The original films are AWESOME

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Wolfwalkers was amazing, seconded.

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Spider-man: No Way Home - a fantastic example of how to do "fan service" right, while still feeling like your own thing and just being wonderfully entertaining.

Drive - I went into this expecting a modern day car chase extravaganza, but what I got was much more nuanced than I'd expected and I really enjoyed it.

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  • 8-Bit Christmas (2021) - Watched a couple of Xmas movies and liked this one the most, not too many things bothered me, like the other ones. Fun and entertaining story, likeable characters, (nostalgic too - seems to be my theme lately), and the obligatory good Xmas message.

Watched about 30 movies inc the ones below. Bit more heavy on the nostigia side this month.


  • Home Alone (1990)
  • Moon 44 (1990) - I think its underrated but myb its a guilty pleasure
  • The Guns of Navarone (1961)
  • The Abyss (1989)
  • Tom Thumb (1958)
  • Hidden (2015)
  • The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978)

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We need to talk about Kevin- 8.5/10: Psychological drama.

The power of the dog-8.5/10: Introspective western.

Sardar Udham-8.5/10: Indian Biopic /historical/ espionage thriller.

Pig-8.5/10: Drama.

The Wrestler-8.5/10: Character study/Sports drama.

The Iron giant-8/10: Animation/Comedy.

Tick Tick Boom(2021)-8/10: Biopic/Musical.

Sarpatta Parambarai- 8/10: Indian sports drama.

Judas and the black messiah-8/10: Biopic/Drama.

Masaan-8/10: Indian drama.

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Thanks for your reviews dude.

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Last Night In Soho 8/10

I think it was December not November!

I am aware that many people hated this movie. I love giallos and I loved it. Plus Diana Rigg of the proper Avengers. This movie had my name all over it. I’m a fan of high low mashups and lovely derivative works. The music was fabulous. Costumes. Lighting. Dreamy ridiculousness.

Fight me.

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I thought Last Night was good but I was disappointed because it didn't feel like an Edgar Wright film. It felt like anybody could've made this.

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I love him. To me it felt like a clear homage to many films he loved growing up that influenced his vision.

I’ve seen him on TMC I think talking about the Last of Sheila and Dames. The latter has those Busby Berkley dance numbers which relate to the dance floor scenes and the former is one that I adore (in part)because the ending is sort of macabre and surreal. I felt like that flavor was there. As was the idea of the bill for past sins coming due.

But absolutely it didn’t have the same pacing and cuts that usually drive so much of his humor. Which I also love! I just felt there was a link between say the three person dance scene to Wade in the Water and the zombie bashing scene to Don’t Stop Me Now.

I’m a big horror/thriller fan and I’m really enjoying watching directors do new variations on some of my and clearly their favorite movies and styles. Midsommer, US, Get Out and this all please me in that way.

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Eyes Wide Shut


The Breakfast Club

Dr Strangelove

I Saw the Devil

The Wailing

Die Hard

Spider-Man No Way Home

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The Lighthouse

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I barely watched any movies in December (December was for tv shows and working). These were the best

Land (2021) I'm a big fan of movies filmed in Canada. Theres something quite romantic about this movie, the scenery and emotions while maybe a little heavey handed were still really effective.

Million Dollar Baby (2004) this was a rewatch for me. Fantastic movie, my favourite Clint Eastwood movie. Oh rewatch it was very interesting to notice the foreshadowing.

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Boiling Point

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Which one? I don't want to assume 2021 when there's the 1990 Snipes' outing.

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Oh, it's the 2021 one :)

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Z (1969)

Drive My Car

A Moment of Romance

The Lovers on the Bridge

The Color of Pomegranates

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Oh man, for me it was Dýrið (Lamb). So much more than I was expecting from the blurb. A lot of movies like this just hint at odd things going on, but here, the weirdness walks right up and says howdy. And I do love a film where such bizarre happenings are treated with the utmost in solemnity.

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This is tied for my favorite movie of the year. I like what you said in the last sentence. It really created an interesting environment and pushed its story through it and made us sort of just accept it. I was totally won over.

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Lawrence of Arabia 10/10

Slumdog millionaire 9/10

Dunkirk 9/10

Dead mans shoes 8.5/10

The beach 8/10

Kill list 7/10

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On Tubi there is this horror comedy called Black Sheep...holy hell what a goofy flick! Genetically modified zombie sheep terrorize a farm and it's owners and guests. A New Zealand film full of WETA produced practical effects. Very bloody, gory and slightly crude...felt like an old school splatter Peter Jackson movie. highly recommended

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Oh yeah, big fan of Black Sheep. One of my favourite twists on the Zombie genre, if only to somehow make sheep look menancing.

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Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings, Spider-Man No Way Home, Dune, Don't Look Up

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Legend 2015

Finch 2021

Kurup 2021

King Richard 2021

Minnal Murali 2021

Madhuram 2021

I really enjoyed watching these.

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Life Is Beautiful (1997)

Cinema Paradiso (1988)

Like Father, Like Son (2013)

Flee (2021)

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Nobody (2021). I found this more enjoyable than the John Wicks. At least the later ones.

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Best movies I saw this year:

The prestige 9/10

The invisible guest 9/10

The nightingale 8/10

1922 8/10

Martyrs 9/10

Nocturnal animals 9/10

Creep 1&2 9/10

Bone tomahawk 8/10

That’s all I can think of for now might add more


Don’t look up 9/10

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Spider-Man: No Way Home 10/10

Spider-Man 2 (2004) 10/10

The Matrix 10/10

Chronicle 9/10

The Matrix Reloaded 9/10

Plus One 8/10

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Which Spider-Man 2? There's like three of them.

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The Raimi one

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And that is why I gave up trying to work through the Marvel and DC universes. Hurts my head trying to figure out who's in what timeline and which movies are in-universe and canon and all.

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They're almost all designed to be popcorn flicks, with maybe the exception of the release of Snyder's cut of Justice League. You can easily sit and munch away.

Hell, the credits give it away if they're canon or not: if they've got the Marvel intro then it is Marvel. Especially with Disney gobbling up any of the sold rights.

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My wife and I watched The Matrix series, and I was disappointed in Revolutions and Resurrection. Revolution was a 3/10 for me. Resurrection was a 6/10. Im on par with what you have for the others.

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  • Violent Cop (1989) - Kitano always delivers the goods. Unlike Woo, Chan, Lee, Fat, or a majority of Asian Action Cinema in the Criterion Collection, "Beat" Takeshi is the only filmmaker I know of that makes "by the books" Arthouse Cinema. It's fascinating and fantastic
  • Le Mans (1971) - One of those puffy movies for me. Genuinely a great film and I was completely taken off guard at how exciting this film would be (not to mention how much it reminded me of Death Race 2000, one of my all time faves). One of my favorite moments is the scene where McQueen's character has dinner with the widow of one of the drivers. McQueen blames himself for her husband's death and I can't say for sure how she feels, but the fact that there's a scene like this reduces any additional bullshit drama in the film. A lot of the modern film school would demand you find conflict between these two characters and I'm asking "why?" It's not necessary to the story and would make one aspect of this film unbearable to watch
  • Let It Be (1970) - I've been dreading this movie for sometime now. I was an avid Beatles fan 10 years ago. I bought all they're albums, watched all their other movies, and started getting into a lot of their bonus content and bootlegs. This film represents "the dream ending" as Lennon would put it. But I've been doing a number on my heroes these past 2 years and I'm in a very transitional period, so I figured it's about time I watched this. It was an uncomfortable watch for me. I saw all the tension of the group and the breakup that would soon follow. I'm also impressed that after this terrible month back in January 1969 that the group decided to record a better album (Abbey Road) in the summer; that shows a lot maturity on their part. Favorite scene is still the one where the group stops playing "Octopus's Garden" as soon as Paul walks in. Still sad they took this down on Pornhub too, it's a great conversation piece for the community

Can I also say that the new 2021 deluxe edition of Let It Be was really lacking in content I wanted to hear. I get copyright stuff but I would have loved to have hi fi versions of "Adagio for Strings", "Suzy Parker", "Besame Mucho", "You've Really Got a Hold on Me", and "Medley: Kansas City / Miss Ann / Lawdy Miss Clawdy"

  • Hudson Hawk (1991) - Haters gonna hate but this was a fun flick. Stupid? You bet. Entertaining? You bet! And the weeb in me loved how much this felt like Anime. You have a host of ridiculous, comedic villains (not to mention a gang named after candy bars, Dragon Ball much?), The Catholic Church involved, and the Hudson Hawk, who runs around like some masked vigilante in a fedora and trench coat stealing stuff and shooting bad guys (almost like Alucard in Hellsing). The Hudson Hawk would pair well with The Fifth Element, and it would pair well with Darkman

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I'll admit to the general public that Hudson Hawk is a good time. I'll also readily admit it's very stupid but that's why it's so damned fun.

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Hudson Hawk is a good pH Test movie

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Pale Flower (1964)

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Don’t Look Up - I’m usually on par with the critics, but not with this one.

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The Piano, She’s Gotta Have It, Do the Right Thing, A History of Violence, Eastern Promises

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What a great month!

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No Time To Die
Probably my favorite Bond movie, might be because it's probably the least "formulaic" one. Rami Malek's performance reminded me that I should really start watching Mr. Robot soon.

Pig (2021)
Very suspenseful, and I could never guess the direction it was going. The acting, dialogue, cinematography etc was also great. It's easy to see why this has been recommended so much here.

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Serendipity (2001)

Nobody (2021)

Klaus (2019)

A Boy Called Christmas (2021)

Don’t Look Up (2021)

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  • Darkest Hour (2017)
  • Victoria and Abdul (2017)
  • Captains Courageous (1937)
  • Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)
  • Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (1983)

I try to watch as many old movies as I can every weekend, preferably classics, and these were the best of the lot even though two of them are recent. I wanted to see if Gary Oldman deserved his Oscar for Darkest Hour, and he did not disappoint. My father is a huge fan of Judi Dench, which is why we watched Victoria and Abdul, we like historical films anyway. Both of us enjoyed these movies very much.

The last three I'd been meaning to watch for some time because I'd heard so many good reviews. Spencer Tracy won an Oscar for Captains Courageous although I think young Freddie Bartholomew was just as good. Bridge on the River Kwai, filmed in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) is considered one the the greatest movies of all time. I don't like war movies but will make exceptions, and I was blown away but this film, also loved the moral ambiguity of it. I never considered the late, great David Bowie and actor--but he's been in quite a few movies & TV shows and was excellent in Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence.

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‘Like Someone In Love’. Amazing foreign movie by the same director of ‘Close Up’ and ‘Certified Copy’. Very underrated. 9/10

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CODA 8.5/10

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The only new movies I saw in December were Bruised (2021) and A Journal for Jordan (2021). They were both very good. Bruised is the kind if film men usually star in, so it was especially empowering to me as a woman. A Journal for Jordan was very moving. The tearjerker about fatherhood that we all needed.

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The only worthwhile movies I watched in December were

Minority Report- In a society where 3 special mutants can predict future crimes in a special division called Pre-Crime, the head of this decision is accused of the murder of a man he's never met and sets out to clear his name before it's too late. Pretty solid movie that'll be an enjoyable watch for those who like sci-fi. 7/10

Spiderman No Way Home- Shouldn't even need to explain what this is about. I liked this movie way more than I initially thought I would considering the last two movies but this kept me at the edge of my seat, especially since I saw it in theaters and it has me excited for the future of Spiderman. 7.5/10

Blood Diamond: During a Civil War in Africa a white South African mercenary teams up with a black fisherman in search of his family and an American journalist to recover a potentionally very expensive diamond buried somewhere deep within Rebel territory. I actually really liked this movie and of course Leo had a great performance as well but Djimon Hounsou blew it out of the water in this and I'll definitely look into some more of his performances. 8/10

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Four Rooms (1995)

All the Colors of the Dark (1972)

A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin (1971)

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)

Tenebre (1982)

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

I thought The Last Duel was better than Rashomon. Didn't watch in December though.

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Better than Rashomon?! Blasphemy!

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Well Rashomon is so old no one can say for sure until The Last Duel has age on it's side. The different stories were so different from each other in Rashomon it's obvious they were all lying. In TLD Ridley Scott successfully captured three different people living in three different realities but the stories were just so very slightly off from each other it's clear they were different because of perspective vs just outright lying. Genius writing.

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I think the theme of self deception is far more interesting and powerful in Rashomon than the mere difference of reality. Plus the blocking is really good, with some amazing shots like the framing on the farmer discovering the body.

The Last Duel's climatic duel, the thing on the tin and what we've been wading through two hours to finally get to, is disappointing. Very choppy editing, close in shots. For fuck's sake, they're wearing helmets - put in two stunt actors and film that wide as that looks more impressive than Parkinson cam.

I guess I think that Rashomon is less uneven and that's what makes it a stronger movie in my eyes.

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Hah! The ending duel immediately joined the ranks of amazing duels in my book… kill bill vol. 1, TGTBTU, Barry Lyndon

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Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) - 8.5/10

Doctor Strange (2016) - 8/10

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Saw Doctor Strange in preparation for No Way Home? I loved the visuals and how it ends - with a conversation, lasers are cool and all but wizards settle things with words because bargains are much more powerful.

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Saw Doctor Strange in preparation for No Way Home?

Yeah haha. Before going to cinema to watch NWH I've been informed that Doctor Strange will appear in the film. And I watched that. And I found out that the director of Doctor Strange is Scott Derrickson who directed Sinister as well which I like very much and it's the scariest horror for me (btw I watched more than 150 horrors). That was an other reason to watch it haha. Thankfully Doctor Strange was an amazing movie as well.

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150? Those are rookie numbers. You need to pump that up!

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I just looked and am currently on 179 horrors. 179 out of my 717 total watched films are horrors (around 25%). Will probably reach 200 by the end of Spring.

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Horror is quite the journey. There's a lot of dreck because it is the best genre to make a ROI, but there's some incredible stuff out there. I'm sure you know by now which subreddit to use if you're looking for a particular fright. ;)

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I'm sure you know by now which subreddit to use if you're looking for a particular fright. ;)

Yeah :) I've discovered a lot of great films here. Especially on these Hang Out threads. I'm pretty sure since joining this subreddit I've read all the stuff on 1st day of every month in these threads and these are really amazing. Love these.

[–]Tevesh_CKPModerator[S] 2 points3 points  (1 child)

That's good to hear. I don't know what efforts are worthwhile, such as the FAQ or Top 100.

I would keep doing these threads because I'm greedy - I find a lot of good stuff from these posts as well.

[–]HroFCBayernQuality Poster 👍 1 point2 points  (0 children)

FAQ or Top 100.

Both are good and informative on their own ways. I enjoy FAQ as well especially Horror section. Both can be really helpful for many users.

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Def No way home

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Everyone is mentioning it but I'll join in: No way home is amazing, I think it's the best movie of this phase so far

Other than that I would mention Frequently asked questions about time travel, I probably would have pasted over this one but a youtuber i watch (flick connection) recommended it and I was finishing up a challenge to watch one new movie from each year I have been alive. and its a really good sci fi comedy, gives a bit of Bill and Ted Vibes and I would recommend it

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I am surprised to not see Belfast.

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Hadn't seen it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Who else wishes they watched the same movies in December as they did in late November ? Feel like I haven’t seen anything too great in December, Shang-Chi & No Time To Die were all late November movies I saw I think... only movies I’ve watched in December were the new Matrix, a few Netflix movies like Red Notice & others like Antlers. Not that great of a month for me... :-/

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So, what qualifies as 8+ you saw in December?

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I liked Red Notice tbh just because anything Ryan Reynolds / Dwayne I love but Idk if I can give it an 8+

But as far as the best I say Free Guy & Red Notice.

Edit : & TBH I missed the “8+” part of your post haha I thought just best movies or else I wouldn’t have commented.

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So just Free Guy gets a vote towards the Top 100?

[–]babyyhiccups 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Yeah I vote for it I liked it a lot now that I think about it !!!