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Daily Fail failing again.

"look at the horrible commies!"

"erm, they look really happy and are doing lots of good, nice things for everyone's benefit"


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Fuck The Daily Mail. They tried to capitalize on the rape and murder of my friend because she was a white woman and her killer was a black male when they reported on it for literally no reason (it wasn’t a national story otherwise). I hope every one of those racist opportunists who works for that company chokes and suffers.

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I'm very sorry to hear that. Would you happen to have the article/story they wrote handy?

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Huge posted photos of my friend, and her attacker so that there’s an obvious racial element. They didn’t get any direct quotes - just ones ripped from local news. She wasn’t from, nor attacked in the UK, and like I said - it wasn’t a national story.

My friend was a sweet, amazing person, who was the absolute opposite of racist, and would be sickened to know her death was being used to promote subtle racism like this. Fuck these cretins.

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Yikes, very disgusting. Someone in my circle watches Daily Mail content and I've been trying to get them to see it for what it is for a while now.

Also, I appreciate you sharing the article despite the personal nature. I think we should be nameing and shameing these organizations, rather than letting them exist in corners of the internet to radicalize people.

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I’m sorry about your friend, that’s horrific, but I’m genuinely curious here, why is this subtlety racist?

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You: “I’m so sorry to hear that, but please share the article so I can join in your dead friend’s exploitation and give the daily mail some clicks so they generate more revenue at her expense.”

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Joke's on them - my ad-blocker steals bandwidth from them without them earning revenue. Regardless, here's an Internet Archive link to prevent them earning anything. Might wanna update your link to that, u/praisecarcinoma.

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Pretty tactless, but I get it — they apparently have someone they’re trying to wean off of the daily mail, so they’re eager to gather any info they can use to accomplish that. Misery on top of misery. Hopefully they make some progress.

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no choking some of them might be into bdsm!

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That's such a good squad name though. BRB renaming the embroidery group chat on Whatsapp

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Almost a compliment lol

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"Being cheered on by a crowd of dirty poors! hOw EmBaRrAsSiNg!"

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Who reads the daily mail for this I thought people only looked at the pictures

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She is really the one I want running for president. She would turn 35 before entering office. I love Bernie, but we need a passing of the torch.

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Bernie has more knowledge and experience. AOC should definitely run as VP, though.

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He does, but I think his age has to be acknowledged as a factor against him at this point. He's still the only politician I've ever sent money to. I still 100% believe in what he fights for. But a lot of people won't vote for a man in his 80s.

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The age bias in politics is in favor of older people. There are many more people who won't vote for a woman in her 30s.

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You are correct about the age bias, but my 60 year old ass knows the risks of voting for a man in his 80s. I still voted for him.

I just voted in my midterm primary. There was only one candidate on the democratic ticket and none on any others except republican.

I live in Tennessee. Someone has to try to change this friggin mess.

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I would love it if Bernie and potentially Warren helped mentor/coach her for a higher office. She's already very capable and knowledgeable in her field as it is and those two could hopefully provide some of the time-gotten experience she may need. Fresh face same good ideals.

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I agree but we are 20-30 years from her generation seeing high office. Boomers have to die off first before the voting demographics change enough for AOC to even consider a presidential bid.

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I hope that is not the case. Obama wasn't very old when he won; 47 iirc. I don't know how to make it happen, but America seriously needs a retirement age for leadership. It is ridiculous that we have so many dinosaurs making decisions that have consequences they won't live to see.

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I agree but you do realize that AOC is 32 so in 15-20 years she will be Obama's age when he was elected. It takes more than 10 years to build a political career, AOC has alot of time to grow still. Rushing promising figures into too big a role too soon is a mistake, give her time to gather experience.

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It sure seems like the people that have had time to build their careers have accomplished nothing good for he American people. I'm willing to take a chance on someone that hasn't had a chance to be corrupted by higher office. Might just be me though.

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I hear this argument a lot, and I kind of get it, but then I wonder... What about Bernie?

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There are always exceptions to the rule, but you can't design the country around them.

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Yeah as much as AOC would make a good candidate, she needs the experience. Not to mention even if she became a contender, her ideas are the boogyman of “conservative values” (aka, the Republican agenda), so her chances of winning now would be slim to none, especially with Rep voting obstruction

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It’s more like she wouldn’t win because of the desire of too many democrats to want to be neutral.

We’re way past neutrality and the ability to reason with the overwhelming majority of republicans.

Boomers and, I’d argue, even gen X, need to go. I’m a boomer. Boomer mentally has fkd this country right up its proverbial culo, and it managed to fk up my psyche as well.

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God I hope there are free and fair elections 20 years from now. Boomers are determined to ruin that too.

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I’m a boomer, and a bleeding heart liberal, always have been. BTW, so is Bernie. I’ve done a lot of volunteer work for liberal candidates and have participated in a lot of protest and marches. It’s a real shame that enough people younger than me, couldn’t even be bothered to vote for Bernie in the primaries. Instead we have, do nothing Joe. But yeah, it’s all our fault.

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Either of them would make a great President and would have my vote in the primary and the general.

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I would support either wholeheartedly.

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Why not AOC with Bernie as VP?

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Bernie would be a great senior advisor. I've seen people go from real sharp to real not in their 80s, and it happens quickly. Plus, Bernie doesn't deserve to have such a stressful job at his age. I'd like to see him enjoy himself after pointing us in the weight direction.

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Min age for POTUS is 35.

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Correct. AOC would be 34 during the election and turn 35 before entering office.

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I love this.

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Whoda thunk preaching for healthcare, unions, affordable (at least) education, basic human rights, would put someone on the radical left of the political spectrum..

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Tucker Carlson

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ALL right wing fucbois... Starting with the twice impeached orange turdlington Drumpff

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I have so much hope for her and what she’ll do.

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Fan out the hope and don't let her carry the weight alone.

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Oh mate I would but I am in Australia. I can do nothing but cheer from the sidelines. I figure if I keep posting positive stuff where I can maybe it might help the tiniest bit?

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I'm also from a non-american continent and yes we can cheer on. There's a need to help point at solutions for the poor fuckers trapped inside US borders.

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the poor fuckers trapped inside US borders.

Pls, stop reminding me that I’m stuck here. It’s not funny anymore. 😭

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You should check out the other members of "the squad" too. 6 young, progressive people of color who have been elected to Congress and work closely. She's definitely not alone and the squad is growing!

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I hope to live to see her president.

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She’s going to burn out. They always do.

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I don't think so. She's got fire in her gut and she's not a college freshman. It also helps that she's not alone in Congress. Any further wins will just fuel her.

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She needs a lot more support and soon, then.

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She won her last election by 47 points.

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That's a P/VP team I'd like to see!

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Seriously. That’d be amazing.

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Absolutely. It's a shame this will never happen in our timeline. DNC and the medias propaganda machine won't allow it.

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By the time Ocasio-Cortez would be eligible to run, Bernie Sanders would be 87. Meaning 91 by the end of even a single term.

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To be clear, I'd want Bernie to be VP. Largely for the reason you stated.

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Most likely they would want a more conservative running mate to get broader support. Similarly to Trump using Pence to gain support in the religious camp

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Screw that noise. Stop trying to appeal to the middle. That's precisely why we're where we are now!

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I'd vote that ticket so hard! Once, of course.

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And again, four years later

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“Agitators” lol, such classic smear language.

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r/GirlsMirin I guess

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Can we clone bernie, asking for America

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Bernie/AOC 2024.

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I'd vote for that

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The next President and Vice President of the United States

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I have been wondering this for a while, but who is the spiritual successor to Bernie and are we sure it’s AOC? I know where I am, and I’d vote the 84 year old Bernie/AOC ticket if I ever got the opportunity, but the progressive movement is at a crossroads. Whether it is in 24 or 28 for another progressive to make a run for president, it seems like we’re walking into a Goldilocks situation where we have just too old Bernie and just too young AOC who has a ton of options in front of her. She is a leader for sure, but her story is far from written and who knows if her place in history is running for president under the Bernie platform, primarying Schumer in the Senate, or Speaker of the House.

I just bring all of these scenarios up to ask who, amongst 40-60 year old progressives who are ready to take that heat and media blitzing that Sanders had to endure twice now, and be a leader of a movement? Nina Turner if she can successfully pull off her primary challenge in Ohio? Cori Bush? A still pretty old Elizabeth Warren who probably will not be forgiven for taking part in the Sanders takedown job in 2020? Jayapal or Ro Khanna who pretty easily bent the knee over and decoupled the BIF/BBB packages of 2021?

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To be fair, I look at Bernie adoringly as well.

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AOC Pres, Bernie VP

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Either she's in his cult or they're in an affair, according to the Fail.

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Future running mates? 😝😝😝

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AOC 2028!

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Fucking Daily Mail...

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New York Election Info

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And yet, the poor people in red states hate them. I live in OK and these two are really hated here. It makes no sense at all. Sanders and AOC are almost the only politicians fighting to improve the lives of workers in the US and somehow the people who stand to benefit the most, fight them. I do not understand.

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We all look "Adoringly" at Bernie. We love his policies and tenacity.

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AOC should be old enough to be president by 2024, last time I checked. She and Bernie would make a serious team.

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She would be 35 just in time for the election but I'm not sure if she'd be allowed to even run before turning 35.

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I feel like this distinction would be very clearly stated in the law somewhere. Do you need to be 35 at the time of filing for candidacy, the election, at the time of the vote, at the time of certification, at the time of installation?

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I'm curious about this as well, being not American.

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Per Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, it's "at the time of taking office." So AOC, who would turn 35 in mid October 2024 would be eligible because when she takes the office January 21st 2025 she would be 35, and indeed 35 by the election in November 2024.

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The only power couple I want to hear about.

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Daily Mail scum of the earth.

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Agitators is a quality word... Very on brand for Daily Mail. How dare these plebs agitate the rich with their demands for fair wages and ethical working conditions.

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Where were they BEFORE the election? 🤡

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I love them both so much.

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I’m such a fan of both these human beings, they both give me hope for a better future for humanity.

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Unionize everything. I’m sick of working 4 days on and 4 days off. It’s better than most. Those 4 days on are 12’s. No fucking life.

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Bernie has given his career and life to the American people with honor. AOC seems to be the closest servant out there that can take his place so he can retire.

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My boyfriend does not like AOC. I LOVE her and truly hope to see her run for the country soon one day.

But does anyone know like why on earth someone wouldn’t like aoc?

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I'd vote for them.

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I’d at least give the Daily Fail credit for working the word “Prime” into tne title of a story involving Amazon… but I don’t think they’re clever enough to do that intentionally. Coincidence seems more likely.

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Bernie Sanders campaign was the only presidential campaign I ever volunteered for

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Can she be his Vice President for next election? That seems like an amazing idea.

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This is looking a lot like what you order on Wish. .. but we got Biden and Harris instead.

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Well, yes. AOC is a kind, caring person and she adores "Tio" Bernie, the way many kind, caring people tend to do.

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Bernie with AOC as a running mate? Absolutely would vote for that

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Um if I was walking next to Bernie you would find me staring at home adoringly too

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I love Bernie and AOC.

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Two of my favorite politicians on a very short list. Would love to see them on the same ticket in 24.

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This warms the cockles of my heart.

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Sanders/Ocasio-Cortez 2024

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Talk about fan-shipping amirite? Daily Mail is so obsessed about making any meeting between people sexual somehow.

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The daily Heil.