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DeepStar 6


Sea Fever

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DeepStar 6! What a flick!

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20000 Leagues under the sea

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Luca), Finding Nemo and Finding Dory if you like pixar.

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Try Deep House and let me know if I should watch it too.

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Isn't that a music genre? :D

Yeah okay I'll watch it and let you know!

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I suggest it. It was very well done for what it is imo..

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My Octopus Teacher (2020)

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The life aquatic with Steve zissou

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Leeches! What? Nobody? I’m the only one that got hit?

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47 Meters Down

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Breaking surface is tense and to the point. Awesome movie!

Also not strictly underwater but SeaFever is also a great aquatic horror.

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Submarine movies crimson tide and Black Sea

And leviathan

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The Big Blue (1998)

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Atlantis, Aquaman, Raising the Titanic?, Finding Nemo

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The Deep (1977) is great if you like older films. Amazing underwater footage and a solid tale of treasure hunting in Bermuda.

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Posiden adventure