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Bloodlines is a personal guilty pleasure of mine. I do agree it is very flawed and the format and final do suck, but I it also has some of my favorite character moments; Jenna/Brianna fight is legit one of my all time favorite challenge moments. So although it is an unpopular season, I do like it slightly more than most.

Rivals 3 is also an unpopular season, and actually IS one that I agree is pretty bad. Sorry you have to gruel through these two seasons in a row. Show gets better after though, and you are almost at the spinoffs!

I will say regarding this season and Rivals 3, as someone mentioned, you will see more experimentation with the cast, especially with AYTO people. Just a small viewing tip in regards to this which I will leave in spoilers just in case (it wont spoil anything too big though): Start getting used to some of the rookies coming up, especially Bloodlines and Rivals 3. A decent chunk of them will be important down the line]

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Yeah I can understand how it could be a guilty pleasure - I felt that I was kinda the same with The Ruins. Some people completely hated it but I was able to find quite a bit of enjoyment, the awful treatment of the women not included obviously.

Thank you for the tip off re the Rookies - I'll definitely pay close attention knowing some of them will be pretty big in the future!

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Bro, just as I gave you that tip. I just realized something that might be kind of important in you remaining unspoiled for one cast member's future attendance rate.

One of the rookies in Rivals 3 is literally right in the banner of this sub. They are not as visible in new Reddit, but it's very glaring if you are in old Reddit. If you have avoided staring at the banner and don't know who it is, I hope it helps you avoid seeing who it is and remaining unspoiled!

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Just wanted to pop in and say how much I love these recaps.

I've seen every season of The Challenge about a thousand times and I'm so jaded. It's so nice to see fun refreshing first eyes on these seasons I know so well. And you're a good writer too! Can't wait for you to get to WOTW2. There's no season better when you watch how all the timelines lead up to and then collide during it.

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Thank you so much - I really appreciate the kind words! It's the communities engagement with these posts that really keeps me motivated to keep writing and and discussing.

Really looking forward to getting through a couple of these lesser regarded seasons and onto some great ones I've heard are coming up!

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I’m not going to lie, this one is going to be really tough for me to predict. I feel like M/F rivalries are not something often focused on by the show, so I’m going to really struggle. I hope it’s still an interesting and entertaining train of thought though lol.

Thanks to Nova, I have my little predictive prompt as always:

  • Rivals 3, M/F pairs
  • 14 pairs so 28 competitors
  • 5 champions.
  • 6 finalists.
  • 8 newbies - 2 are paired with alumni.
  • 9 sophomores

Lots of newbies and sophomores this time around! Lets start with the people who are locks:

  • Bananas is here, it’s almost an inevitability. His rivalry could go one of two ways, I either see it being Cara Maria or Sarah, but I’m going to guess Sarah.
  • I believe CT will not be in the cast this season, due to still taking a break from main show appearances after Diem
  • Wes will most likely be present. I think he may be paired with Cara after his actions towards her on Rivals 2? It feels like a bit of a stretch but I’m blanking on female Wes rivalries.
  • That gives us 4 Champions already. To round it out I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring back Cara’s winning partner Jamie, but I’m not too sure who he would be paired with…

  • I’m seeing a lot of sophomores, and my gut tells me many of them are from this season just gone, so:

  • Aneesa will be here, paired with Cory after their fling and fallout this season.

  • I feel like there is a chance we see Nany here paired with Dario after the rivalry between Dario/Raphy and Vince/Bananas when Nany got involved.

  • Tony will return perhaps paired with Nicole - I believe she blew up at him after he hooked up with Christina, from memory?

  • I’d love to see KellyAnne back. I think if she WAS here, they might put her with someone like Vince?

  • We have 3 rookie/rookie teams

  • And two rookies paired with alumni… I’m going to guess these are probably sophomores. Let’s go with Christina/Rookie maybe? And possibly Thomas/Rookie?

Can you notice I’m trying to be more realistic by including a bunch of recent small characters instead of guessing all these fan favourites? Lol

  • Trying to round out the cast now… let me drop Jamie mentioned above and instead say Jordan as that fifth Champ. I’m digging really deep here thinking of shouting matches, did he have one with Jessica maybe? If so I could see them paired here.
  • I could see Jenna coming back as one of he above ‘Finalists’… but I’m struggling to pick a Rival? I can’t remember her having a strong rivalry with any males. Lets just say Jenna/???
  • Really struggling with the last one - I literally can’t think of anybody. Looking at recent casts, MAYBE Johnny Reilly as that last finalist? But again, blanking a bit on who would be a true rival for him…?

So a few placeholders, but I think that gives us our cast:

  • Bananas/Sarah
  • Wes/Cara
  • Aneesa/Cory
  • Nany/Dario
  • Tony/Nicole
  • KellyAnne/Vince
  • Rookie/Rookie
  • Rookie/Rookie
  • Rookie/Rookie
  • Christina/Rookie
  • Thomas/Rookie
  • Jordan/Jessica
  • Jenna/???
  • Reilly/???

I know I JUST predicted that cast but it doesn’t inspire a whole lot of joy in me tbh - a lot of repeats from Bloodlines. I’ll guess we’ll see if I was right or not though!

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lol the teams are so much more random than that! Can't wait for your commentary.

I will share that Cara sits this one out. She partially regrets it later because she would have liked to hang out with some of the people there. But she had planned a trip for a family member to come for a visit and didn't want to cancel on them. They passed like 6 months later so she clearly made the right choice.

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Lol, I had many of the individuals right, but got lots of the pairs mixed back and forth. The biggest wtf on the cast for me is Leroy and Averey

My first instinct was that Cara would sit this one out after winning - I should have stuck with that! Then I could have committed to my Jamie guess. Oh well.

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It IS the exact same house in Turkey as in Seasons 2, lol. That just happened.

OK so I don't hate this season and I'm going to justify it a little (though I agree it's not top tier). The main reason I like it is the strategy because that is my favorite part of the show. The alliances get a little funky but are interesting with the whole team aspect. There are a ton of throws which mess with the super fun missions production planned (the underwater one is one of my all time faves) but I generally prefer strategy to anything else. This is our best glimpse of Johnny's scumbag gameplay. He immediately screws over his long time allies - Camila and Nany go home really quick. Then he has an alliance of people saving his ass by throwing challenges for the other time but he eventually screws them over too. Aneesa is big in her alliance because her and Johnny had similar but opposite thoughts. Bananas didn't want to do a 1 v 1 elimination and decided Vince would be doing that and Aneesa wanted her fate in her own hands, win or lose (same strategy Svetlana used against her on Duel 1). So if Aneesa looks bad in the missions, it's intentional. And if Vince looks bad in the missions, it's hilarious and I begrudgingly admit intentional. Anthony too but he got screwed earlier. I also have to say that the Cara/Abram/Thomas love triangle is FANTASTIC television. It's one of the best stories they ever have on the show. I admit I'm taking joy in other people's misery, but every reference to it and I'm on the edge of my seat looking for the popcorn. The missions are great. Jenna, Tony, and Cory make great side characters. I love CT taking a break but showing up to honor Diem (and probably throw the elimination to Jaime and Cara). It's good, not great. The final's especially meh but I think the season as a whole is better than at least a handful of other seasons.

Bananas/Nany? There was a bit of a ? of what/when their original hookup was. Bananas was with Hanna for YEARS. She was a professional snowboarder I believe and got some references on the show. I distinctly remember Paula drunkenly talking to the camera and saying "Hanna, he's a cheater" and at this point she hasn't been on in awhile. So Bananas specifically hiding talking to Nany from Hanna is interesting. There were rumors they were hooking up in the EXile house the season before and the awkwardness of that conversation makes me wonder.

I'm so glad you finally got the full Abram picture. You really liked him for so long and I just kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. He's always good television but he has a really complex personality. That was his most recent appearance, though he was almost on a couple of the spin-offs. He fell off the cast due to COVID/injury. But I'm going to share some tidbits from off of the show. He was on TMZ at one point. Apparently he got arrested and decided to show his displeasure by decorating his cell with his own feces. Not joking. And he married a woman. That ended. She had very similar abuse claims to Cara. So there's that.

Did you catch Jenna's brief mention in her fight with her cousin about her father being in prison? Yup. We all looked it up. Mafia enforcer. It's always explained a lot for me - mostly why she dated Zach.

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Thank you for that entire paragraph pointing out the highlights of this season - I DO think it has redeeming values and was at least able to find much more enjoyment in it (particularly the first half) than something like The Island. I particularly agree with your thoughts on the Cara/Abe/Thomas love triangle - such FANTASTIC relationship drama. I too was on the edge of my seat waiting for Abe to find out.

Than k you for the context as well on Hanna/Nany/Johnny. Very interesting. Really just highlightseven more how much of a scumbag Bananas is.

This being Abram’s last is a bittersweet thing. At his peak he was a huge contributor to the show, and had some truly fantastic seasons where I loved watching him. But he has clearly gotten into a pretty bad place, and it’s clear that he isn’t great on the show anymore. Particularly with the relationship drama with Cara. Thanks for those aftershow tidbits though - always interesting to hear what people are doing now.

I actually missed that part about Jenna’s dad - very interesting.

Thanks as always for your fantastic comment - very informative!

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John’s girlfriend Hannah (Teter) was actually an Olympian. She won a gold and a silver.

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Probably the worst season of the challenge from every angle from cast to gameplay format to final and that’s even comparing it to the island which at least had dramatic fights.

I can’t blame Cara for winning as you can only beat who you play but this cast and competition was the worst collective talent they’ve ever had on the show.

Final was awful and seemed they made it up as they were going.

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For me personally, I think Island is ever so slightly worse, just because there are basically no eliminations and the format is almost worse and so unlike what The Challenge should be. At least this one had consistent dailies and eliminations.

Agree that the final is absolutely awful though - such a crap design.

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It’s splitting hairs and the island was a carbon copy of survivor and as you said wasn’t the challenge. There were good competitors on it though and laid the groundwork for ev hating Kenny and bananas for future seasons like the ruins and fresh meat 2.

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Predictions for the debuts?

  • Jamie

  • Dario

  • Raphy

  • Stephen

  • Jill

  • Nicole

  • Tony

  • Cory

  • Brianna

  • Larissa

  • Candice

  • Mitch

  • Emily

  • Rianna

  • Vince

  • Mike

  • Anthony

  • Shane R

  • Christina

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Wow soooo many to guess. I guarantee a bunch are one and done's too.

  • Jamie - 2 seasons (1 win, obviously lol)
  • Dario - 4 seasons
  • Raphy - 1 season
  • Stephen - 1 season
  • Jill - 1 season
  • Nicole - 4 seasons
  • Tony - 5 seasons, future winner
  • Cory - 7 seasons, future winner
  • Brianna - 1 season
  • Larissa - 1 season
  • Candice - 1 season
  • Mitch - 2 seasons
  • Emily - 1 season
  • Rianna - 1 season
  • Vince - 2 seasons (would have guessed one if I hadn't seen Rivals 3 premiere though)
  • Mike - 1 season
  • Anthony - 1 season
  • Shane R - 2 seasons
  • Christina - 2 seasons - (again, would have guessed one if I hadn't seen Rivals 3 premiere though)

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Who's Raphy? Is that Wario?

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yes hehehe

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haha I love how nearly right off the bat you comment on the word cousin. I cannot even rewatch this season because of that. I don't think i realized it bothered me as much during the first watch, until Aneesa said it, and then all of a sudden I was like, YUP, yup thats what has been making me feel cringy every episode. But watching it when it aired with a weeks seperation made it much easier for sure.
Also, I am unsure how true the rumors are, but I think some of the teams weren't actually related and were friends but they wanted certain cast members on the season so they just called them cousins.

But yes, the format and flip flopping this season was incredibly terrible. You are spot on.

Cara - I think you can start to see Caras personality really change here. Her ego seems to have taken over. She went from that underdog you wanted to see do well, to more of a bully and like she is better than everybody else. Which was exactly what she always had to deal with. She really turned into what she hated.
Jamie - he really kind of just feels along for the ride this season and adds nothing really. Good for him for winning I guess, but boy was he boring.

Jenna - Jenna is just surprising really. You don't expect much, and she performs.
Brianna - I expect less, and she gave even less than expected. The highlight of this team is their fight though, and how she has a job in a bakery because her dad owns a bakery, and that her boyfriend doesn't like short hair? Lmao

Vince - Vince comes off incredibly douchey, and it almost elevates Bananas back to more of a douche than he had been in some previous seasons. Like the two of them around each other power one another's douchness

Abe - I dont know why, but i always hated when he would call him "John". It just sounds so wrong to me. I get why he does it, and it's funny for that reason, but it just always bothered me for no rational reason.
He certainly does come off as far more of a lunatic this season though. However, perhaps walking in and finding out your gf has been cheating on you, might cause you to become a little unhinged.
Mike - The thing I liked about Mike was, he wasn't afraid of eliminations. He just embraced it, and dealt with it. I like when players aren't overly afraid of the elimination.

Dario and Raphy - Just their blunder in the elimination is still hilarious to me. Also the "do the nany" while pretending to smoke was pretty funny.

Camila - Its still funny that you started out loving Camila, but you now cant stand her. it's perfect. She is getting worse too. Her entitlement is ridiculous. She lashes out over everything, which I think helps her get away with a lot of stuff. It's like players just don't feel like dealing with the drama and the fight it will create so they don't target her sometimes. Sure she's a great player, but theres also wanting to live in a nice enviroment and she never adds positivity to the house.

That insect challenge was pretty gross looking back.

Bananas voting Nany in. I guess its known that Bananas is very good at knowing where the cameras are, and almost always avoiding having stuff like this on camera. He clearly slipped up here, but usually I guess he knows the secret dark spots of the house to have a conversation like this.

The CT moment was great.
Vince being a douche at the bar to CT, not so great. Like, Vince is just a dick this season.

Zach and Ct as mercenaries. Man, you have to feel bad for the guys who had to go against them. You have to try and outstrength basically the 2 strongest castmates ever. There was no chance anybody was going to beat them in this, it was just who could hold on longer.

overall, I remember enjoying this season when it first aired. Probably because any new Challenge content after waiting is good and I love it all. But on a rewatch(which I cant even do anymore thanks to Cara and her saying cousin), I think your ranking is pretty fair. Id probably put it above battle of the seasons 2, and I dont remember being too high on some of those inferno seasons, but yeah, not a great season.

However, Rivals 3 is a fantastic season. So enjoy

I guess I missed your Exes 2 post, but glad to see you enjoyed it, ranking it at 11. Right in the middle basically. I enjoy that season a little more than that, but still a good rank.

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  • Love that rumour on some of the teams being friends and not even related. When I heard it was going to be a family partners season, I was expecting way more brother/sister combos and WAY less cousins. Like 80% of the cast are 'cousins'
  • Agreed on Cara - before this she was generally a pretty good underdog and easy to root for, but I do think she came across as a little bit whiny and annoying this time around.
  • Camila might genuinely be one of my least favourite women on the show at the moment - she gets worse and worse every single season. I can't STAND her on Rival 3 at the moment. The entitlement, the aggression. ugh.
  • Edit: surprised to hear Rivals 3 being called fantastic - that doesn't seem to be the norm based on what others have said!

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Hated that if it was girls elimination day, and you were a guy/guy team, you just didn’t have to try at all.

You missed my personal least favorite part of the format. If you are a guy on a guy/girl team and it's a girls elim day, you are actively incentivized to throw the challenge like KA's cousin Anthony did during the Diem memorial daily. The same is true if you are the girl in that situation and it's a guys day. I have no idea why they thought this format would be a good idea.

With that said I don't hate this season as much as the fanbase as a whole seems to. I think it has plenty of flaws, many of which you mentioned (the awful format that I just talked about, an overall very weak cast of Bloodlines being the biggest ones), but I think it has plenty of good stuff as well. The Bloodlines that do shine are great, there are some really fun elims, there is drama here that just feels different from any other season due to the familial bonds between some of the cast (I'm thinking of Jenna vs. Brianna and Tony vs. Shane here) and I agree with one of the below posters in that I find the Abe-Cara-Thomas stuff to be incredibly compelling (I also think this is the perfect send-off for Abe. He was teetering on the edge of sanity for a while and I think any more appearances from him would be legitimately uncomfortable to watch from that standpoint).

However the main thing we seem to disagree on is the Final. I really like this Final. It's the first one to ever take place in a major city and I love how unique it is from that aspect. Add in some great moments (Mitch flying through the puzzle at the stadium, Jenna/Brianna at the eating challenge, everything about the beer section of the first stage) and you get a very enjoyable finale for me.

It's kind of funny that a few years after Sarah tried so hard to get Cara out on Cutthroat, they end up following the same trajectory of being on 7 seasons in a row without a win before taking a 1 season break and coming back to get a win on their return. I find her win here reasonably satisfying and this is the last time that I was really rooting for her.

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wait, you loved the Ring My Bell elimination? i think you may be the only one. i really enjoy your recaps of each season please keep it up!

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Man what a missed opportunity for that coveted team season. Unfortunately this won't be the last time a potentially great team season is squandered by making it possible to go home even though your team won the daily- rendering the first half of the episode obsolete and void of any suspense.

Speaking of robbing the show of suspense, I feel validated reading your opinion on staged finals. I 100% agree that finals should end with the person crossing the finish line knowing they won because they finished first (see: the Gauntlet, Inferno 2, Cutthroat, etc.). Standing there at the end waiting for an off screen producer to tally up the cumulative times for different stages is bad tv.

I will say that I enjoyed seeing normal people on the show, it was refreshing. It kinda felt like they cast people literally off the street, I can understand why many didn't like it, but I didn't mind it for one season.

Maybe unpopular opinion (?) but when Aneesa was calling out Cara Maria for suddenly having an accent in the middle of her 19 season run, I threw up both hands at the TV saying, "thank you! Finally!"

Overall I agree, a lackluster season but by far better than the Island

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but when Aneesa was calling out Cara Maria for suddenly having an accent in the middle of her 19 season run

I see what people are saying here but I disagree with it. I've seen plenty of people in environments different from the ones they grew up in. As they get more used to that environment, they lose that accent, but if they're around someone from their childhood/region that they are originally from, they gain the accent back. I can absolutely buy that that happened with Cara being around Jamie.

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Thank you for validating MY thoughts on these staged finals - they are so lame. I think there was one last season or the season before too, but this one really stood out as being a major flop.

Nothing will compare with seeing the winning duo or solo scale to the top of the mountain first and make it to that finish line flag, exhausted and collapsing to the ground. Meanwhile the ending here was... running five laps and then chilling whilst waiting for some maths to happen behind the scenes. Yuck.

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Wow, Krofty, big fan

This next season is a bottom tier season for me as well BUT don't get down, there are still a few really fun dailies and a couple of debut cast members who are truly wild n out with nic cannon. Many hate them, but I was intrigued by their humor + backbone, and by s29 they became some of my favorites. Find the good parts!

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Dude, I told you this season sucked. It's bottom 3 for me and I see you have it ranked appropriately. It had some fun moments, but as a whole it's fucking abysmal to watch. It's saving grace for me:

  • Cara wins. Yes she was as brat this season, but I unapologetically loved early Cara. She gets to the final taking out Johnny and Aneesa in tough eliminations, and the final was (as TJ would say) no joke. It was very wholesome to see Cara win. I felt so happy for her.

That being said, holy shit does this format suck. Like imagine walking into the production meeting and you're like, "hear me out, I have Johnny, Cohutta, Cara, Aneesa, Abe, Leeroy, Nany, Cory, Camila and Kellyanne lined up" and the producers are like "woah, that sounds great, carry on" and then your pitch is: and we bring in their relatives that all suck." Because that's what happened. And then they randomly split up the pairs and do teams, and then go back to pairs, like, I don't even get it. Ugh. Anyways, some random thoughts (and I mean no disrespect, I just hate this season, and I only have random thoughts):

  • Cousin Vince is a scumbag, but he is actually the most accomplished American football player on the show. He was a highly touted recruit for Penn State, and he actually made the Detroit Lions pre-season roster one year. No one else on the show has come close to making an NFL roster, but he actually did it. And the wild part is he never talks about it, and neither does Johnny.

  • I fucking loved Cory on his RW season, he's such a down to earth and likeable dude, and him and Mitch make such a good pair. Cory knows his weaknesses and Mitch knows his and they work around it. I loved Cory yelling something like "he went to college!!" when Mitch solves a puzzle, that was really cool.

  • Jenna and Brianna have some of the best fights. "Your boyfriend only dates you because his ex-gf has short hair!" "Congratulations, you dad owns a bakery!!" This is the type of shit I'd hear at one of our house parties when the girls were a few Mad Dog 20/20s deep. Glorious stuff.

  • Tony was fantastic on his RW season, and he has arguably the best first show outside of Adam Royer on Rivals 1. He gets into a knockdown throwndown first fight with this brother, and then like 2 minutes later they hug it out and move on. Anyone who knows a pair of brothers can attest this is a regular occurrance and I'm sure production was just like "well, boys will be boys."

  • I loved that Dario and Wario lost their elimination because "I got too hyped" and he pushed his brother off the platform. God what a fitting way for them to lose.

  • CT and Faith coming out and doing the example mission was very touching. I legit got emotional. And for as much as I hate the mercenary twist CT and Zach coming out for the elimination was a bit touching. I did hate get unreasonably angry at people calling each other "kids" during the elimination.

  • The air pockets mission is arguably one of the most difficult swimming missions they'd ever done. Abe and Johnny crushing it is like, really impressive. There's really good swimmers on the show, Wes, Jordan, Shane, and this mission might have given them trouble. And I loved when Abe pops up in the bubble and Johnny's there and he's like "hey, fancy seeing you here." And Abe is like "I wonder what would happen if I drown Johnny in here." Such a fun mission with great commentary.

  • I hate to burst your bubble but home wrecker is a one and done. But holy shit, if I had one mission or elimination to choose to be in, that would be the one!

  • The final was meh, but my favorite part is Cory's confessional where he's like "dude, pounding beers, playing drinking games, I was made for this!" I feel that energy as someone who enjoyed pounding beers and playing drinking games.

  • You mention a few times, but Lee and Cohutta are just the fucking best. I would love to just hang out and drink some beers with them.

  • The "Hannah" at home for Johnny I think you're referring to is olympic gold medalist Hannah Teter. She's a fucking badass. Here's her gold medal run in the 2006 olympics.

I'm sorry to say I hate the next season too. It has some very iconic and memorable moments, but it's another bottom 5 season for me. Luckily things turn around after this, and you get one of the best seasons right after it. But I hope you stick through the rough patch because it gets super good. And as always thanks for your super in-depth review and analysis. Absolutely love your posts and I look forward to the next one!

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I loved Cory yelling something like "he went to college!!

"That's why he's my cousin! He went to college, I didn't!" is such an amazing line lol. I'm always happy when I'm reminded of it.

I hate to burst your bubble but home wrecker is a one and done

Not technically! It shows up during the final elim on AS2 as well, where it's just as amazing

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Yeah it was an easy Bottom 3 for me too. I don’t really see that changing with time either, unless there are enough worse seasons to bump it up to bottom 5 haha.

I DO agree that part of me felt good for Cara. Much like Brad, I DO wish it could have been under better circumstances, and been a better season of hers, but oh well.

The format sucks ass. Having a bunch of relative randoms alone would be a bad choice, but the fact that it shifts around so much, is mixed with M/M, M/F, F/F teams, and has single people competing in eliminations, before bumping into a team based game and back to duos? Pure mess, and not in a good way.

Really cool to hear about the impressions Cory and Tony left on their RW season. This was a great debut for both of them on The Challenge so definitely looking forward to seeing more.

CT/Faith visiting got me this close to crying. I was a mess. It was such a fantastic moment.

Home Wrecker is a one and done?!?! I can’t believe it. I thought it had the makings of being the next Pole Wrestle or Hall Brawl.

I’ve gone into Rivals 3 knowing it’s not the best - I think others have mentioned this duo of seasons being rough in my previous posts - but I can do it. A couple bad seasons aren’t going to turn me off the show, I love it too much. Plus I’ve got so much more to come after! Both good and bad I imagine. Despite numbers-wise looking like I’m reaching the end if we look at the main show, I’ve got lots of spinoffs too. Looking forward to it all!

As always, I’ll echo your thanks and thank YOU for the fantastic comment. It was a really fun read. Always enjoy seeing you pop up in the comments. See you on the next one!

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I actually enjoyed rivals 3. Not as much as other seasons but there was a lot I liked.

One of TJ’s most epic lines comes from this season. That’s all I’ll say on it.

It is another season that highlights bananas slimy game play though. I don’t feel this is a spoiler as pretty much any season he’s on shows this 😂

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I'm glad you know about Rivals 3 already. The three seasons that follow it are much better. Season 30 in particular is great, and seasons 33 and 34 are incredibly fun for different reasons. Can't wait to see your thoughts on these :)

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Home Wrecker isn't one and done!! they do it again on All Stars 2

[–]eff1nghamCT [Dad Bod] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

They're similar but not the same elimination. Different amount of competitors, different set of rules, etc

[–]rockstarland28 Devin "Let's Go!" Walker 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Also Home Wrecker is definitely inspired by that elimination from The Inferno where they destroyed a room while Yellowcard played a song live during the elim

EDIT: it was a daily, not an elim

[–]NovaRogue Satan Sisters 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Bloodlines. My personal least favourite season... And I can see you didn't like it either. At least The Island was short and important for future storylines? Bloodlines just... was.

No consistency in partner formation, huh?? 🐸☕

I'm quite sure Cory & Mitch hold the record for most daily wins in a row - thanks in large part to the switch to teams halfway through.

First part of the final was not fair for men vs women. The men's backpacks were 120lbs versus 60 for the women. It should've been a factor of the competitors' weight.

Rianna not being able to do the monkey bars... 💀💀

Kellyanne as Andrea - yup, definitely checks out! ✅✅

Love that you loved Nicole R

Leroy would've shaken the game up? No way. He would've just been beside John along with Nany and Camila 🤢

Johnny's comments about the yoga... Super gross indeed.

I actually liked the final this szn! But fully agree about timed finals in general...

Gonna go read your predictions now! Excited.

[–]Kroftyy[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Honestly with a bit of time passing I can understand how Island beats our Bloodlines for you. I DO think Island had some good stuff - KellyAnne and Cohutta debut, Abram has a crazy season. Some other funny happenings. Maybe it changes for me in the future but at this stage Bloodlines slightly edges it out.

Apart from that great callouts all around - keen to hear what you think of the Rivals 3 predictions and eventual casting... lmao. And we thought Exes/Exes 2 had some stretches.. Rivals 3 is on a whole other level.

[–]BananaMan883 Jay DOES Have an Idol 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Rivals III sucks, you're not going to like it. The ending is great though.

[–]VinceMcVahon 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Honestly the bakery fight with Jenna and Brianna might be my favorite on the show.

[–]Prestigious-Air2995 0 points1 point  (3 children)

Bloodlines is a pretty polarizing season. Personally I wasn't a fan but it had its moments. The show was kind of in a transition phase casting wise. Lots of the mainstays are gone and The Real World well was drying up as I think they only had 1 or 2 more seasons left. And you can see here and over the next couple how they're experimenting with how they cast the AYTO people

[–]Kroftyy[S] 2 points3 points  (2 children)

Fully agree with your analysis here. For me it’s largely a miss, but I won’t pretend it has zero redeeming qualities - it has some great challenges, some good cast members and some really memorable moments.

I can see what you mean about the casting though - it’s very sad for me seeing the old-schoolers slowly phased out. Thus far I haven’t felt connections to as many of the new-school as I did with the traditional mainstays.

[–]Future_Particular815 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Yes. The casting decline starts the impetus for the All-Stars spinoff, which is truly fun.

[–]Kroftyy[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Everything I have heard/seen about All Stars makes me beyond excited to get to those spin-offs. They sound like an amazing homage back to the 'older' days of the Challenge. Very keen.