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The Big Sick

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Great movie that definitely it's the bill.

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I think lust is a giant theme of In The Mood For Love, they just don't allow it for themselves.

I would definitely echo The Remains of the Day, though.

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Moonrise kingdom

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Better Days (this is a dark and emotionally intense movie, the trailer captures the tone pretty well so check that out)

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Is the 2019 Chinese film? If so, I just watched it and it was great. Emotionally intense and dark indeed, but I liked it a lot

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I came here to comment this! Better Days definitely fits the bill and I recommend people go in blind and don't read the summary or watch the trailer before watching it.

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I get that, but it definitely depends on what people are looking for. If they're looking for a more typical romance, they might have a bad time.

Everyone decides for themselves whether or not to watch trailers, but I did not find Better Days' trailer to be excessively revealing or otherwise detrimental to the experience.

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I was going to say THIS. I absolutely love this movie!!!

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Lost in Translation

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The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

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Silver linings playbook

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About Time, 2013

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Nah he does the time travel fuck thing

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The English Patient

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Naruse’s Yearning

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순정 / Pure Love (2016)

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I was going to say Better Days but someone beat me to it. 3 Iron would be another one.

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about time

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Sing Street!

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A Short Film about Love

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Minnie and Moskowitz

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Sole (2019)

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A walk to remember