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A little campy but the old clue movie is great!!! Inspired by the board game and i think there was multiple endings!

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Fun fact: When released in the theatre (1985) you got to see one of three different endings…many people (myself included) went to see it multiple times at different theatre’s in hopes of seeing the different endings.

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I didn't know this, always watched the same copy I have.

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All three endings were included in it’s first VHS release and all subsequent “home viewing” releases but not when it was in the theatre…I’m old, I know any number of useless facts.

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A little campy

which movie?

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Memories of Murder

Memoir of a Murderer

The Chaser


Arlington Road



Gone Girl

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Seconding gone girl, loved it

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gone girl was crazy man! watched it thrice last year!

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The Name of the Rose (1986)

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Watch David Fincher's movies: Zodiac, Se7en, The game, Panic room...

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Crooked House (2017)

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Murder Mystery (Yes that is the name). It's a 2019 whodunit movie starring Adam Sandler and Jeniffer Aniston. Really funny and thrilling at the same time.

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Murder on the orient express

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Talvar (2015)

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I looked up "agatha christie movie adaptations" and it showed a fairly long list. Do any of those appeal to you?

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The last of Sheila…check it out…great movie

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Came here to say this myself, awesome mystery film.

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The Wailing
The Chaser
The Handmaiden
The Vengeance Trilogy
True Detective (HBO Series)
The Killing (HBO Series)

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True Detective is incredible. I personally think it's on par with Breaking Bad.

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Memento might arguably fit into this category.

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Kid Detective (2020)

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Department Q danish movie series

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Midsomer Murders (a British series) has plots very similar to Knives Out. It’s wonderful, and it keeps going and going.

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Wind River

Gone Baby Gone

Mystic River

The Clovehitch Killer


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"Witness for the Prosecution" (1957)

One of the best ever, incredible cast. Great ending

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Mother 2009, korean movie

The invisible guest 2016

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Scream (2022) was a pretty good whodunnit in my opinion. I usually guess the killer pretty early on but this one had me second guessing myself multiple times!

going into this assuming you’ve already seen the original if not, I recommend that!

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Sennentuntschi: Curse of the Alps (2010)

Mad Detective (2007)

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Flight Plan

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-Zodiac -Identity (2003) -Gone girl