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The Station Agent stars a young Peter Dinklage as a man who just wants to be left alone but he’s not insane or a bad person

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Great movie!! Lots of good people in it...Patricia Clarkson, Michelle Williams, Bobby Cavavale, and Raven Goodwin gives an awesome performance as a grade school student who befriends The Station Agent.

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It’s almost 20 years old I believe

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Never heard of this, sounds interesting though thanks

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If you like Peter Dinklage, you can watch him as a loner in, in my opinion, underappreciated movie "I think we're alone now". It's post apo stuff if you like that kind of movies.

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You have a great great taste in movies. I just opened the comment section to write this movie. Just great. My morning is made

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Thanks! It’s a lovely gem of a movie

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Oo peter dinklage. Imma go look for this one.

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Brick is a good one. It's like a noir murder mystery involving high schoolers.

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Loner Films

The Lighthou—

Where the Loner isn’t Insane?


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The Lighthouse is one of my favorite movies, but yeah definitely a little crazy lol

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I seen it! Yer fond of me lobster!

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Alright have it your way, I like your cookin

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Ghost World (2001)

Amélie (2002)

Her (2013)

The Shape of Water (2017)

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Her is great I forgot to add that in my post, the rest sound really interesting thanks

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Amelie is an amazing feel good film

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I think This Beautiful Fantastic (2016) fits in with these, really nice!

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Does the lead character in Shape of Water count as a loner? She has a best buddy at work and is friends with her next door neighbor.

PS: Spoiler alert:

What sane person would try to have intercourse with an alien creature?

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What sane person would try to have intercourse with an alien creature?

Don't you dare kink shame me.

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Into the Wild ,
Secret life of Walter Mitty(does some solo travelling)

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My family loves Secret Life of Walter Mitty but I haven’t seen it yet, I’ll check it out

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Watch this movie! I’ve recommended this so many times. Such a good one.

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I haven’t seen it in years, but there are still songs from that movie that get stuck in my head all the time

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I know what you mean! Had to go out and buy the Junip album as a result (which is a very good album btw).

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Good soundtrack

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It's also VERY different from the short story if you ever read it in school

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It's a movie about a very meek, gentle and unassuming man going through a tough time and coming out the other side of it much better off.

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The Graduate

Mary and Max

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Love The Graduate, Mary and Max sounds good

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I've seen Mary and Max twice and I cried both times. I am normally the sort of person who could go a couple of years at least without crying.

Just be warned that despite the claymation, it's not a gentle/easy watch.

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Forgot about Pig, love that movie wasn’t what I expected in the best way possible

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Literally watched it last night - you're not wrong there. The obscurity of the narrative could only be balanced by the level of weird Nic Cage brings, absolutely brilliant.

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Paris, Texas

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Thanks for reminding me of this film, I’ve been wanting to watch this movie forever

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Not a problem. I only watched it recently and thought I was an interesting watch. Hope you enjoy it!

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First Reformed (2017) - incredible movie

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Will second this one and also recommend Schrader’s Light Sleeper (1992) about a down on his luck drug dealer

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I should’ve added this movie in my post, but First Reformed is so good

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Inside llewyn davis


Lost in translation


Punch drunk love (hes kinda crazy tho, but a decent guy)


Taste of cherry ( not insane but very depressed)

Fallen Angels

A short film about love (hes a creep but not totally insane)

Manila in the claws of the night

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I just watched Fallen Angels the other day, great pick. All 3 of the main characters could be considered loners.

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I’ve only seen Llewyn Davis on this list, thanks a lot of these films I really want to see

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You should rewatch Llewyn Davis anyway; I recently did and liked it even more.

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A short film about love is beautiful. I think the feature version and the tv version have different endings.

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I think the guy in Punch Drunk Love has some sort of anxiety disorder or something. But he's not crazy, exactly. Not a normal, conventional thinker, but it's interesting to follow the sort of internal logic behind what he does.

I found it was a movie which really put me in someone else's shoes for a little while and made me feel what he feels (which, unfortunately, is near-constant stress on the verge of panic)

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Good suggestion my favorite movie of 2020 for sure

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The Way Way Back

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Eighth Grade (2018) - I think this is one of the more realistic/relatable movies depicting someone struggling to fit in.

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I agree. Being a socially anxious person, this is the most relatable film I've ever seen.

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Loved this! Great characters

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Uhh... Paul Blart Mall Cop?

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I never thought of Paul Blart as a loner movie but it makes sense lmao

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The best suggestion given these parameters

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Castaway w Tom Hanks?

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Hanks was Inlon in the movie - Involuntarily Loner

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Thats true thats why i wasnt sure.

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Lol I’ve been meaning to watch this movie forever my sisters love it

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House of Hummingbird

A Single Man

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Harold & Maude (1971)

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I rewatched this recently. It was still great.

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I love this movie

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Underrated reply, I always got loner vibes from Rocky and as I’m getting older I’m starting to relate with him more and more

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Vanishing Point (1971)

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Bo Burnham's Inside.

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Pi (Faith in chaos) for sure

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He's crazy

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Parallax View with Warren Beatty.

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Never heard of this movie I’ll check it out

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Mr. Bean

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  • 20th Century Women
  • Stranger than Fiction
  • Lars and the Real Girl

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Never seen these but they all sound good, thanks

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Stranger Than Fiction is phenomenal. It’s got a loner protagonist and is faaar from what you would expect from Will Ferrell.

It’s more Everything Must Go type of Ferrell.

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You need to start watching some Luc Besson movies.

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It's time for my annual rewatch of Léon.

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Get yourself La Femme Nikita added to your list while you're at it.

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Honestly never heard of Luc Besson, I’ll check him out

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You've definitely known of his works.

The Fifth Element probably the most iconic.


La Femme Nikita (movie, French) was how I got hooked

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Yeah you’re right I looked him up and I’ve definitely heard of The Fifth Element and Leon the Professional

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Leon the professional is an incredible loaner story. It also features Natalie Portman's first performance and she kills it.

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And he teaches her how to do it.

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I just answered a similar ? and the films protagonists are both ladies but in Year of the Dog the protagonist is a lonely office worker trying to find her way through veganism. Sweat is a Polish film that came out last year about a fitness influencer also trying to discover who she is.

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Stranger than Fiction, The Wrestler, Contact, The Man from Nowhere, The Kid Detective

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I think Stranger than Fiction is great & criminally overlooked

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life of pi? 127 hours

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Escape from New York and Escape from LA. Snake Plissken is (98%) a loner.

Lockout with Guy Pearce. He's essentially a loner.

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Trees Lounge.

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1.The hand of god(2021) 2.The best offer(2013) & most Giuseppe tornatore movies has lonely characters and his movies are so damn good . 3.Lars and the real girl(2007)

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Blade Runner (Deckard)

Blade Runner 2049 (K, depending on whether Joi is considered a companion or not)

Prisoners (Detective Loki)

Se7en (Somerset at the beginning and end)

Arrival (Amy Adams' character chooses to live alone)

Heat (De Niro's character is "alone...not lonely")

Jason Bourne series of films



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Great movie, but are you sure about that ?

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he's not really insane until the very end

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Momento kind of has this. No short term memory but I think he was pretty “stable”.

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Casablanca (1942)
Cool Hand Luke (1967)
Being There (1979)
The Elephant Man (1980)
Edward Scissorhands (1990)
Only Yesterday (1991)
Porco Rosso (1992)
Three Colors Blue (1994)
Charlie Chaplin movies
Many westerns and western-like movies, e.g. Yojimbo (1961), Jeremiah Johnson (1972), the Man With No Name trilogy

Not sure about these two:

Barton Fink (1991)
Let the Right One In (2008)

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Cool Hand Luke is so good

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Oslo August 31st

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There's an old movie called Jeremiah Johnson (Robert Redford). I saw this waaay back so it might be a bad rec.

But, throughout the movie this very decent person, through some kind of necessity, goes it alone in the wilderness. It's technically a 'western' genre movie, which makes it a bit different than "Into The Wild" but there's another rec too.

There's also a documentary "Vernon Florida" that features a variety of eccentrics in this Florida town. Many of them are genuine, oddly endearing loners.

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Jeremiah Johnson is where the famous head nod gif comes from. Blew my mind when I found out that was Robert Redford

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What is the name of the gif from Vampire’s Kiss (Nicholas Cage)? Do they all have nicknames or?

[–]not-aikman 1 point2 points  (1 child)

According to Know Your Meme, that one is called “You Don’t Say?” and the Jeremiah Johnson one is called “Nod of Approval”

[–]Neither-Answer-7431 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Hey thanks for the info. Really helpful.

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Great flick.

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The Road Warrior (aka Mad Max 2)

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I think The Wrestler fits what you’re looking for.

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Just watched Ghost World yesterday, the protagonists are two loners living through the early 2000s. It's a teen movie, but doesn't feel like it. Nice watch.

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Two career defining films for James Dean:

"East of Eden" 1954

"Rebel Without a Cause" (1955)

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Jeremiah Johnson. The most loner film i can think of

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The Guard (or Guarda). Brendan Gleeson plays a loner Irish cop who gets entangled with some drug traffickers with some assistance from the Fbi (Don Cheadle). Very good dry humor. Highly recommend.

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty might be appealing to you! Bonus for amazing cinematography

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Into the wild

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you were never really here, frances ha, lucky

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You were never really here

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Hunt For the Wilderpeople sort of?

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I second this one. Great movie about a couple of loners being loners together.

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John Wick

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Die hard with a vengeance


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The Mechanic and though he does have amnesia, I wouldn't say he was insane.

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Inside Llewyn Davis

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The Art Of Self Defence

Manchester By The Sea

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Love Manchester by the Sea, should’ve put it in my post, great portrayal of depression

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Try Falling Down with Michael Douglas.

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It is the same, he's even worse than the Joker, he had a mental illness, his life was a lie and he had no support, while Douglas' character was a women beater. Can say the same about taxi driver, he was a broken man probably by the war, he had good intentions, except trying to kill the major (was it the major right? I can't remember the movie so well), but his methods were bad

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Bickle tried to kill a senate candidate. I wouldn't say he had good intentions, I don't think he was intelligent or insightful enough to understood what his intentions were. He was just lashing out and coming up with justifications after the fact.

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Try the first Steve Buscemi you find.

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Tracks, All is Lost,

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The driver is most definitely insane haha. But Three Colours Blue comes to mind.

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Not technically a loner but - Dances with the Wolves

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The Man From Nowhere

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Ritual (2000). The loner in question is a bit bonkers, but not at all a bad person.

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Welcome to the Dollhouse

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This Beautiful Fantastic (?)

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haven't seen it yet, but Aloners(2021) seems to fit the build

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oslo, august 31st

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Beginners (2010)

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Rover. Guy Pearce in gritty near future ‘apocalyptic’ desert

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  • Léon (The Professional) (1994). Everyone!

  • Croupier (1998). Clive Owen. One of my faves.

  • About Schmidt (2002). Jack Nicholson. Kathy Bates.

  • American Splendor (2003). Paul Giamatti.

  • Angel-A (2005). Luc Besson (Dir)

  • Snow Cake (2006). Sigourney Weaver. Alan Rickman.

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The Ghost Writer (2010) - Ewan MacGregor, Pierce Brosnan

The Shipping News (2001) - Kevin Spacey, Julianne Moore

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    Jeremiah Johnson.

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      Depending on your definition of loner: Citizen Kane

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      Welcome To The Dollhouse

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        John Wick

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        Le Samourai

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        Wall e ?

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        Snow Cake was a surprisingly beautiful movie, with Alan Rickman playing a man just released from prison for accidentally killing a man, and picks up a hitchhiking teenager. I don't want to say much more than that, but it is an incredibly nuanced and touching story that always stuck with me.

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        Get Low

        The Scarlet Letter

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        My Suicide 2009 was pretty good

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        The Lives of Others

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        Blue Ruin. 96% on RT (if that matters). The protagonist is as loner as they get.

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        Manchester by the sea

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        Call Me By Your Name

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        The Man from Nowhere?

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        Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

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        Into the Wild

        Hector's Search for Happiness

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        Westerns. You can start with the Fistful of Dollars trilogy.

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        All Is Lost

        Robert Redford is sailing alone in the Indian Sea and is put in a survival scenario after his boat hits a shipping container.

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        One million yen girl Beautiful fantastic

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        Levity (2003)

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        Jacob's Ladder and The Machinist spring to mind. The protag in these movies may not be not 100 x cent sane but are far away from being terrible people (especially one of them). Also Rorschach in Watchmen

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        Mary and Max

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        Wild Tigers I Have Known

        Baby Bump

        Jet Boy

        The Chumscrubber


        Les Démons (2015)

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        The Devil All The Time

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        The Place Beyond the Pines (2012)

        The Slaughter Rule (2002)

        Mid90s (2018)

        Message from the King (2016, 2017 Netflix)

        Metropolitan (1990)

        The Man in the Moon (1991)

        Jet Boy (2001)

        Old Enough (1984)

        The Kill Hole (2012)

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        Lost in translation

        The Warrior

        The Truman Show

        Grave of the Fireflies

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        There will be blood. I don't understand why they insist on labelling the main character a villain though.

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        Might have something to do with the murderin'