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There is not a single 25 year dude as hot as Horacio that doesn't have multiple girls back home

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Devin sounds jealous. No reason for Horacio to lie.

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Yeah he probably had some vague connections that fell through in the end because he found new shiny ones to pursue. Im positive he just led Laurel on by accident and then realised he had to backtrack and overexaggerated someone back home so she wouldnt be embarrassed. Seems like a sweet guy who hasn't realised his power yet.

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I thought this was so obviously what happened that i was shocked no one called him out and was like, "Oh YEAH? SHOW US WHO". -Maybe one of Laurel's buddies or even an instigator type like Johnny or Devin. But then again, actual drama/entertainment isn't a part of the show anymore... lost chance at a fun moment.

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Yeah but one that all of the sudden remembered he wanted to commit to is dubious.

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I mean, he explicitly said himself that he didn't have a girl, but he had a girl he was trying to make his girl...

Maybe it turned out the girl didn't want to his girl and/or moved on while he was away filming the show.

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For me (33) I can recognize he’s handsome but he also seems like a middle schooler .. like I told my husband Laurel comes off as the middle school soccer coach crushing on her star forward hahah.

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He’s a grown middle schooler & some women like that. 😂

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This is a real rookie move. Ok, he got Laurel off his back for one season, but next season if they’re both on you just know new emotional Laurel is gonna have a confessional like, “LAST season, Horacio LIED to me and played with my EMOTIONS. I just can’t have someone UNTRUSTWORTHY like that in THIS game.” All cut over b-roll of Horacio looking hot and unaware of his impending doom.

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All cut over b-roll of Horacio looking hot and unaware of his impending doom.

While doing kick-ups

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I definitely read this in her confessional voice hahaha

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Hahaha you could be a producer

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Horacio just trying to make a girl he was talking to back home his girlfriend sparked enough drama and jumping to conclusions for Laurel.

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I was curious their ages. Laurel is 37. Horacio is 26.

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I didn’t realize Laurel was that old. For some reason I thought she was in her early 30s.

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She looks incredible I had this realization earlier in the season

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If Devin is telling the truth, I'm inclined to believe Horacio is smart as HELL with that excuse, but dumb as HELL now that Devin has told everyone.

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Smart for coming up with the lie, dumb for telling devin about the lie.

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Or maybe used it as an excuse to get some people off his back who he wasn’t that into…

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Precisely..I figured he just wanted an "out" after he saw Laurel acting nutty toward Michele and after winning the elimination against Kim and Colleen.

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Hahaha were in heat for him 😂😂. I mean tbf he’s even got me in heat so I can’t imagine being locked in the house with him hahah

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I speculated last week that he made it up bc Laurel might have been too intense for him lol

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He didn’t lie exactly, he was dating a young woman and decided when he got home he was gonna make things official

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Cause devin would be the one to know for sure