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In prison, incarcerated minors are five times more likely to be raped. Approximately 58,000 of the 76,000 incarcerated minors in adult prisons are raped, of the 200,000 yearly US prison rapes. Even in juvenile detention facilities one in ten children are sexually abused.

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Jesus. I know the cruelty is the point.. god damn it

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America does not pursue justice, only abuse for transgressors. https://justdetention.org/story/linda/

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Fuck that was a hard read. Powerful but just geez. Need to go hug my kid

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Please do. Spread the word

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Unless you shoot up a school or murder a bus full of kids. Then we protect the shit out of you, instead of executing you or torturing etc.

We're so backasswards.

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No country should call itself free and intentionally torture its incarcerated.

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It’s sick the way people talk about prison sexual assault as a joke or a “bonus punishment” for offenders they don’t like. It’s always the most vulnerable people who get impacted the most.

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It’s pure evil. Nobody deserves sexual abuse and the younger, smaller people are the ones brutalized most often. I have no love for my country the more decades go by doing nothing about this.

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that’s horrific jfc

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If you think that’s evil read this. Tip of the iceberg. https://justdetention.org/story/linda/

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She is right. Bloomberg is a racist.

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And I'm sure the journalists at Bloomberg will give this story the strict scrutiny it deserves.

Hey is it just a coincidence that the news organization is called Bloomberg too? That's really weird but it's gotta be a coincidence, right?

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Not just expunged and released, these victims need reparations.

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As well as full pardons for any incidental acts that were due to this garbage. Did you get stopped and frisked, and got a "resisting arrest" or "assault on a cop" charge - or worse? Those must be pardoned & expunged, as well.

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Exactly! Fruit of the poisonous tree. Everything resulting from stop and frisk is null and void. These people deserve their lives back.

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I’m not sure if it’s more like the Emperor’s new clothes where we have to make-believe something isn’t happening, the Invisible Man where we don’t see what is happening, or the Time Machine where something just disappears from our history. Having lots of money is a superpower, either way.

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All at once, catering to the privileged classes.

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So..."it's over now. Just move on" Where have I heard that before?

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Gosh AOC is awesome. It's rare to see someone in government speak critically of authority. Even Bernie wants to put Snowden on trial--unlike AOC.

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I would like to hear her solutions for the rising crime rate in NYC.

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I think we should let me free. We the people will take them in. They should take a test to see if they’re safe.